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Will The Serpent Netflix Season 2 Ever Happen?

The Serpent is a serial TV thriller based on a true story of a couple who become murderers in 1970s Thailand. There are 8 episodes of the series so far, one episode being around 1 hour long each. The Serpent was released to BBC iPlayer in 2020. In this article, we will discuss the ending of the series and The Serpent Netflix Season 2 possibility for viewers of the series.

Overview of The Serpent

The show follows a real-life man called Charles Sobhraj who seduces a young woman called Marie-Andrée Leclerc to join him in a series of murders of young tourists. Charles uses his charm and knowledge of the local area to trap tourists from different countries like the Netherlands and France.

The Serpent Season 2 Netflix
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Over the course of the series, Charles and Marie-Andrée steal their victim’s clothes, possessions and personal documents such as passports and photographs. They later use these to pose as the victims themselves to steal more money from them in the form of currency buying.

As the series goes, one head-strong ambassador for the Netherlands embassy in Vietnam realises what is going on and tries to alert the city police. The rest follows more murders by both Charles and his lover where they use Kaopectate powder to drug their victims.

The ending of The Serpent on Netflix

To find out if the new season of The Serpent will come to Netflix, we need to go over the ending and discuss it. So, at the end of the series, we see that Charles has become some sort of famous personality.

However, in 2003 he travels to Nepal, (one of the few places he can be arrested) and has his photo taken, where it is revealed that he most likely wants to be caught again since he was cleared of murder by a judge and cannot be retried.

No one knows why he decides to go to Nepal and this is known only to himself. 2 years later in 2004 he is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Connie Jo Bronzich in a Nepalese court.

Later in 2014, another court in Nepal found him guilty of the murder of Laurent Carriere also in 1975, and therefore he was sentenced to a further 20 years.

Is The Serpent Netflix Season 2 realistic?

The question of if The Serpent would return for a season 2 is a hard question to answer because we have to look into the true story ourselves. Would we be able to see a continuation of the story involving Charles and Marie? How would this be possible if Charles remains in prison until this day?

Well, as it turns out, the series did very well on BBC iPlayer, and of course, it did very well on Netflix when it was brought, so surely, a second season would be worthwhile for Netflix in the long run.

The Serpent Season 2 Netflix may be soon

We should be hopeful for The Serpent Season 2 Netflix sequel because it was left with the story somewhat concluded, with Charles having been brought to justice for his crimes.

His partner was also sentenced to prison, where her conviction was overturned and in 1983, she returned home, later dying from cancer that same year. So this, as you can see, leaves little up to the imagination of what can happen now.

However, with our two main characters now both unable to see each other, the prospect of a new season looks tricky. We would estimate that if a new season is made, then it would make sense to assume it would air sometime around late 2023 or 2024.

The last season took a lot of time to make and the cost was very high, a new season would be just as hard to commission and for this reason, it would take a little longer if not the same amount of time.

For now, it’s been great going back to this TV show, and for good reason, we can hope to see it again soon, but for now, that’s all we can say.

The Serpent is a very good story with interesting and well-liked characters. It would be a shame if this was the last time we’d see them.

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