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Hajimete no Gal – Season 2 Potential Premier Date

We’ve made a more recent article on a Hajimete no Gal Season 2 situation as it’s more recent and we have more info. Please read it here:

Overview – Hajimete no gal Season 2 Potential Premier Date

Hajimete no gal season 2

Hajimete no Gal, which roughly translates to “My first girlfriend is a Gal” only featured 10 episodes, yet for some reason the series (if you can call it that) is a favourite among anime fans and critics.

Other than the main character Yame Yukana’s physique, its funny nature and enticing charm is what apparently keeps viewers watching throughout.

If you’ve just finished watching an anime like Clannad or Scum’s Wish, we highly recommend watching this as it will cheer you up.

All of the characters are memorable and enjoyable to watch and in fact, I found myself laughing my head off at some of the dialogue the characters were saying.

Main characters – Hajimete no gal Season 2 Potential Premier Date

Hajimete no gal season 2

First off we have Yama Yukana, who is a student at the popular high school where the second main character Junichi attends. She is seen as the popular girl because of the way she dresses talks and acts. Her general overall attitude to other students including Junichi and her friends is that of a “Gyal“. However, it is revealed she is not as the show portrays her as, and it fact has quite a desirable character. She doesn’t seem to judge others based on their appearance and seems to be a kind and caring person with good intentions.

Hajimete no gal season 2

Second of course is Junichi Hasiba, who also attends the same school as Yukana. At the beginning episodes Junichi is seen as “a nerd”, “scum” and an overall undesirable person. This is because he is caught by Yukana looking at a porn magazine while in school. However, its discovered that Junichi is just a normal guy who wants to live life without any drama and loose his virginity, much to the disapproval of his friends, who are much like himself.

Sub characters – Hajimete no gal Season 2 Potential Premier Date

All of these side characters worked perfectly in providing a good atmosphere, making the overall narrative more humorous and enjoyable and of course being rebounds. Admittedly, there are other characters which we could mention, however, we don’t have time to cover them all so here are some honourable mentions.

There is another character whose name I wont mention simply because of the fact he is a literal pedophile, but some of the things he was saying were making me laugh my face off. It was more of a “I cant believe he actually just said that laugh” than a “oh this guys so funny laugh”, but sometimes comedy has to be dark for it to work. I know pedophilia is no joke, but please just watch this clip and you’ll see what I mean. I hope we don’t have the grace of seeing this monster in a season 2 of Hajimete no gal.

Taken from Season 1, Episode 4 – Will Hajimete no gal get a season 2?

Getting back to the main story, the whole plot revolves around Junichi accidentally asking out Yukana. This is because he is set up to do this by his friends, who we will come to later. One of his friends leaves a note in Yukana’s locker asking her to meet him behind school and when Junichi shows up Yukana is waiting for him. The main story is very important as it relates to the possibility of a season 2 of Hejimete no gal.

They talk for some time and eventually Junichi asked out Yukana in a halfhearted sort of way thinking she will say no anyway. However, after some talking between the two, Yukana agrees and the two start dating. The remaining 9 episodes is the endeavours in which Yukana and Junichi are involved in. And, as boring as some may think this sounds, the remaining 9 episodes were actually very entertaining for me.

Hajimete no gal season 2
Taken from “はじめてのギャル (NAZ)

We get to see Junichi and Yukana have lots of fun together, and their relationship grows as a result of this. However, it seems that because of how conventionally attractive Yukana is, and the way she acts, Junichi assumes she will be taken from him by a much more attractive match. This is one of the problems that the couple encounter in their relationship and in fact Junichi doesn’t actually trust Yukana, and even follows her when she goes off for a meet up with some of her old friends. There relationship is very will be and still is influential in weather or not there will be a season 2 of Hajimete no gal.

In fact, throughout the whole series, it is Junichi who does not trust Yukana and not the other way around. We learn from the later episodes that Yukana generally has feelings for Junichi and actually really cares for him. She even gets angry when she finds Ronko “messin around” with Junichi when she tries to force him into having sex with her because she wants Yukana all to her self. How will this play out in the possibility of a season 2 of Hajimete no gal? Keep reading to find out.

Although the series only consists of 10 episodes (and an OV), it offers alot in the sense of entertainment for the viewer. The whole series is funny, sometimes erotic and has a sort of charm about it that certainly enticed me into watching it. I’d definitely give it a go if you’re feeling down after watching a depressing sort of anime because this will definitely cheer you up.

Hajimete no gal – Season 2 Potential Premier Date

Hajimete no gal season 2

As of now the second edition (and by edition we mean second manga) is yet to be be written by Meguru Ueno and in fact, the manga ending of the first story was quite conclusive. This is because we see both Junichi and Yukana get back together after they stop talking to each other. This would obviously effects weather or not there will be a Hajimete no gal season 2.

This makes chances of a second anime adaption of the manga very low. It’s a shame that we probably wont get to see the two characters again, but until more written material is produced, thats all we can hope for.

So this is all we can say for a Hajimete no gal season 2 and surprisingly there isn’t much anime out there that are similar in nature to Hajemete no Gal, and this is unfortunate. The closest anime we could find to Hajemete no Gal is “Please Tell Me! Galko-chan” but even has a very different story to Hajemete no Gal.

Overall rating for this anime:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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