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Kaguya Sama Season 3 Release Date + New Characters

Kaguya Sama is a loved Romance Anime that originally came out in 2019. In this article, we’ll discuss everything involving Kaguya Sama Season 3. Kaguya Sama possessed quite an interesting story to start off with but the second season started to get stale and this effects in terms of how the main narrative and different episodes corresponded. The story centers around 2 students who are in love with the other but are too afraid to confess it to each other.


Kaguya Sama Love Is War’s story is very straight forward and it is pretty simple, to say the least. Unfortunately, this could and does lead to some problems later on that I’ll be getting into. The main theme of the story will also be present in Kaguya Sama Season 3 for this reason.

The series relies mainly on the ploys and tactics which each character (only the two main characters) use, and this is where most of the narrative and dynamics come into play. Kaguya Shinomiya & Miyuki Shirogane both are (no surprise) in the student council, Shirogane being the council’s president.

Main Characters in Kaguya Sama

First, we have Miyuki Shirogane who is the president of the council, where Shinomiya is also a student. He is tall, handsome with blue eyes and blond hair. He tries to act cool and confident but normally fails in the process. It is certain that the president will make an appearance in Kaguya Sama Season 3.

This, in my opinion, makes for a good character, as his outer shell or appearance clashes with his inner self, creating a good dynamic in the process. He wears the student council black uniform.

Next, we have Kaguya Shinomiya, the vice president. She acts in very much the same way as Shirogane, trying to keep a fake composure of confidence and coolness whilst fighting their inner self. She is normally quite formal but also shy at the same time, being the inheritance to a missive fortune anyway, her smug nature sometimes seeps through.

She normally tries to downplay her wealth as well, trying to hide it sometimes. She has black hair which is kept behind her head using a band, she has red eyes and wears the normal student council black uniform.

3rd is Chika Fujiwara another member of the student council. If I remember correctly she was the secretary of the student council. One thing I know for sure is I’d never had her as my secretary. She has an annoying voice, pink hair, and blue eyes. She is of average height and builds for a typical Highschool student.

Other than that I think she can sing and dance and that’s about all I could remember of her. She also teaches Shirogane how to play volleyball and how to sing in some episodes, giving her character some depth and importance, which was strongly needed.

Finally, we have Yū Ishigami, who fulfills the quiet emo kid character trope which I disliked along with him from the start. He has a pretty shallow character which isn’t really expanded upon or given any sort of depth until the later episodes in Season 2.

He is quite tall, with long black hair which covers one of his eyes. As well as this he always seems to have some headphones around his neck, apart from that there really isn’t that much to say about him. His character is made to conflict with Fujiwara while the Shirogane and Shinomiya dynamic is operating.

Sub Characters in Kaguya Sama

The sub-characters in Kaguya Sama Love Is War all did their job pretty well and there isn’t that much I can say bad about them. They all do what they’re supposed to do and none of them felt out of the ordinary. These characters will all make an appearance in Kaguya Sama Season 3. With that said, they weren’t too interesting either, nothing special but that’s not really the main focus of the show anyway, hence their name.

Will there be a Kaguya Sama Season 3?

The manga series written by Aka Akasaka (where the anime is based) is also enjoying similar popularity and is the ninth-best-selling manga in 2019, with over 4 million copies sold. So, as you can see the want for Manga is already very high and it has created a lot of attention during the time it’s been out.

There has been no official release date for ‘Love Is War’ Season 3. However, we know that a new OVA episode was released on May 19, 2021. The Anime Kaguya Sama! is very popular and the possibility of Kaguya Sama Season 3 is very high. This is because the profits for the Anime adaption would be very high, and therefore the ROI would be worth it.

When would Season 3 release?

CV mentioned that Season one premiered in Japan from January to March 2019 in our article on if Kaguya Sama is worth watching which you can read here:, followed by season 2 in April and June 2020. If the anime’s production is set (and they normally are) to follow the same pattern, then we’re supposed to see season 3 around the mid to third quarter of 2021.

CV also estimates that if Kaguya Sama Season 3 does not appear in 2021, then the latest we would ever see another Season of Kaguya Sama would be 2022. However, the Anime industry is a very unpredictable one and we cannot be certain at all really when Season 3 of Kaguya Sama will release, but we have given the best possible answer based on the facts available.

Final regards about Kaguya Sama Season 3

Kaguya Sama is a very popular and well-loved Anime that came out in 2019. Season 2 then followed in 2020 and was also very well received. The chances of a Season 2 are very high and the want and need by fans are also ever-present. it may be a while down the line but an official announcement is just around the corner for Kaguya Sama Season 3.

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