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Mugi Awaya Character Profile

Mugi Awaya is the second protagonist in Scums Wish and acts as Hanabi’s love interest in the anime. He is seen as the second main character because most of the monologue and voice-over scenes are done through Yasuraoka’s POV and we normally see events through her POV in the series anyway.


In the series, Mugi is in love with his music teacher Mrs Minagawa but knows that he will just be rejected if he confesses to her. Yasuraoka has the same issue with her teacher and long-time mentor/non-related childhood brother Mr Kanai. So the two confide in each other and begin a fake sexual relationship in order to comfort the when they are distracted by the one they truly love. Mugi is the one who asked Yasuraoka if she wants to continue the relationship in the anime.

Appearance and Aura

In the anime Mugi Awaya is tall, just a bit taller than Yasuraoka with blonde hair which is short. He has light brown coloured eyes which contrast with Yasuraoka‘s cold blue eyes. Just like Yasuraoka, he seems to give off a cold and emotionless aura to him but this is mainly because of the voice actor I think. He seems distant at times normally to Yasuraoka though.

He has an average build a male of his age which in the anime is supposed to be 15 – 17, around the same age as Yasuraoka. Other than that there isn’t much significant about his appearance, he wears normal clothing most of the time and only changes from his usual school uniform when he is meeting Yasuraoka at her house or his.

Personality of Mugi Awaya

In reality, Mugi’s personality is pretty boring and unlikable, much like Yasuraoka’s. He doesn’t really have much emotion in the anime series and this I mainly because of his state of turmoil just like Yasuraoka.

He only seems to show some emotion when he is thinking about his love interest Mrs Minagawa. He acts in an attentive way most of the time, especially towards Yasuraoka.

Mugi Awaya seems to know he should be, for Yasuraoka’s sake. He is kind but this side of him really isn’t shown as he isn’t given a chance to act this way because he only shows affection to Yasuraoka when he is pretending she is Minagawa and can’t show it any other way.

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