Is Rent-A-Girlfriend Worth Watching?

Rent-A-Girlfriend or RAG as I’ll be referring to it as in this article is pretty much what the title alludes. It’s about a young man in his 20s who, after being unremorsefully dumped after his partner falls in love with someone else, alerting him to this after a month had passed of their relationship. He is stuck with no one and is in desperate need of a female companion so he hires a woman to be his virtual girlfriend as he rents her on a per day basis. While undergoing their time together, Kazuya Kinoshita and Chizuru Ichinose realise that Kazuya’s ex-girlfriend Mami Nanami still seems to have feelings for him after she initially dumped him, how will this play out and is it worth your time?

Main Narrative

The story centres around a Japanese app that allows users to pick and choose from a wide range of women that use the app as well. Women on this app are chosen based on physical appearance, personality and other relevant factors for choosing between “Girlfriends”. Obviously many people including myself find this concept slightly unrealistic and bizarre. The app and its users operate on a pay-per-date or pay-per-day basis, which kind of sets up the whole story.

As the series progresses we see more characters added in and we see the growth of character relationships between Kazuya and his other friends. There are several other women who make appearances in the series and this is important in regards to Kazuya’s personal story. Kazuya may be forced to make a choice regarding the women he wants to be with. There are 4 main female characters that appear in the series and they all seem to impact him in some way or another.

Main Characters


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