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Akane Minagawa Character Profile

Akane Minigawa is one of the (if not the main) antagonists of the Anime Scums Wish. She is the love interest of Mugi Awaya, who seems to be in love with her even though she is most likely twice his age, and is also a teacher at the school that Narumi Kanai, Awaya, and Hanabi Yasuraoka all attend. She is a music teacher in the Anime and acts as one of the teachers for both of the students. This is the Akane Minagawa Character Profile.

Overview of Akane Minagawa Character Profile

Akane plays a vital role in the Anime Scums Wish because she acts as a love interest for two different people. These are Mugi Awaya and Narumi Kanai, who are both also students at the same school that these characters attend.

During the Anime Minigawa realises that Yasuraoka is in love with her music teacher Narumi Kanai, and therefore she hatches a plan to make Kanai fall in love with her.

This is because she is jealous of Yasuraoka and doesn’t like that she has a partial relationship with him. In the end, Yasuraoka confesses her love for him, and she is rejected, and Mugi Awaya does the same to Minigawa.

However, instead of doing the same thing to Awaya and being mature about it, she pretends to give in to what he asks and has sex with him. Or it is heavily implied in the scene.

Appearance and Aura

In Scums Wish, Akane Minagawa gives off the appearance of a kind and gentle woman. She speaks in a very nice and seductive voice and doesn’t appear as such an antagonist until later on.

She is of average height and has bright-coloured hair which is mostly blond. She has orange-coloured eyes and a normal slim build. She is also conventionally attractive in Scum’s Wish, which is most likely why Kanai falls in love with her.

In the Anime only, Akane Minagawa is a tall and rather slim young woman (according to Hanabi Yasuraoka‘s peers) with silky waist-length light-brown hair who is deemed highly lovely by people around her.

Personality of Akane Minagawa

Now in Scum’s Wish, Akane Minagawa has two kinds of personalities, one where she is mean and vindictive, and one where she appears kind and heartfelt. To understand both of these is important for the Akane Minagawa Character Profile. When she is with Kanai, her nice face comes on and she acts in a kind way.

However, when she is talking to Yasuraoka, the opposite occurs. She has a very cold, mean and espeacilly spitful reaction to her, as she apears to be jealous.

History in Scum’s Wish

Akane Minagawa makes a number of different apperanecs in the Anime. In Scum’ Wish as we mentioned before she is a music teacher at Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka’s school who, although being new, immediately gained popular among the pupils.

She subsequently marries Narumi Kanai (becoming her Akane Kanai), with whom she had a kid. (However, this is in the spin-off manga).

Character Arc

There is a slightl change to Akane Minagawa when it is revealed in the spin-off manga that she still looks at other boys and goes on dates with them, but she never acts on her impulses and is constantly thinking about her marriage.

Akane continues telling herself that she has requirements for the guys with whom she would have an affair. When confronted with her old self in her dream, she eventually accepts that she is in love with Narumi and that she has changed.

So there is some change to her character, but really, deep down, she is likely the same. For more on her character, please read this article: Exploring Akane’s Manipulative Role In Scums Wish.

Character Significance in Scums Wish

Intrestingly, the name Akane means deep red, dye from the rubia plant. This could be a random choice or be significant to her character. Dark red is a symbol for a number of emotions, such as energy, willpower, rage, anger, longing and evil.

Some of these traits are presented when we see Akane Minagawa in the Anime, and they are vital to the Akane Minagawa character profile.

She is very siginifcant in Scum’s Wish because just like Kanai, without her, there would be no basis for the whole idea of the pact that Hanabi and Mugi create, when they reaslies that both of them are in love with the ones they cannot have, and that the ones they cannot have are starting to get closer.

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