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Classroom Of The Elite Explained

Classroom Of The Elite Anime was a popular Anime which originally came out on the 12th July 2017. The Anime was based on the manga of the same name which came out earlier in 2016,  in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive. The Anime was well received and they’re already talks about a Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 as we edge ever closer to 2022.

Be advised there are spoilers for the Final Episode of the Anime ahead.

Overview of Classroom Of The Elite Explained

The Anime starts with a small monologue from the MC Kiyotaka where he states that not everyone is born equal. We have covered Kiyotaka in our Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Article. He’s just started his first year at the Advanced Nurturing High School where only the very best students from Japan can attend.

The school only allows the best because the actual aim of the school is to produce the best and most effective members of society. These are the: Politicians, Doctors, Bankers, and so on. However, there’s a catch. The school doesn’t use the most traditional methods of teaching. Instead, the school chooses to utilize more unorthodox methods.

On the first day, we actually learn of this system as the teacher for Kiyotaka’s class tells them during the end of the first episode. The teacher explains that the classes are divided up into 4 classes. Class A, B, C, and D. The classes dictate what level the students are in terms of their overall experience, intelligence, and problem-solving skills. They are all chosen and aligned into their classes when they begin and this is where Kiyotaka introduces himself to the class.


First, we have Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, who is a student at the Advanced Nurturing School. He’s pretty boring and ordinary. From a fixed POV he doesn’t really possess any interesting character traits. It’s only revealed properly in the final episode of season 1 that he displays sociopathic and psychopathic traits in the way he acts and regards his classmates. This obviously makes him more interesting and it did catch me off guard when I heard what he said in the final episode. If there is a Classroom Of The Elite Season 2, Kiyotaka will certainly be in it.

Throughout the series, there were constant flashbacks of his past, where it seems he might have been subject to some harsh treatment. He stresses that he, just like Horikita wants to reach Class A. It’s shown that he just wants to use people to get to the top. Although I don’t really like him, I am kind of rooting for him.

Classroom Of The Elite Explained
© Lerche (Classroom of the Elite)

Next is Suzune Horikita who I thought at the start was unbearable. She has a stuck-up nature and seems to look down on others. She doesn’t seem to have many friends and is very unlikable. She is also very antisocial and often malicious in the way she talks to others. It’s never really revealed why she is like this. Maybe it’s because of her older brother, I’m not really sure, but her character isn’t really gone into that much. Horikita will most certainly appear in Classroom Of The Elite.

She’s also a hypocrite and often makes fun of Kiyotaka for reasons that involve herself. She makes fun of him for sitting on his own, yet she does the same thing? This made me dislike her character a lot. It’s ironic how clever she thinks she is even though she gets played by Kiyotaka anyway. He uses her for his own gains, she has to allow it anyway though.

Last off we have Kikyō Kushida who displays a very warm, calm, and caring personality. She seems to be well-liked among her fellow classmates and displays a nice gentle nature overall. Even in the first episode, she states her main goal is to become friends with every person in the school.

However in the 3rd or 4th episode, it’s shown that she has a completely different side, and the personality she displays most of the time is completely fake. It’s scary and again displays sociopathic traits but the only one who finds out her secret is Kiyotaka. She then threatens him by saying she will claim that he raped her if he reveals her secret. This displays her actual personality, nevertheless, she fools everyone else apart from Horikita, who ignores and generally stays away from her in general.

Sub Characters

I didn’t really have a problem with most of the characters in the series, but some I found unbearable for their over-the-top dialogue, especially Manabu, it was as if he thought he was Horatio Kane from CSI Miami.

Nevertheless, there were some pretty interesting characters that I liked a lot such as Chabashira and Ryuuen, who ends up being a big character in Classroom of the Elite Season 2.

The Class Points System – Classroom Of The Elite Explained

The actual tone and foundations of the narrative are set out at the end of the first episode. All the students are given a certain amount of points which they can use to purchase clothes, food, accessories, and other home use and lifestyle items. Some of these aren’t actually really that essential. An example of this would be the PSP (I think) which Yamauchi buys in the first episode.

This isn’t an item that he really needs yet he still buys it. So why would the school allow pupils to buy such useless items like this at school? When they are supposed to be learning and advancing up the classes?

The reason is because it’s all a test. Yes, that’s right, at the end of the first episode we are told that the points are actually not unlimited, (not that they were told they were) and that each class needs have to have a high average of points so they can change classes.

Classroom Of The Elite Explained
© Lerche (Classroom of the Elite)

Now, what makes it interesting to me is that it’s not each student which can advance to the next class if they gather enough points for themselves. Instead the points are then counted and out towards the classes average point. So if Class D reaches a higher average of points than let’s say Class C, Class D will overtake Class C and become the new Class C, while the original Class C will go down and become the new Class D.

Conflict & teamwork in the Class

I really like this idea because of instead of relying on individual characters to perform higher than others and get to the top on their own, advancing to the higher classes at their own pace, they are instead held to the performance of their classmates. So what does this do to the narrative and how does it impact the characters in the series?

Well at the start of the series, the characters in Class D (the class we mainly follow in the Anime and the Class that Kiyotaka is in), mostly all try to get along and introduce themselves, whilst some of them don’t shy away from conflict and confrontation and argue and disagree from the start. We see this a lot with Sudo, as he always fights with Horikita, despite he’s advantage to the class based on his strength and courage.

The Cruise Ship from Classroom Of The Elite -Classroom Of The Elite Explained
© Lerche (Classroom of the Elite)

The whole point of the average class points system is that it forces the classmates to work together. They have to work with each other so they will not stay at the bottom and of course, remain Class D.

What are S Points?

The first to know about S Points is that they are basically the same as the normal points, the only difference is that they are obtained in different ways and are normally added on after a Student or Class completes a task or a student gets extra points because of the task he has completed, or more importantly, the extra task he has completed. The more you watch the Anime the more the points system will make sense. Essentially it’s as follows:

credit: Wiki Fandom

S-Point (Sポイント, Esu Pointo): Also known as S-System (Sシステム, Esu Shisutemu) in the anime, S-Point is one of the founding characteristics that largely contributes to the prestige of Advanced Nurturing High School and the promising future of its students. However, the concept of this system has yet to be revealed.

Class Point (クラスポイント, Kurasu Pointo): These are evenly given to students in each class and varies between classes, depending on class’ performance. Though all the accounted factors are still not clearly exposed, one thing’s for sure is that they accumulate through class’ effort to improve academic standing. Additionally, these values are announced at the end of each month. However, on the rare case where there’s a dispute between classes, their respective class points are on-hold and in-deliberation. One class point equals 100 private points.

Private Point (プライベートポイント, Puraibēto Pointo): These are the transferable quantitative values that each student possess which can be utilized for transactions, commercial trade, and contract as they are convertible in monetary unit. The value also grows for each student at the start of each month by the factor of 100 to the class points their respective classes hold; which means, if the class maintains 1,000 class points for the whole month, it is expected that each student in that class would have an additional 100,000 private points at the start of the following month. Each point is worth 1 yen in currency.

Protection point (プロテクトポイント, Purotekuto Pointo): Protection points grant you the right to override an expulsion. Even if you were to fail a test, as long as you have a protection point, you can use it to cancel out the questions you had gotten wrong. However, these points cannot be transferred between students.[1]

Special Exam (とくべつけんTokubetsu Shiken): An exam conducted to determine the class points for each class.

The Ending Of Classroom Of The Elite

Now to understand the where the point system comes from and how it impacts the actions of the characters in Classroom Of The Elite you have to get the final episode where the biggest twist is revealed.

The 4 Classes are put to the test when they are sent to a remote island to take part in the final test of the first season of Classroom Of The Elite. The 4 Classes are told to set up camp wherever they want.

One Class goes in a secret Cave, while another sets up their camp on the beach and has a party for most of the episode. You get the idea. The objective of the game or test is to find out who who is the leader on each team.

The 4 Classes Assemble for the results
© Lerche (Classroom of the Elite)

When the game starts the classes have to all decide who will be the team leader fo that team. Whoever is team-leader for that team will have to never reveal their identity to the other teams.

The objective therefore is for each team to find out who’s the leader for each team. There are lots of conflict between the groups, as Class C has a beach party and Class B sends in a spy to steal underwear from some of the girls in Class D.

Kiyotaka’s Intelegence is shown (again)

It all looks like it’s going terribly for Class D, until the ending where it’s shown that Class D actually won the game getting the most points. This is all because of Kiyotaka, who at the beginning of the game notices that you can change your Class leader if you have a really good reason to.

Horikita who is decided to be Class leader falls sick when she goes out to try and stop one of the girls who was stealing underwear from the camp, finally succumbing to the harsh rain and wind when she catches up with the thief.

Because of this, Kiyotaka changes the Class leader to himself, and doesn’t tell anyone, not even Horikita. Everyone on the other teams all assumes it’s Horikita instead of anyone else. Why would they anyway? Horikita is the most smart, cunning and headstrong, it would make perfect sense for it to be her.

Final regards – Classroom Of The Elite Explained

The Anime Classroom Of The Elite was a great Anime and certainly made caught my attention. I loved the first episode and it’s why I carried on watching it to the end. The problem really is that Classroom Of The Elite was left on an inconclusive ending.

We didn’t get to see the next test that each class would be going through, and we certainly didn’t get to see more of Kiyotaka’s little speech he gave at the end of the episode when he’s thinking of Horikita and how she’s not really a friend, never mind an ally.

Kiyotaka reveals he was the leader all along to Horikita
© Lerche (Classroom of the Elite)

If you want a Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 then please consider reading our previous article about the Anime here, where we go over if there is still content to be adapted, when it would release, the reason it’s likely and more.

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    1. Você esqueceu de mencionar na parte que fala sobre o Ayanokoji, que ele só quer chegar na classe A porque a professora dele que se chama Chabashira chantageia ele para ele fazer isso.

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