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Cradle View is a website that brings its viewers lots of content based on film and TV Reviews, posts, movie catalogues, and top-pick articles. We also go over popular Anime series, movies, and True Crime Documentaries. Our goal is to provide our readers with the latest information on all things entertainment-related!

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About Cradle View

Cradle View is an entertainment-based media website primarily focused on TV and Movie coverage. We cover lots of different topics and TV shows and movies. On top of that Cradle View provides a small shop.

Topics covered by Cradle View

We host many different articles on our site by many different authors. We also cover and write reviews on topics like Anime, Serial TV dramas, and popular Streaming Sites, and of course, get articles and community content and spaces for our users.


Cradle View is run by a small team of independent writers. We are not funded by anyone and aim to be as independent as possible, providing our viewers, readers, and subscribers with the best content they desire for free.

When was Cradle View founded?

We were founded in 2020, under the CHAZ Group Company, and ever since then have tried to please our monthly readers as best as possible.

At the moment, we are not a news site, but it does offer some content that can be viewed as news. We are most likely going to expand into news later on down the journey.


We accept donations but do not beg for them like on some sites, 99% of our content is free to use.

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