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Is Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Worth Watching?

After we accurately predicted that Classroom of the Elite would get a second season in May 2021, it is safe to say we were not only right, but further proven to be accurate since the much loved, popular Anime has a 3rd season confirmed as well! With this said, I think it would be vital to discuss the show in the second season and what it’s all about, the new character additions, and most importantly, is Classroom of the Elite season 2 worth watching. There will be no spoilers for Season 2 in this post so do not worry. So this post will answer: should I watch Classroom of the Elite season 2?

Overview of Classroom of Classroom of the Elite Season 2

So, since the first season of the Anime was released on 12 July 2017, we’ve written a few posts about it, notably one called: Classroom of the Elite Explained, which as you can imagine, goes over the whole story of the Anime, which is adapted from the Classroom of the Elite manga series. We won’t be going over the story of the Anime, so if you want to understand what it’s all out, read our post: Classroom of the Elite Explained.

Anyway, Classroom of the Elite, really simply carries on from the first series, and does not try to create a big set-up in any way, quickly transporting us back into the elite world of the private academy where we had first been taken to in season 1.

This is good because since season 1 came out in July 2017, fans (including myself) have been waiting for what seems like an eternity. So when we finally got to watch episode 1 of season 2, it was great to be taken back there without the show messing around trying to do fancy setups of the characters or short intro voiceovers explaining what happened, just straight back into it.

Main narrative

We start the show back on the luxury cruise ship where we left Suzune Horikita and Kiyotaka Ayanokōji on, with the student council president thinking to himself about the next challenge that Class D and therefore Ayanokōji have to overcome since it’s him who pulls the classes strings.

Then it cuts to Ayanokōji reading a book as he thinks to himself about the conversation he had with the Class D teacher or supervisor, Sae Chabashira. He’s recalling the point where she said that she had received a call from his father, telling her that one day, Ayanokōji, would lead the school of his own accord. Then the intro starts, like I said before, this is such a great way to start the first episode and the season, no messing around just straight back into it.

After such a long break it’s obvious that the show makers weren’t going to go in any direction, and of course, this played off very nicely in my opinion. Anyway, after this, there’s a short scene where the characters are messing around the in the pool, and then after that, they are brought straight into their next test.

Now, without giving too much away, it’s nowhere near the main final test we saw Ayanokōji mastermind at the end of season 1, but its a nice little test to start things off with, also considering that for this test, it is not class-oriented, meaning that you do not take the test as a class, but as individual mixed up into random groups.

This season, it’s really similar to the first and considering that it’s been about 5 years since the first season came out, I’m surprised at this because it looks like the second season was released a few months after. The noticeable changes are the voices of the VAs being a little different, but that’s understandable and unavoidable.

Main characters – Is Classroom of the Elite season 2 worth watching?

Along with the returning main characters from Season 1 such as Ryūen, (who plays a huge part in this season) Ayanokōji, Horikita and Kushida, we have some new characters which are shown below. I really liked the addition of most of the characters, but I can say that the VAs were great.

And being from England it did sound like they overused VAs, with some of them not sounding great for the dubbed characters. However, that’s always to be expected. We got a ton of complaints on our YouTube channel about this so I can totally understand why people don’t like it. Nevertheless here are the main characters from Classroom of the Elite Season 2.

Should I watch Classroom of the Elite Season 2?
© Lerche (Classroom of the Elite)

First, we have the main character Kiyotaka Ayanokōji. Much like in Season 2, the main protagonist of the show is up to his usual antics this season, but with more to be revealed about his past, his current self and his goal. Just like in the first season, this still has not changed, and he still wants to get “Class D into a position where they can take Class A’s spot”.

Will he do it this season? Well, just wait and find out, because here you will get to see for yourself, just how much of a complete unit he is, is just as manipulative and cunning as he was in season 2. He still manages to fool everyone into brushing him aside as a loser, therefore underestimating him. But how long can he keep this up?

Main characters

Next of course we have the diligent and slightly less cold Suzune Horikita, who is Class D’s leader in the Anime. After the end events of Season 1, we see in the second season that all of Ayanokōji‘s work has been attributed to Horikita. I’m guessing this is what he wanted anyway, so he could draw attention away from himself and make everyone keep thinking he’s still this average guy who is not suspicious in the slightest.

In Classroom of the Elite Season 2, Horikita starts to learn new things about leadership and about how to properly use her skills over people to make sure that Class D comes out on top. This is all with the carefully guided help of Ayanokōji though. She comes off as more caring and less rude and obnoxious this season and you can actually start to see her character change.

Sub characters

There are many new additions to the sub-characters of Classroom of the Elite Season 2. Some of them are characters that have already been in the first season which we saw but now get to see have their own screen time. Most of the original characters play a big part in the second season and also some new characters who were always part f their classes but did not get any screen time in season 1.

There’s a girl who is in Class D, who has a thing for Ayanokōji, asking for his phone number and also the introduction of another important character, Kei Karuizawa. She plays a very important role in the second season and is used by Ayanokōji a lot. Unbeknown to her.

Reasons why Classroom of the Elite Season 2 is worth watching

Now just like older posts we have done before, I’m going to go over some reasons why Classroom of the Elite is worth watching so I can answer the question: Should I watch Classroom of the Elite season 2? Hopefully, this detailed list will help you make up your mind when you’re trying to work out for yourself if you want to give it a go.

Continuation of the story straight away

Much like the point I made earlier at the beginning of this post, Classroom of the Elite Season 2 does not waste any time getting straight back into the story of the Anime, quickly rejoining our characters after the long break the show took after 2017.

We have a short appearance from a few main characters then instantly the intro rolls. There’s no boring and unnecessary voice-over like we go the last time and you won’t be waiting long before we get into the tests.

Main & sub characters are improved on

A great thing I’ve really enjoyed about Classroom of the Elite Season 2 is that it builds upon some of the characters we saw in season 1. An example of this is Horikita. Her character slowly starts to change over the course of the Anime as she realises that she can’t bring Class D to victory on her own, realising that she needs to rally the other students so they can work collectively and win at each test.

This is in contrast to how we saw her in season 1, where she stated she wasn’t bothered if people like Sudo didn’t try hard enough and got expelled. if you weren’t. a big fan of Horikita in the first season then you’ll be happy to know she changes her act in season 2, but is this by her own accord?

The soundtrack is great in season 2

It really could just be me, but the soundtracks in season 2 seemed to be better than how they were in season 2. They really fit the mood of the series and guide us through each scene, calmly but expertly setting a tone when we see interactions between characters and during important moments in the show. 

Maybe you won’t notice it, but I think the scenes where Ayanokōji is thinking to himself get carried a lot by the music. Either way, they are great and there was nothing to complain about.

Intriguing sub narratives

If you’re asking yourself should watch Classroom of the Elite season 2? – then one thing to take into consideration would be the fact that the series has some interesting sub-narratives that develop. Like did you ever wonder why Kushida hates Horikita so much? Well, you should watch season 2 because that gets answered.

What about Ryuuen‘s role in the Anime and his tyrannical grip over Class C and its students? This less-shown, yet vital aspects of the show, will be built & strengthened in Classroom of the Elite Season 2.

More insight into Ayanokōji’s character

Another great thing about Classroom of the Elite Season 2 is that we get more insight into the main character of the Anime, Ayanokōji. My previous comments about him seem to be very apparent as true and accurate. We see this in the scene where he sets up a meeting between a character called Kararuizawa and a group of girls who bully her so she can be brought to her lowest moment or “rock bottom” as he calls it.

This is so he can present an offer to her that she is likely to not refuse to. Even though at the end, Ayanokōji seems calm and supportive, it is only for his own gain, and not for the better of the other characters in the series.

A lot on the line

Just like in the first season of Classroom of the Elite, there is a lot at stake, not only with the class but with some of the other characters as well, such as Horikita. In the first season, she is eager to please her older brother, making sure that she does not embarrass herself in front of him or make her family look bad.

In Classroom of the Elite Season, 2 these tensions and sub-narratives make for exciting and engaging viewing, with much at stake for the show and hopefully a great season 2 final episode, just like we got in the first season.

See Kushida in her true form again

Another great thing to add about Classroom of the Elite Season 2 is that you will get to see Kushida again in her true, unaltered form just like we did in the earlier episode of Classroom of the Elite Season 2.

If you’ve been waiting for a long time to have the Anime character return to her slightly creepy and straight-to-the-point attitude that she had in the first season then you will be happy to hear that this side of her will return in Classroom of the Elite season 2.

Conflicts & alliances between the classes

The conflict and alliances between each class are something that we can expect from Classroom of the Elite season 2. We see fights between each class, students turning on their own classes, and students selling out for points.

There are also lots of conspiracy as well, with class leaders using other characters in the show like pawns and other students even switching sides. There is a lot to process in this show.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 has already been confirmed

The 3rd season of this Anime has already been confirmed and it looks like we were more than correct when it was announced that a season 2 was being released now with a 3rd season confirmed it seems the showrunners for this Anime have other ideas.

You can rest assured that whatever arc you invested in during Classroom of the Elite Season 2 will be covered in the next season. This makes for a great reason to watch Classroom of the Elite Season 2.

Should I watch Classroom of the Elite Season 2? – Here are some reasons not to watch

If you’re still wondering if you want to watch Classroom of the Elite season 2, then you should certainly check out this point we have below. Here are some reasons not to watch Classroom of the Elite Season 2. Just like all the reasons above, we provide you with some detailed content to help explain everything to you.

Animation doesn’t feel improved

This certainly is not something to really moan about but I felt like the animation was not as good as it could be. Maybe it’s the detail, maybe it’s the colour choices, but it felt completely the same the first season.

In Anime like Attack on Titan, you can visually see the Animation and after-effects get better as the show progresses. So should I watch Classroom of the Elite season 2? Well, yes probably, but take a look at the other points, we have outlined below.

The English dub really isn’t the best

Well, is Classroom of the Elite season 2 good? If you’re someone who likes the dubbed versions of shows that Netflix and Crunchyroll provide then with Classroom of the Elite you might be disappointed.

I think the VA for Ayanokōji is alright, he may even be better than the original. However, side characters like Kushida have the most annoying and boring VA’s. This is an area that the sub-version of the show that may triumph if you’re not a Japanese speaker.

You might get the sense that it’s underwhelming

One thing that might happen with Classroom of the Elite season 2 is that it can feel a little bit underwhelming at times, and I know the first season is not the best Anime but I got a feel that the second season is not entirely different in the way it’s shown to the first season.

Ryuuen appears too often and is annoying in the Anime

During this Anime we get introduced to the character known as Ryuuen, he is the leader of Class C and leads the class like he is some nut case, using violence and fear tactics to have supreme control over his class. In Classroom of the Elite season 2 he appears a number of times, and regularly breaks the rules and gets away with it.

All in all the second season of this Anime is worth watching and if you are wondering is Classroom of the Elite season 2 worth watching? – then we hope this post has been able to help you decide. If you’re still wondering Is Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Good? – then make sure you check out some of the videos from the Classroom of the Elite playlist on our YouTube Channel.

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