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Rosario Vampire Season 3 – Will it ever happen?

Rosario Vampire is an older anime which first aired on January 3, 2008 and ending on March 27, 2008. The second season aired from October 2, 2008 – December 24, 2008. It’s an anime about a boy called Tskune who accidentally gets on the wrong school bus and ends up going to the wrong school on his first day of highschool. Only thing is, this is no normal school, it’s a school of shapeshifting monsters who take human form.

Overview – Rosario Vampire 3

When Tskune arrives at this school he suddenly realizes what he’s in for and tries to back track until he meets beautiful Moka, a new student at the same school as him. Moaka happens to be a vampire and the two become friends. Mokoa doesn’t know Tskunes a human until a little while later. The main narrative of the first season is all the new characters that Tskune meets along with him trying not to reveal his human identify, with the aid of Moka.

Rosario Vampire Season 3

The show offered a more comedy driven aspect on this sort of fantasy aspect that a lot of anime are centered around and this made it quite enjoyable for me being one of the first animes I ever watched. You could say it’s a romance anime but a lot of viewers would call it a harem or fan service-type anime due to some of the scenes in Rosaio Vampire. So will there ever be a Rosario Vampire Season 3? That’s what we’re going to be discussing in this vlog.

Main characters – Rosario Vampire Season 3

I found the main character in Rosario Vampire pretty boring and ordinary. I really wasn’t given much in terms of anything to or anybody to sympathize with. He was supposed to be your everyday high school teenager an there wasn’t any thing interesting about him. Hew acts in a kind and lighthearted sort of way but completely changes when around Moka. I think the actor did a good job in portraying the main character though. The main character Tskune will appear in Rosario Vampire Season 3.

First we have Tsukune Aono who is a new student at the school both where him and Moka attend. Moka makes friends with him and instantly the two fall in love. This is where the whole story begins.

Tskune is tall and of average build for a Japanese Highscool student. He is not practically conventionally attractive it’s his human scene that everyone is interesting in.

Next is Moka Akashiya who isn’t really a main character but acts as Tskune’s love interest and like wise. Moka is a vampire and Tskune is a human pretending to be a monster so Moka loves Tskune’s scent as it’s human of course.

Moka has pink hair and is very attractive. She is kind and good hearted. She also has two sides. Her sweet human side and her over protective cold vampire side, the latter should not be challenged.

Sub characters

The sub characters in Rosario Vampire were certainly unique and had their own personal traits which stuck through the series. I liked most of them although they were all female and supposed to distract Tskune from Moka.

The ending – Rosario Vampire Season 3

So to see if there is going to be a Rosario Vampire Season 3 we first need to look at the ending of Rosario Vampire. The ending of the second season of Rosario Vampire was kind inconclusive. We saw a lot of characters come together including Moka’s father and even Kurumu’s mother. In the the end Moka had to help Tskune from her father destroying the school and brining and an end to Tskune. The ending will play a big part in Rosario Vampire Season 3.

Rosario Vampire Season 3

We never really got to see Moka and Tskune together and this had a lot of fans upset and frustrated, even if they would have read the manga. Tskune and all the other characters return home in the school bus and Kokoa is beaten by her dad for having misbehaved. It’s a pretty inconclusive ending and one I’m sure we would all like to see completed, especially regarding Moka and Tskune.

Will there be another season? – Rosario Vampire Season 3


Well the anime originally ran from January 3, 2008 – March 27, 2008 on Funimation. The second season ran from October 2, 2008 – December 24, 2008. So as you can see it’s been a long time since the anime of Rosario Vampire was released, but this is not a bad thing all the time. The manga had a run staring in November 4, 2007 and ending April 19, 2014. So it’s only been 6 years the manga ceased. The manga is now finished and 20 volumes have been written. So you could safely say that the manga has finished.

The anime adaption (as you might have guessed) did not cover all 20 volumes. So this means there is still more content to be adapted and therefore made in Rosario Vampire season 3. It’s a bit of a stretch considering the last manga was published 6 years ago. However as we’ve said and predict4ed before the anime industry is an unpredictable one and with anime such as Full Metal Panic going on hiatus for years at a time and then returning, it’s no wonder it’s possible. So therefore we think it’s completely possible for a new season of Rosaio Vampire to be released.

When would it air? – Rosario Vampire Season 3


We would have to say everything we have said above that the new season of Rosario Vampire would come out any time between 2022 and 2024. We would draw the line at 2025. This is because it is unlikely for a production company to consider carrying it on after this point. AS for now though we will just have to wait and see. The sooner we saw a Rosario Vampire Season 3 the better in my opinion.

As of now though that it all we can really say for now. I myself have watched both seasons and in fact it was one of the first animes I ever watched. I’d love for it to return for a 3rd season so I could revisit it. That would be great. As of now all we can say is that original or ground content has been produced so there’s really not anything stopping another studio or the same studio producing and funding a 3rd season of Rosario Vampire.


Rosario vampire was one of the first animes I ever watch and I hadn’t even re wanted it in a long time. It was funny enjoyable and everything I was expecting form anime at the time. I would love for it to make another and hopefully not final return. The original content has been produced so there really is nothing stopping another studio from finishing off where the other studio left it in season 2. Hopefully we will see a Rosario Vampire Season 2.

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