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Will Attack on Titan Ever Come To Netflix?

Attack on Titan is certainly one of the most popular Anime that are about right now. The amazing series is finally coming to an end following the final release of part 3 of the final series. It comes out on January 9th. With that said, many fans are still asking the question is Attack on Titan on Netflix? – With some hope, this may happen.

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Attack on Titans final season – How does this impact Netflix?

The 4th season of the Anime has already been released, with part two soon following this January (9th). The main story of the Anime has been very exciting and action-packed so far. The development of several new characters, and some old main characters. Many characters like Armin and Mikasa have made great progress in terms of their development. We will hope to see them in the new series.

Armin Titan eats Bertholdt
Armin Titan eats Bertholdt – Will Attack on Titan Ever Come To Netflix?

Attack on Titans final season takes place nearly 4 years after the Survey Corps reached the shore beyond the walls. Now, we are taken into a war where we see a whole host of other new characters. Many of them I disliked. We’re introduced to the “Eldians” & the “Marleyians”. Both are groups of people who fight side by side in the battle against the “island devils”.

To make sure we don’t spoil it for you, we won’t go into the details of some of the later episodes.

When does Attack on Titan finish on Crunchyroll?

After the final season is aired on Crunchyroll, the Anime should stay on there for quite a long time, at least another 1-2 years. This is because the licensing agreement won’t have been fulfilled and Crunchyroll. This means they will hang on to the Anime until the term is up. Until this takes place, we can say for sure that it will not appear on Netflix.

The second part of the final season is coming out on the 9th of January this year. From this, we can say that the Anime should remain on there for at least another year if not more. In addition to this, there may be a situation, where 1 season is removed after the other. This means they may start with obviously season 1. This, of course, poses another problem. The problem is that Netflix would have to release Attack on Titan in seasons one after the other.

This means it would start with Season 1, then 2, 3, and so on until every season is released. Hopefully, this is not the case. I would prefer it if Attack on Titan was released all in one part. This is because all the seasons are being made available on the same day. Instead of gradual releases like we got with Komi Can’t Communicate.

Can Netflix buy the rights for Attack on Titan?

Netflix is by far the biggest streaming platform in the world. As of 2021, Netflix had 214 million paid subscribers many of whom are Anime lovers. The good news is that Netflix is ever-expanding its library of content, with Anime being absolutely no exception.

It’s no secret at all that the Netflix Anime collection is growing, with huge titles being added and even new Anime being commissioned only on Netflix, (we saw that with Komi Can’t Communicate and High-Rise Invasion). With that said, it’s obvious that Netflix not only has the funds to secure the rights for all seasons of AOT. This is because the company’s annual revenue in 2020 being $25 Billion.

Will Netflix buy the rights for AOT?

The question of can they afford is already answered so let’s look into the question of if they will or not. To do this, we need to look at Netflix’s Anime library as of 2022, which has a great number of titles to date and is steadily growing. There have been many interesting and high-profile Anime titles added to their collection, most notable of which were Black Lagoon, Demon Slayer, and Toradora!

Mikasa is mad at Levi - Will Attack on Titan ever come to Netflix?
Mikasa is mad at Levi – Will Attack on Titan ever come to Netflix?

I think once Netflix is able to fully purchase the rights to AOT, or at least the first season of AOT that they will proceed. Attack on Titan is one of the most popular, well-liked, and memorable Animes there are right now, not to mention recognizable. If Netflix is going to purchase a new Anime to add to their collection, then most likely it will be Attack on Titan. It totally seems the most logical choice that Netflix would go with.


In summation, I honestly think that when the rights to AOT for Crunchyroll expire, Netflix will at least seriously consider purchasing the popular and much-loved Anime, maybe buying it a while after this happens. In terms of any kind of indication, we could get from Netflix’s previous moves just take a look at their library right now, as of 2022. They have major titles like Demon Slayer, which was certainly one of the most popular Animes of 2021.

It’s only a matter of time until the title is added, and with some hope and time, we should expect to see the Anime on Netflix when Cruncryoll releases it from its library. The move for Netflix to do this is something that I’m personally counting on and of course, expecting as well.

Paying for a subscription entertainment platform can be expensive, so now that AOT may be moving to Netflix, this will allow a whole new group of people to have access to and enjoy this amazing and greatly entertaining Anime. If you’re still in doubt about if you can watch such shows please read our article on the Top 10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites Of July 2021 – you can find all kinds of Anime from this list including Attack on Titan.

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