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Full Metal Panic Season 5 – Why It’s Likely & When It Will Air

Full Metal Panic is one of the older popular anime, originally coming out in January 2002 with the newest episode coming out in July 2018. The story follows a young man called. So will this anime be returning for another season? And how can we be sure it will? Well in this article I will go over Full Metal Panic Season 5 and discuss why it is very likely to return. Also, we’ll give you a potential Full Metal Panic 5 release date for you.


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The series follows Sousuke Sagara, a member of a covert anti-terrorist private military organization known as Mithril, tasked with protecting Kaname Chidori, a spirited Japanese high school girl.

He moves to Japan to study at Chidori’s school, Jindai High School, with assistance from his comrades Kurz Weber and Melissa Mao.

Having never experienced social interactions, Sousuke is seen as a military maniac by his schoolmates as he interprets everyday situations from a combat perspective.

He comes to relate with Chidori who realizes that Sousuke is protecting her, but he does not reveal the reasons due to orders as well as the fact that he does not know why Chidori is being targeted by different organizations.

Main characters

The main characters in Full Metal Panic were very memorable and well written. Some of them came off as stupid or unrealistic even though it is fiction. Hopefully, these characters will all make an appearance in the season. We will be going over the possibilities below so skip through this part if you’re not interested or already know the characters.

Next we have Kaname Chidori who is the deuteragonist and lead heroine of the light novel and anime series Full Metal Panic!

She is a 16-year-old high school student of whom Sousuke Sagara is tasked with protecting by Mithril. The discovery of her Whispered abilities attracts the attention of terrorist organizations.

She is pretty annoying and doesn’t give me much to sympathize with. Chidori will certainly be in Full Metal Panic Season 5.

3rd we have Kurz Weber He has since worked as a mercenary soldier for hire. Kurz discovered his skill with the rifle, becoming an master sniper within two years.

He eventually found his talent with Arm Slave piloting as well. It is unknown how came to acquire the training for Arm Slave piloting. In the intervening years, he has been a model for TAG magazine, a publication for soldiers, among other things.

I thought his character was ok. Nothing special, pretty cocky actually, oh and he is a sniper. He will be in Full Metal Panic Season 5.

Next is Teletha ‘Tessa’ Testarossa who is the clumsy captain and creator of the Tuatha De Danaan submarine and Dana, the sub’s Artificial Intelligence.

She belongs to Mithril, an Anti-Terrorist private Military organization. She is a U.S. American by birth but has lived on submarines and military bases most of her life. Tessa will be in Full Metal Panic Season 5.

Melissa Mao is Melissa Mao (メリッサ・マオ; Merissa Mao/梅利莎毛, Méi lì shā máo) is a private military contractor from Mithril. She’s Chinese American and a former Marine.

I didn’t really like her character that much but I think this was because she didn’t get that much screen time. This was something I remember. She was still a nice character none the less.

Gauron is Gauron is a master planner, and always has a contingency in the event that something goes awry. As if without consience, he will kill for no reason at all.

Gauron has killed many civilians and military personnel, and he also wants to be the one who kills Sousuke. He doesn’t like to be told what to do, he was seen even killing some members of Amalgam who gave him indications.

He was a high-ranking member of Amalgam alongside of Gates and Leonard Testarossa.

Will it get another season? – Full Metal Panic Season 5

In order to understand when we can say a Full Metal Panic 5 release date is inbound, some important aspects need to be considered. The popularity of the anime series Full Metal Panic is not to be overlooked.

It’s been around for almost 20 years and shows no signs of going out now. So what is there to be worried about? Below are some factors that will depend on whether or not Full Metal Panic Season 5 will happen:

  1. If Gonzo or Xebec are willing to produce another season and of course dub it.
  2. Whether or not another season would be profitable or not.
  3. The time it would take the 5th season to be completed.
  4. If a new season would be worth it or not (it would due to popularity).
  5. If the original content manga has been completed allow for another adaption.

When would the new season air?

We would say given everything we have discussed that Full Metal Panic season 5 would air anywhere from 2022 onwards. This is because of pre production delays due to the virus and other issues.

We would hope to not have to wait anymore that 3 years. Hopefully the new season of Full Metal Panic will come out in 2023 but like we always say this is just speculation with some evidence.

We would like to say that the newest season of Full Metal Panic was produced by a different company and only came out 2 years ago in 2018. It has not been that long at all, and a Full Metal Panic 5 release date is likely to be announced soon.

Conclusion – Full Metal Panic Season 5

We have given some reasons as to why we think a Full Metal Panic season 5 is somewhat something we want to see and will see in the future. So will we get a Full Metal Panic season 5? Well I would say the chances are pretty good. Hopefully we’re right and a new season of Full Metal Panic isn’t far off. I would love if a new season came out, I would re-watch all the old ones and then watch the new ones.

Because Full Metal Panic offered us some 4 seasons before its hiatus, it’s a great anime to get invested in and to watch all the way through. This means it will be even better when (hopefully) the new season of Full Metal Panic comes out. This sis because we will be able to pick up from where we left of, something I love doing myself.

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