Grand Blue

Chisa Kotegawa - Character Profile

Chisa Kotegawa – Character Profile

Overview | Character Profile – Chisa Kotegawa Chisa Kotegawa is one of the main female characters in Grand Blue and is in the Pekaboo diving school along with Lori and Kouhei. She is more interested in diving than Lori […]

Kouhei Immuhara Character Profile

Kouhei Immuhara | Character profile – Grand Blue

Overview | Character Profile – Chisa Kotegawa Kouhei is one of the main characters from Grand Blue and acts as Lori’s friends when he joins in the beginning episode. Kouhei acts sometimes as an antagonist towards Kouhei however this […]

Lori Kitahara

Lori Kitahara – Character Profile

Overview | Lori Kitahara – Character Profile Lori Kituhara is the main character in Grand Blue and plays as the main protagonist. He is likable and normally is seen with his friend who he meets in the series, Kouhei. […]

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