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What is Kuzu no Honkai About?

What Is Kuzu No Honkai About?

Scum’s Wish is a very hard Anime to follow along, the ending being even more unsatisfactory and confusing. Today we’re going to discuss what the Anime is actually about and also the sad ending which left many fans angry and heartfelt. As well as this you’re going to learn if Scum’s Wish is a good […]

Are Hanabi and Mugi the Ideal Anime Couple?

The Ideal Anime Couple in Kuzu No Honkai

There are many ideal couples in Anime, and some of them really do stand out more than most. A really good example of an ideal couple in Anime might be Hanabi and Mugi from Kuzu No Honkai. The Dramatic Romance Anime which came out as the Scums Wish TV Series in 2017 had a split […]

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