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Overview | Character Profile – Chisa Kotegawa

Kouhei is one of the main characters from Grand Blue and acts as Lori’s friends when he joins in the beginning episode. Kouhei acts sometimes as an antagonist towards Kouhei however this changes when Kouhei decides to help Lori with something. Kouhei has a very funny and outward personality much like Lori and they normally act in the same way when faced with the situations this anime series Grand Blue puts them in.

In terms of a narrative POV, Kouhei helps Lori on many of his escapades and is sometimes the one who starts them. He also works as a rebound between the two, and although they argue all the time, sometimes continually, they seem to support each other to make both their goals work in the end. Kouhei is a very enjoyable and funny character, especially when he is included with Lori, and this makes the two a great comedic duo.

Appearance | Character Profile – Kouhei Immuhara

Kouhei has long blonde hair which immediately catches the eye, along with a set of light blue eyes make Kouhei a very attractive character overall. His dress sense is a little different however, with Kouhei choosing to wear an anime T-Shirt with his favorite anime character (Monster Magic Girl Lalako) on the front. His hair is long and comes down past his shoulders.

Other than these noticeable traits there aren’t that many other character traits regarding his appearance you could note. These appearance traits stay with him through the series bar for maybe his diving suit or other similar clothing he needs to wear for any reason. Kouhei’s appearance doesn’t really affect how his overall character is portrayed in the anime and it’s almost as if Kouhei knows this.

Personality | Character Profile – Kouhei Immuhara

Kouhei Immuhara

Kouhei’s personality is quite similar to Lori’s in terms of the stupid actions that Lori perpetuates. Kouhei also has the same kind of attitude that Lori has and he also acts as an antagonist in the Grand Blue anime series. Normally he will only act as an antagonist to Lori though, and not normally to nay of the other characters. If he were to it would be Lori who would get noticed and not him.

Other than that Kouhei has a pretty funny and somewhat admirable personality. This is shown when Kouhei and Lori help Cakey (Aina Yoshiwara) when she is made fun of by the team she is in.

This, along with Lori, makes the two seem less idiotic than they appear to be in the series and helps us to take a break from all the other stupid things they do.

Without these little instances the whole character of Kouhei would appear completely pointless and stupid and it helps us to sympathize and agree with Kouhei as his actions in this respect are pretty funny and admirable and we want him, Lori and Cakey to come out on top in that situation.

History | Character Profile – Kouhei Immuhara

The Grand Blue anime series has only received 1 series or season so far, (read our article on a season 2 release date) so it’s hard to establish much history if any that characters such as Kouhei in the anime series Grand Blue posses. It’s the same for Lori, Chisa and some of the other characters but hopefully we will be able to expand it when we get more content, until then we will have to wait.

Character arc | Character Profile – Kouhei Immuhar

There isn’t much to talk about here either with Kouhei and I cannot imagine there will be in the future. The reason for this is mostly because there hasn’t been enough content in order to see any sort of change in Kouhei as a character in the anime series Grand Blue. Hopefully this will all change with the coming of season 2 but for now we will just have to wait and see.

Character significane in Grand Blue | Character Profile – Kouhei Immuhara

Kouhei’s character in Grand Blue is quite significant to some respect but he will normally be limited to Lori and his actions. Whenever Lori starts something Kouhei usually isn’t far behind and this happens a lot in the series, with the two helping each other in some cases and doing the opposite in others.

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