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Black Lagoon – Why Season 4 Is Likely, And The Time It Will Premier

Overview – Is a Seaon 4 of Black Lagoon likely?

We wrote an updated article with more info regarding this topic which you can read here: https://cradleview.net/why-black-lagoon-is-even-more-likely-to-get-a-season-4/

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Black Lagoon Season 4
Taken from Black Lagoon Season 1 Episode 1 “The Black Lagoon” (Madhouse)

In my opinion, Black Lagoon is a very good anime and it is definitely a favourite among fans and critics. The show has a gritty, harsh and action packed atheistic to it which is what kept me watching all the way till the OVA. Black Lagoon is so memorable in fact that I couldn’t even re-watch it and still probably wont until at least another year. I don’t plan on re-watching it soon because I don’t want it to become accustomed to me. When I re-watch Black Lagoon, I want it to seem like I haven’t ever watched it, thats how memorable it was!

Reasons a season 4 of Black Lagoon is possible

This is one of the main reasons I’m hoping for a season four, which is entirely possible by the way. I will be explaining below why it is very likely season 4 will happen and when it will take place.


I will be using examples of other anime which have gone hiatus and then seemly returned after sometimes even 10 years and still returned, after being adopted by another studio.

Whilst not being the most popular anime show out there, Black Lagoon is definitely one of the more memorable ones. This is mostly down to the characters in the show, if you want full in-depth character reviews please go and read about the characters of Black Lagoon here on our other blog for more information.


Anyway, getting back to the prospects of a season 3 or 4 depending on how you look at it (some people don’t count OVA’s as actual seasons) the chances are quite high.

It’s a well known fact that certain anime series such as Full Metal Panic, Clannad and even Black Lagoon go on hiatus for long periods of time, sometimes even up to 10 years. And this is what occurred with Black Lagoon in the early 2000s.

Black Lagoon Season 4
Taken from Black Lagoon Season 2 Episode “Greenback Jane” (Madhouse)

Continued – Is a Seaon 4 of Black Lagoon likely?

Black Lagoon is illustrated in a very engaging and dynamic sort of way which completely captured my attention throughout season.

Even the Greenback Jane arc was interesting to watch and that served as a rest from all the action and carnage that had been occurring in the past episodes regarding the Romanian twins, which was pretty intense to say the least.

Im not saying that every episode of Black Lagoon is amazing and G-d-like, but every episode had my eyes never leaving the screen while watching.

Black Lagoon had two main seasons and one OVA. Season 1 “Black Lagoon” which featured 12 episodes, and Season 2 “Black Lagoon, The Second Barrage”. The series later had an OVA “Roberta’s Blood Trail, which unfortunately only featured 5 episodes. So we can see here that there isn’t alot in the sense of anime regarding this manga.

And we know that most anime’s are adapted from manga’s written by their original creators. So, you’re all probably wondering if there will be a season 3 or season 4, depending on how you look at it. And the answer (in my opinion) is very high.

The reason for this is that the source material (the manga) has already been written. There are around 11 volumes, and below, I’m going to explain the four main reasons that the potential for a season 3 or 4 of Black Lagoon is very high.

4 Main reasons – Is a Seaon 4 of Black Lagoon likely?

Black Lagoon Season 4

1. Firstly, the source material for any further seasons of the anime adaption of Black Lagoon has and will already be written by the time they even consider a season 3 or 4 if you count an OVA as a season. What we mean by this, is that there is nothing preventing any studio, not just Madhouse from making more seasons of Black Lagoon.

2. Black Lagoon is loved very much among fans and critics, and is very unlikely that any studio and not just Madhouse would choose not to continue or take up the production of another season of Black Lagoon. Basically, if Madhouse doesn’t continue its production of the anime, another studio will. This is simply to do with how much it would make financially, and it’s popularity.

3. The most recent episode of Black Lagoon did not have a conclusive ending in my opinion. If you have seen the ending you will know what I’m talking about, in a way, it was sort of a cliff-hanger. What will happen next? Where will the story go? I think the producers didn’t know if they would get another season and I think this is why they chose to end it this way. If you’ve read the manga you’ll know what I mean.

4. The final Black Lagoon episode from the OVA Roberta’s Blood Trail was released in 2011. Some people may find this concerning as it may hinder the possibility of anime adaption ceasing altogether. However, you should not be concerned about this at all. Full Metal Panic (which had 4 seasons) took a 10 year hiatus before being adopted by another studio which carried on from where season 3 left off. Therefore you can see that a season 3 or 4 depending on how you look at it is not only possible, but likely.


If you’re looking for a new in depth view with more information consider checking out this article about Netflix originals and what this means for Black Lagoon as it’s on Netflix:

So, as you can see, the hopes for a season are high, and these are the main reasons. There just isn’t enough evidence to say for sure though.

Of course, we’re not telling everyone reading this that there is definitely going to be a season 4. However, you can understand where we are coming from. The likely hood of either Madhouse continuing the anime adaption or another studio taking up the role of production is very high.

We would like to stress this to our readers and other Black Lagoon fans. It would be very disappointing if the anime adaption of Black Lagoon did not continue and instead ceased.

Hopefully, this won’t happen and the series will continue without any problems. However, the anime industry is unpredictable and we cannot know for sure if a new season of Black Lagoon will be available soon. If we were to make a calculated guess, we would say that a new season would either begin production or be released anywhere after 2021. We would certainly draw the line at 2025, but anythings possible. I would be very surprised if a new season was produced and also disappointed. However, for now, we will have to wait and see.

Please stay around and read our other blogs regarding anime. We also will shortly have a list or top 10 characters from Black Lagoon. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Good Read. I also very hopeful that it will happen eventually. One thing I pray is that they can keep the full English voice cast as it’s been quite a few years, I wouldn’t change a thing about it imo. And there are some terrific moments in manga volumes 10 and 11 I’m looking forward to seeing translated into anime.

    1. Thank you, I feel the same way, however I’m concerned about the Voice Actor that plays Revy, as she was around 30+ years old when she recorded the first season, she might be a bit older now. Other characters like Dutch for example will be okay as in fact he’s voiced by a Japanese voice actor which I found surprising. I wrote a more in depth and detailed article on this which you can read here: if you want: https://cradleview.net/2020/12/06/why-black-lagoon-is-even-more-likely-to-get-a-season-4/

      1. Oh true yeah you are probably right, I do think it would put a tremendous strain on anyone doing lines for a character such as Revy especially, fingers crossed though. And that is interesting to learn about Dutch’s voice actor, he seems like an especially versatile actor in that case, I hadn’t actually looked into any of the cast as of yet.

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