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Exploring Akane’s Manipulative Role In Scums Wish

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Akane is a very sinister and manipulative character in the Anime Scums Wish. We see this in the very first episodes when she is introduced. So why is her nature a huge part of the show and why is it important to the general narrative of the story? In this post, we will be discussing simply that. So relax while we take an in-depth look into the frightening aspects and traits of Akane Minigawa and how they played a vital role in the story.

Akane’s introdcution

The way that Akane is introduced sets her apart from the other characters as being better off than both Mugi and of course Hanabi. I got the impression that Hanabi had a good reason to dislike Akane from the start and I did get that general impression from the first episode.

It’s not that Hanabi is jealous. It’s that she is bored by seeing all these boys fall head over heels for this woman. A woman who she can easily see is a manipulative, cunning, harsh, and selfish woman. It must have been really painful when Mugi chose Akane instead at the end and didn’t show up. Akane must have loved every minute of it. Knowing that Mugi was hers and hers to play around with.

What made Akane this way in Scums Wish?

It could be a number of factors. For instance, she was used and played around with herself when she was a young teenager? This could explain her lack of empathy for both Mugi and Hanabi. It may also explain why she doesn’t care if Mugi and Hanabi are in conflict because she loves watching them disagree and fight with each other.

Another reason could be involved with power. Akane loves to use other people around her to advance herself personally and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process as long as she gets what she wants. Just like when she figures out who Hanabi really loves.

She flaunts this fact in front of Hanabi, even teasing her. So what does this show? It shows she has little empathy for other people and enjoys seeing other people hurt and distressed. Just like Hanabi.

One final aspect to consider would be Akane’s childhood. There could be one aspect of her childhood missing. Her father could be gone for instance or her mother.

Either one would have a very heavy impact on how she grows up. It would also influence how she has been disciplined and her general perceptions of morality.

These things are all passed down to you through your parents. We don’t much about Akane’s past, however. If any future continuations of the Manga or Anime do arise, then hopefully this is what we will get to see. However, for now, we will have to wait and see.

Will Akane ever change the way she is in Scums Wish?

The likelihood that Akane will change is pretty low if you ask me. This isn’t based on a guess. It is based on the fact that near the later episodes of the Anime, we saw that Akane manipulated Mugi into choosing her and spending the night with her. Making sure that Hanabi never got a chance to win him back. The way she acts in her life is a testament to who she really is as a person.

Her character’s actions in the Scums Wish Anime series clearly demonstrate that she’s not going to change anytime soon. Why would she have any intention of doing so? She can get who she wants by using her charming and seductive nature to sweet talk and persuade anyone to listen to what she has to say.

She makes sure to go after Mr Kanai as well, even boasting of her success romantically with the teacher. I don’t believe that she said this to even make herself look better than Hanabi. I think she said it just to crush Hanabi more than she already had done in the previous episodes. When we see Mr Kanai and Akane in the Spin-Off Manga together, it’s clear that she’s got what she wanted. It must have been very hard for Hanabi.

Akane is the reason Hanabi and Mugi aren’t together

Sorry to point out the obvious, but we all wanted Hanabi and Mugi to be together after the Anime concluded. How does it feel to know she is the reason their love for each other never really grew into what it was meant to be. It’s very sad when you look at it this way. The way she used Mugi and had sex with him, knowing this would hurt Hanabi. The fact that she also knew to use Mr Kanai as a weapon against Hanabi, even telling her she’d spill the info on Hanabi’s real love interest.

I would bet that if Hanabi and Mugi were in an environment where Akane did not have such a massive influence on them, that the story would go in a much better and interesting way. Instead, the ending of Scums Wish is extremely depressing and unsatisfactory, with both the main characters not getting what they wanted.

Would Akane try to stop Mugi and Hanabi in the future?

This is an interesting question I thought about before starting this article and one that I think should be answered. The reason is that there may be a time where we do get to see the two main characters from Scums Wish united again. If somehow, Hanabi and Mugi got back in touch with each other, would Akane find out about it? And would she try and prevent them from starting a new relationship.

The way I’d look at it is that Akane essentially gets everything she wants at the end of the story. It’s a happy ending for Akane, unlike Mugi and Hanabi. Would she really care about the two finding happiness again? Or would she get jealous of the couple’s happiness? Akane beats Hanabi in a lot of areas. However, one that she does is youth. Akane is supposed to be around the mid to late 30s in the Anime, whereas Hanabi is around 15-17.

Could Akane be jealous of the couple’s Youth and the fact that what they have is young love and something more experimental and innocent? Something which Akane can not get from her own shared relationship with Mr Kanai. I would not say that it’s very far-fetched. People get jealous over the tiniest things. Is it really such a stretch to suggest this?

I think Akane wants the best thing that is on offer. The thing that everyone is after. She takes Mugi and then later of course in the Spin-Off Manga Mr Kanai. I could even imagine her cheating on Kanai just to steal Mugi away from Hanabi again, but that’s a little out of character, even for someone like her, whose cruelty knows no bounds.

Closing thoughts

I like Akane and the way she is written. She makes a very good antagonist for the series and I loved the way she was used to bringing conflict between Hanabi and Mugi. Another thing to add would be how easily she does it. She makes it look easy! It’s clear what the problem is in Scums Wish, and that’s Akane. Without a doubt. If there was a Season 2 she would most likely play her role in doing what she does best. If we get to see her is not known now but you can check our article on Season 2 of Scums Wish.

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