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Grand Blue is definitely one of the more humorous Anime adaptions out there, and although the story doesn’t really have much substance and doesn’t stand up on it’s own without the jokes it was still very entertaining to watch all the way throughout. Everything from the crazy faces the characters were pulling the beauty contest scene had me laughing my face off. And I am not amused easily.

If you haven’t watched Grand Blue yet and are thinking of watching it, please go ahead, you have nothing to loose. I honestly mean it when I say it’s the funniest anime I’ve seen so far. So what makes this so series so funny? And why is it so popular among fans?

Grand Blue Season 2
Taken from Gran Blue Season 2 (Zero-G)

Well to start off with, its illustrated in a very nice form, and I love the way it’s drawn in general, but does that make it a subjectively good series? In my opinion this is just one of the many reasons I love this series and I will be explaining why a season 2 is possible and likely in this post. The first season of Grand Blue was released in 2018 and a season 2 is well on the way we think. Unfortunately the story of Grand Blue wasn’t as engaging as you might think, it revolves around diving and a diving school in particular.

But what makes this anime so significant and what makes it stand out from other similar anime? I would say the way the jokes are set up and the manor they are executed in. Take the beauty contest scene for example, (if you’ve watched Grand Blue you’ll know what I mean) that was one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen in an anime, and thats saying something. If you haven’t already watched it, I fully recommend you do.

General Narrative

The general story of Grand Blue revolves mainly around a diving school in Japan. This is where we are introduced to our main character Lori Kitahara. Lori is a Japanese students who wants to start diving. Lori meets another man at the school called Kouhei Imamura, the two meet each other and become friends. And the rest of the story is based roughly around the escapades of both Lori and Kouhei and thats the main story. Doesn’t sound very interesting at the start but once you get into it you’ll release why this is such a good anime. The comedy aspect of Grand Blue is what ties it all together, and charters in this series are used very effectively to create atmosphere and comedic value. Although the series tries to show us the relationship between Lori and another women who is also at the diving school, Chisa Kotegawa. It’s shown in the series that

Chisa is a conventionally attractive women in the series and she always has an eye for who is interested in her, although it’s revealed later, that her main interest is in diving, an this is where all the characters can set aside their differences and be unified. But the aside from this, the main story of Grand Blue is what’s been said above, and that’s all you really need to know. I like the way the series opens up different characters to the world of diving, and this the way they did this very much entertained me. However, it’s the comedy in the show that keeps it all together.

Main Characters

Grand Blue Season 2

First off is Lori Kituhara, a student who has decided to come to the diving school in Japan. He has conventional views on women, sex and work, and enjoys drinking alcohol. In my opinion Lori seems to be quite a simply and level headed individual, he wants only what is in front of him, and has a good heart. However, his stupidity is something that persists all the way throughout the series and this is the defining characteristic about Lori that many love. He doesn’t seem to be first at all that interested in diving and it is only until Chisa shows him the benefits that he truly realises he enjoys it.

Grand Blue Season 2

Next is Chisa Kotegawa who also goes to the same diving school as Lori in Japan. At first glance Chisa appears to be a quiet / shy individual who doesn’t express her emotions publicly. She often runs off when faced with situations that some may find difficult or awkward. Like Lori she is an enjoyable character but can be a bit boring at times in my opinion. It is revealed however that her main interest isn’t in the opposite sex or anything else but solely in diving, and it is shown that she is very committed and dedicated to diving. She even expresses her love for diving to Lori, and this is what makes him overcome his fear of the water.

Grand Blue Season 2

Last but not least is Kouhei Immuhara who is friends with Lori, although they seem to argue alot of the time. In terms of a narrative POV, Kouhei helps Lori on many of his escapades and is sometimes the one who starts them. He also works as a rebound between the two, and although they argue all the time, sometimes continually, they seem to support each other to make both their goals work in the end. Kouhei is a very enjoyable and funny character, especially when he is included with Lori, and this makes the two a great comedic duo.

Sub Characters

In my opinion there isn’t much that defines the characters or makes them interesting, its more that interaction with each other which make them funny and then interesting. We see that Kouhei, always tries to be logical about situations yet he sometimes ends up being the one who starts an argument. You don’t have to like the story of Grand Blue to enjoy it though, I can promise you that, its comedic value is enough.

Will There Be A Season 2?

Grand Blue Season 2
Taken from Grand Blue Season 1 (Zero-G)

Production for a season 2 began as soon as the first season aired back in 2018, and we can say for certain that another season is not at all very far away. Given the popularity of the first season with fans and critics theres no doubt that there will be a second season. This is because Grand Blue received high praise for its comedic value and interesting characters. We are certain that if another studio did not take up production for Grand Blue, another studio will.

However, last month during this year Zero-G (the production company of the original anime adaptation) announced that they would be ceasing or delaying production or release for the second anime adaption of Grand Blue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it’s great that we now know season 2 is definitely coming, it’s a shame that it will take a little longer for the first episodes to be aired.

When Will Season 2 Air?

Grand Blue Season 2
Taken from Grand Blue Season 1 (Zero-G)

An announcement from Zero-G claimed that the official season 2 of Grand Blue would be aired in the middle of 2020, during either the month of June or July, however it could be anytime this year due to production delays. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago Zero-G released a statement saying that production and therefore the release time for the second season of Grand Blue would be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was and is impacting various countries around the globe. The pandemic is still impacting countries such as the USA and Brazil right now, but it seems that Japan is fairing well to the virus. Therefore, we can expect the new and second consecutive season of Grand Blue to be aired either late in 2020 such as October for example, or early in 2021, probably January.

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