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Narumi Kanai Character Profile

Narumi Kanai is a very important character in the Scums Wish Anime because he is the main love interest of one of the main characters, Hanabi Yasuraoka. However, in the show, Kanai is a teacher, and is probably twice as old as her, making any potential relationship between the two characters very inappropriate. In this post, we will go over the Narumi Kanai Character Profile.

Overview of Narumi Kanai

Narumi Kanai is a nice man. He is a teacher and one of many in the school that Hanabi attends. On top of that, he is also good friends with Hanabi, and even looks after her sometimes, coming around to her house for dinner.

During the Anime, he begins a relationship with another adult character in the Anime called Akane Minagawa,(read our in-depth article about her here: Exploring Akane’s Manipulative Role In Scums Wish).

In the Anime, she is a cold-hearted manipulative woman, who cares little for other people. However, it appears in Scums Wish that Minagawa purposefully approaches Kanai in an attempt to lure him in, as she is jealous of the attention he gives Hanabi.

This is where the pact between Hanabi and another character called Mugi Awaya begins, as Awaya is in love with Minagawa. It’s sort of a kind love square, as Hanabi loves Kanai, Kanai loves Minagawa, Minagawa doesn’t love anyone and only uses the characters, and Mugi loves Minagawa.

Appearance and Aura

Mr Kanai has a relatively normal look in the Anime Scums Wish. He is quite tall, with smart black hair, glasses and blue eyes. He dressed pretty normally, with smart clothing. This makes sense since he is a teacher, so he isn’t going to dress all flashy.

In the anime he gives off a kind and caring aura, playfully talking to Hanabi in a supportive way. Even when he rejects Hanabi, he is nice about it.

He could have shouted at her, suggesting that the mere fact that she wants to be romantically involved with him with wrong and unrealistic. Instead, he treats her with respect and kindness and doesn’t try to lie or explain away.

Personality of Narumi Kanai

Much like I just explained, Narumi Kanai is a nice person. This is what we see in Anime, and I am not referring to the manga at all. When he goes round to Hanabi’s house, he is kind to her parents and is respectful.

On top of that, when Hanabi expresses that she is embarrassed by her parents he says to her that there is no need for this. Also, the fact that he is nicer to her when she comes to him to confess her love, shows that he is also mature, as previously mentioned, he could have been harsher to her, but he isn’t. This shows us what his character is really like.

History in Scums Wish

Narumi Kanai does not really appear that much in Anime, as Scums Wish is mostly about the relationship (or fake relationship) between Hanabi and Mugi. However, he does play a vital part in the Anime because he acts as Hanabi‘s love interest and someone who Akane uses to get back at Hanabi because she is jealous of her.

In the spin-off manga, which we cannot link her because of repeated false DMCA takedown requests by Japan Creative Content Alliance, it’s shown that Minagawa and Narumi Kanai are together and living together. We see this in the very first panels of the spin-off manga.

We would urge people to read it, by typing into Google: “Kuzu No Honkai Spin-off Manga” – this is so you can understand what we are trying to say.

It seems in the Anime Scums Wish, that Narumi Kanai is mostly unaware of Minigawa’s deception, and he seems to just fall blindly in love with her, much to the disappointment and sadness of Hanabi.

Character arc

Since Narumi Kanai is a character who is not featured that much, there is really no instance at all of his character changing in any way. Much like Minagawa, he stays the same. Maybe if there is a Scums Wish Season 2, we will get to see him again.

Character significance in Scums Wish

Narumi Kanai is a very important character in the Anime. This is because his character serves two purposes. He is the love interest of Hanabi as I mentioned before, and he is also used by Minagawa as a pawn to make Hanabi jealous and sad, and also to show her whos really in charge.

Without him, there really would be no story between Hanabi and Mugi would not take place. This is because the pact that they both create wouldn’t make any sense.

Since they both love the one they cannot have, the idea of sticking together and forming a fake relationship for support and comfort means that they both avoid getting hurt by the fact that they cannot possibly have the one they love.

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