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Hanabi Yasuraoka Character Profile

Hanabi Yasuraoka is one of the two main characters in Scums Wish and is arguably the main character, as we see most of the events from her POV and hear her narration at the beginning of the first episode and in some of the other later episodes. This is the Hanabi Yasuraoka Character Profile.

Overview of Hanabi Yasuraoka

Yasuraoka confides in Mugi and pretends to love him, in return Mugi does the same to her. There are numerous articles on this site regarding Scums Wish and we’ll leave links to them in this article where they are relevant.

Appearance and Aura

In the anime, Yasuraoka is short around 5 feet, with short black hair and bright blue eyes. Yasuraoka’s look is unique and identifiable and she actually has a very real and plausible look about her, especially for the Highschool look she’s portraying. Her overall look is great because it’s very relatable if you are from Japan.

No bright red or pink hair no huge breasts or anything like that and it almost makes the story more believable or feasible. Her eyes which in the anime are a light blue colour and give off a cold feeling about her character. There are scenes in the anime where Yasuraoka does come off in this way and this is visibly aided by her initial appearance.

In addition to this, her appearance is mostly formal, as her normal attire is her school uniform. However there are some scenes where she wears normal clothing, nothing too flashy or over the top, but she doesn’t look undesirable in any way, in other words, she takes care of herself.


Yasuraoka’s personality is quite complex in the anime and it isn’t easy to pinpoint her behaviour as she acts differently when she is around different characters.

The reason for this is that Yasuraoka knows she needs to act a certain way around Mugi for example and another way for Mr Kanai. As mentioned previously this makes it hard to summarise her actual overall personality as she’s quite a fake individual, to say the least. Nevertheless, Yasuraoka has a somewhat modest and kind personality and is feared by other characters in the story. She seems to be independent but it’s hard to tell, as she’s easily manipulated and influenced by other characters.

In the anime, she doesn’t give anyone who is trying to annoy or antagonise her any time and often gives them the cold shoulder. The way she acts around Mr Kanai is very different, she often lets him patronise her and always looks up to him. It’s obvious in the anime that she wants to impress him and please him.

History in Scum’s Wish

In Scums Wish, Yasuraoka meets Mugi in the first episode, realising that he is also in her class, even though she never initially noticed him. After their first encounter together Yasuraoka asks Mugi if he is in love with Minagawa to which he admits and then questions him on how long he has felt that way. Mugi tells her everything and we get it all out in the first episode.

After this in the first episode, we then see that Mugi and Yasuraoka then start seeing each other more and more and this is all shown in the first episode.

After this Yasuraoka and Mugi begin seeing each other more and more and this is evident in the anime. They begin to rely on each other for sex and emotional support and this ties in with the pact they make in episode 1.

At the end of the first episode, there is a voice-over where Yasuraoka says that they are going to make a pact, meaning she and Mugi will make a pact to stay by each other’s side and always comfort the other when they are distracted. In the first episode, Yasuraoka describes it as her Scums Wish, meaning her only wish relates to what she is referring to herself. Her history in Anime shapes the Hanabi Yasuraoka Character Profile.

They carry on doing this for a large part of the episodes and it only stops when Yasuraoka starts a new sexual relationship with another character Sanae Ebato. They also start more sexual encounters together and this goes on for some episodes.

Her relationship with Mugi really starts to end here and they see each other less and less. This is all portrayed in a scene that features a voiceover and Yasuraoka stating that they see each other less and less and don’t even look at each other when they pass the other in the halls.

Mugi and Yasuraoka do meet up again just before the end and agree to stop contact with each other. This is a mutual decision by the two to cease contact so they don’t have to rely on the other. Really thinking about it now it’s the best decision for the two teens.

They won’t have to have pity sex and use the other for comfort and emotional support anymore and realistically it’s the best and most sensible decision for the two of them unless they can learn to love each other correctly and truthfully. This is where Mugi and Yasuraoka’s relationship ends and we don’t see them again in the anime.

This is a very sad ending and one that satisfied some viewers when they finished watching it. It’s very unfortunate that we don’t see them again in the anime and it’s something a lot of people would like to see. Hopefully, a season 2 will offer this and we will get to see them together again.

The ending is something we discussed fully in our article to the left, where we discussed whether or not a season 2 is possible and what it would look like if it was produced. We also looked at the character in the spin-off manga and where they are now discussing the paths they took after the events of the anime.

This is because after the anime is when the spin-off manga takes place. And we get to see where each character is now.

This is not where the story comes to an end however because in the spin-off manga, we do get to see Hana and Mugi together again and it’s a good scene. We’ve written a number of articles about this and even made a YouTube video showcasing our article. You can watch the video here:

Character Arc

Yasuraoka’s arc in terms of her character is quite interesting because she has lots of different experiences and interactions with lots of other characters in the anime series. She starts this fake relationship with Mugi so she can try and be loved but it’s not real anyway.

And then tries other things with that Ebato girl who she seems really fond of only to then end that and confess to Mr Kanai and then to end the pact with Mugi as well. It’s filled with lots of different scenes that are centred around these themes. Her character arc is very important to the Hanabi Yasuraoka Character Profile.

Yasuraoka is constantly in a state of turmoil and sadness because of these things. She’s supposedly in love with Mr Kanai but gets rejected by him anyway, and then she confides in Mugi who isn’t in love with her either and is only using her to pretend she is the one he is in love with, it’s a massive circle that just goes round and round, it’s all fake.

After this, she ends up leaving it with Mugi and then we see where she is in the manga. In the spin-off manga, she’s actually done alright for herself.

She’s started working in event management at a venue and works as staff for events. This is obviously where Mugi finds her in the venue and tells her

“Just hold off from getting a boyfriend”

This is Mugi hinting at Hana not to go for a relationship and to wait for him. It’s a very interesting ending for the Spin-off manga and begs the looming question of if they will get back together or not.

Really I think it’s a matter of time before new content is released and we get to see a result between two characters in Scums Wish. We will just have to wait and see though.

Character Significance in Scums Wish

Yasuraoka’s character in Scums Wish is very significant in a Scums Wish as she is the main protagonist. She acts as Mugi’s girlfriend in most of the series but later has lots of other sexual relationships. Without Yasuraoka there would be no story of Scums Wish and the whole love dynamic between the two which is fake anyway wouldn’t work.

Mugi uses her for his own sexual needs and Yasuraoka does the same to Mugi in their relationship. It seems their both equal in the relationship and that’s evident when they make the mutual decision not to be together. Yasuraoka is a very important character and she is just as important as Mugi.

Without Hana, I think Mugi would have had a hard time coping with his feelings for his music teacher. Thanks to Yasuraoka he relies on her for his distraction.

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