Is It Worth Watching?

Is Grand Blue Worth Watching?

Overview – Is Grand Blue worth watching?

Is Grand Blue Worth Watching?
Grand Blue Episode 1, Season 1

Is Grand Blue Worth Watching? Well I first watched Grand Blue when it came out, around early 2018 late 2017. At first I wasn’t expecting anything special, just your average anime series centered around one particular topic. This time it happened to be diving, which peaked my interest initially. I decided to give it a go for this reason, a decision I definitely do not regret. From the way the jokes are set up to the stupid contorted faces the characters pull to the crazy and ridiculous schemes they get themselves into, Grand Blue had everything on point for me and I fully enjoyed every single episode.

If you’ve already watched Grand Blue and you’re wondering if there will be a season 2 you can read our article regarding a season 2 here. Grand Blue caught my eye not for the way it’s animated but for how everything is set up, but we’ll come to that later. I’m going to include some insert clips as well, just to get my points across.

Main narrative – Is Grand Blue worth watching?

Is Grand Blue Worth Watching?
[Grand Blue Episode 1, Season 1]

The story of Grand Blue revolves around a diving school which Lori (our main character) attends in the first episode. Lori joins the Peekaboo diving school (I don’t know why it’s called that either) and immediately makes some new friends. While Lori is there he meets some new characters who we’ll come to later. Lori can’t swim and has a fear of the ocean, wanting to get out there and enjoy it he tries his hardest to overcome his fear and become an excellent diver. This would sound a bit boring if the diving school he was at was nothing more than this. However, the Peekaboo diving school is not all as it seems. Lori finds this out in the first episode and this is where we are introduced to the main characters.

Main characters – Is Grand Blue worth watching?

Lori - Grand Blue

First off we have Lori Kituhara is a student who has decided to come to the diving school in Japan. He has conventional views on women, sex and work, and enjoys drinking alcohol. In my opinion Lori seems to be quite a simply and level headed individual, he wants only what is in front of him, and has a good heart.

However, his stupidity is something that persists all the way throughout the series and this is the defining characteristic about Lori that many love. He doesn’t seem to be first at all that interested in diving and it is only until Chisa shows him the benefits that he truly realises he enjoys it.

Chisa - Grand Blue

Next is Chisa Kotegawa who also goes to the same diving school as Lori in Japan. At first glance Chisa appears to be a quiet / shy individual who doesn’t express her emotions publicly. She often runs off when faced with situations that some may find difficult or awkward.

Like Lori she is an enjoyable character but can be a bit boring at times in my opinion. It is revealed however that her main interest isn’t in the opposite sex or anything else but solely in diving, and it is shown that she is very committed and dedicated to diving. She even expresses her love for diving to Lori, and this is what makes him overcome his fear of the water.

Kouhei - Grand Blue

Last but not least is Kouhei Immuhara who is friends with Lori, although they seem to argue alot of the time. In terms of a narrative POV, Kouhei helps Lori on many of his escapades and is sometimes the one who starts them.

He also works as a rebound between the two, and although they argue all the time, they seem to support each other to make both their goals work in the end. Kouhei is a very enjoyable and funny character, especially when he is included with Lori, and this makes the two a great comedic duo.

Sub characters – Is Grand Blue worth watching?

I loved every character above and they were all very memorable to me. Each of them is unique and I can’t think of a single reason not to like them, they’re not boring or anything. All of them are very funny in there own way and I think they were written very well. For example, we see that Kouhei, always tries to be logical about situations yet he sometimes ends up being the one who starts an argument. You don’t have to like the story of Grand Blue to enjoy it though, I can promise you that, its comedic value is enough.

Reasons Grand Blue is worth watching

Lovable characters

I’ve said it before but I absolutely loved all of the characters in Grand Blue, even minor characters such as the captain from the Tinkerbell tennis team or Nojima and Yammaoto. Each character was so unique and memorable, not just in the way they were illustrated, but in the way they were portrayed and written. Each character had their own problems and personal traits which persisted through the series all the ay up until the last few episodes. These characters help with the shall I watch Grand Blue? Question and they gave every character a unique trait which they exported through different ways in the series. Take Kouhei Immuhara for example, he has long blonde hair, a soft voice and blue eyes but theres one other thing about him, he’ s obsessed with the anime “Moster Magic Girl Lalako”. This makes him uninterested in other girls as they’re “not even in the same dimension.”

Hilariously Animated

I have seen similar anime to Grand Blue in the way they are animated but nothing comes close to the levels of animation that Grand Blue employs. It’s nothing fancy or special so-to-speak, but it relies mainly on the way each joke it set up and the following punch line. These punchlines add in with the shall I watch Grand Blue? Every emotion we get to see the character express is portrayed in these extremely exaggerated faces and postures which stay throughout the series. I’m not really sure if it was intended or not (well obviously it was to some extent) but every joke is then reinforced by the characters with stupid actions which just make every scene very funny.

Some of the best voice acting I’ve ever heard


Grand Blue is one of the reasons why some anime should never be dubbed, in fact, I don’t even think it’s physically possible to do a dub of Grand Blue, especially not for Lori and Kouhei. If you’re asking me I think the voice actors that did Lori and Kouhei deserve fucking Emmy Awards for their work because every last scream, cry and laugh was done to perfection it seems and this made every moment just so enjoyable. It will all add into the question of shall I watch Grand Blue? and as soon as you watch episode 1 you’ll know what I talking about.

Unique narrative

Being centred around an activity I used to take part in myself, I found the narrative of Grand Blue pretty interesting and engaging, with the whole narrative of exploring the deep blue sea very intriguing. The narrative alone isn’t really anything special but I liked it none the less. I think even without the diving aspect and some other less unique story (for example a Highschool (student council)) Grand Blue would still have been extremely funny and enjoyable because most of the comedic sub stories don’t even have anything to do with diving. If you’ve seen clips of Grand Blue you’ll know what I mean (the Beauty Pagent Scene, The exam Scene, The Tennis Scene etc). And this to me ultimately proves why Grand Blue is such a good comedy, it doesn’t even need a good story to be absolutely hilarious. This all adds into the question of shall I watch Grand Blue?

Brilliant set ups

Now I don’t want to give to much away in terms of spoilers for some of the jokes and the punch lines but if you’ve seen the Beauty pagent scene you’ll know what I’m talking about. (Please don’t go looking up that scene just watch the whole series first otherwise it will ruin it. ) So shall I watch Grand Blue? I really should have been expecting something like that but it still got me! I can still watch that scene again and still laugh! Anyway, every time a joke is set up in Grand Blue it’s done with such accuracy that you know when to laugh, no need for some stupid laugh track.

Unrealistic but funny dialogue


The dialogue in Grand Blue is written very well and even moments that aren’t even supposed to be funny (I think) I find myself busting out laughing. I’m pretty sure the producers got the perfect voice actors for the job, especially with Kouhei and Lori as every word that comes out of their mouth is memorable.

Most of the dialogue matches up correctly with the characters portrayed and I can’t think of anytime where the dialogue didn’t match what the character would say, or what they character was doing – this doesn’t mean there isn’t though.

The manga might be a bit different, however, I haven’t had the privilege of reading it so I wouldn’t know. The unrealistic but funny dialogue does add to the question of shall I watch Grand blue?

Reasons Grand Blue isn’t worth watching

Dull animation style

It’s very hard to think of reasons that Gand Blue isn’t worth watching but to start with I’d say that the animation style is pretty dull and definitely nothing special. Does this effect the series and what (the series) it is trying to accomplish? No way, I wouldn’t even really want to you to think of this as a reason not to watch Grand Blue but it does run growing question of shall I watch Grand Blue? The way it’s drawn doesn’t really have an impact on the story or the jokes, it’s the way it’s animated that makes it so funny, coupled in with the voice acting and set ups.

Niche comedy

It really depends what your into in terms of Grand Blue because it’s not for everyone. What I mean by this is that the comedy may not be suited for everyone. Sexual content really isn’t a problem (not that it needs to be, some viewers don’t like it) because there isn’t that much of it. Grand Blue falls into a particular type of comedy, granted this doesn’t make it less funny, because humor is subjective (mostly). The comedy type may add to the question of shall I watch Grand Blue?

Conclusion – Is Grand Blue worth watching?

xcoins animated

Grand Blue has to be the funniest anime I’ve ever seen, if you haven’t watched it and are thinking about it, I would highly suggest you do, as I am certain (if your into anime comedy or just comedy in general) you wont regret it. The characters are unique funny and memorable, the voice acting is perfect (and when I say perfect I mean I cannot imagine any other human doing a better voice over than the two voice actors that played Kouhei and Lori), the dialogue is great and the way the jokes are set up and executed are amazing and very well done.

Rating for Grand Blue season1:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you’re still unsure wether or not you want to watch Grand Blue just watch this video until it’s finished and then see what you think. Hopefully you’ll have made your mind up:

So shall I watch Grand Blue? There isn’t really much reason not to watch Grand Blue, if you have the time and are willing to have a laugh, I would definitely consider it. We hope this blog has been effective in informing you as it should be, thank you for reading and have a great day.

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