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Lori Kitahara Character Profile

Lori Kitahara is the main character in Grand Blue and plays as the main protagonist. He is likable and normally is seen with his friend who he meets in the series, Kouhei. At the start of the anime in the series he doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t know how to dive at all. This is until he is helped by Kouhei and Chisa. Chis is very much interested in diving and this will comes into play later with Lori as she will teach him how to dive.


In the anime Lori is funny and likable, he looks like a normal man on the surface but acts in a very stupid way in the series. He acts this way around everyone, even Chisa and some of the other characters and doesn’t change at all.

That’s the good aspect of his character. However he does become serious when he needs to and isn’t a total idiot throughout the series, just enough for him to be funny but still relatable.

Appearance and Aura

Lori takes a pretty simple and normal appearance to his character and the reason for this is that Lori is supposed to seem quite relatable. This is so the stupid situations that they get into don’t seem too over the top.

This is also so Lori doesn’t seem too attractive. His physique is pretty average too and this puts him Kouhei at odds with the other males. He has blue eyes and has a fairly attractive appearance.

He wears a shirt and shorts and this is his normal overall appearance in the anime. His appearance is just pretty normal and you wouldn’t think twice if you saw him walking down the street.

The reason for this is the one I mentioned above, it is to make Lori relatable, this also makes the comedy scenes even better as we relate to him in his appearance but maybe not in his actions.


Lori personality is all over the place in the anime and it’s very hard to pin point one particular way Lori actually acts. But in the anime it changes. Some tie she can be very interested in one thing and pout all his energy into it and other times e wont care at all.

Sometimes it will relate to diving, other times to the activities there are trying to complete, like a diving exam or tennis match.

The good thing about Lori is that he always pulls through (usually with Kouhei) when he needs to and this is a important part of the anime. Lori’s personality is likable overall and this is significant in the anime.

It’s so the character is relatable. he is wacky and really only sees what’s in front of him. He’s an optimist and reacts to situations and does plan anything.

He is always egged on by Kouhei and the others and this really is why he does most of the things he does, especially regarding Chisa. Lori wouldn’t do most of the things in front of Chisa if he wasnt egged on by Kouhei and the others.

As well as this, Lori has another sort of personality a kind and caring sort and one that is quite admirable. The reason of this is that although he may not seem to relatable because some of the things he does but we can also like him for his favourable things he does.

I love these things about Lori’s character as they make him lovable. An example would be when Aina Yoshiwara is confiding in Kouhei and Lori about the beauty pageant and about members of the Tinkerbell tennis team calling her names.

Kouhei and Lori then get revenge on the Tinkerbell team at the beauty pageant in another over the top hilarious scene.


Lori’s uncle is the one who gets him a place at the diving school and this is how he meets the other character who are also at the diving school like Kouhei and Chisa. We don’t really get lot more depth in the anime and this isn’t really that important. The character aren’t really given that much depth and history because they don’t need to, it’s not that

I am confident that we will see more and more history added to Lori in the future season but for now that’s all we can say. Maybe we will get to see Lori parents but most likely not. You can always rad ahead in the manga of course.

Character Arc

Just like the other character in Grand Blue there is not much to go on in terms of any character arc in the anime and this is because we have only gotten a season 2 with Grand Blue.

In terms of the anime, I think Lori will have the most noticeable arc and this will be very viable in the second season. In terms of an arc we will have to wait and see until season 2 comes out. If you want to read about the new season of Grand Blue and when it is coming out then you can read that here:

Hopefully we will get to see Lori’s character have more history given to it and this will hopefully come around in season 2. Until then we will have to wait and see what happens as a new season will take some more time due to the virus restrictions and the decision from Zero-G.

You can read the article on a new season of Grand Blue above. For now though that’s all we can say for her history.

Character Significance in Grand Blue

Lori is the main character in Grand Blue so he plays a big part in the series and is a very significant character in the anime. he is and always we be a very important character in the anime and this will always be the case. Lori will hopefully remain the same and his character wont change as it is best this way.

He acts as the main protagonist for the other characters and he does a good job at this. We see most of the events in the series from Lori’s POV and this stays until the end.

This is to make the story more easy to follow, since it’s from Lori’s POV. He also plays the role of the only one apart from maybe Kouhei who can not dive. This make him quite important in the anime, as it’s only Lori who needs to learn so the they can go out and do more diving.

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