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Top 10 Spanish Dubbed Anime On Netflix

Spanish Dubbed Anime on Netflix is fast becoming more and more prevalent. With Netflix now Dubbing new and old shows alike, it’s time to look at some of the best Anime with Spanish Dubs that Netflix has to offer. On this list, we’re also including insert clips so you can get a feel for how they sound in Spanish. All of the Anime are linked below and are given a Cradle View star rating. Check out our Anime En Español page, and please enjoy this list.

10. No Game No Life (1 Season, 12 Episodes)

© studio Madhouse (No Game No Life)

Legendary gamer siblings Sora and Shiro are transported to a world where life is a series of games and humanity is in grave danger of extinction. Now residing in the game-centered realm of Disboard, Sora outwits a cunning poker player, and he and Shiro begin the search for a new home.

Will they be able to overcome their differences and assist each other to reach their goal? There is currently a Spanish dub with 1 season and 12 episodes. So, if you like this type of Anime, then give this spanish dubbed anime a chance, you might just really like it.

9. Japan Sinks 2020

spanish dubbed anime
© Science Saru (Japan Sinks)

Japan Sinks follows 14-year-old track star Ayumu Muto and her family—10-year-old video game obsessive brother , crafty and dependable father Kōichirō, and optimistic, former competitive swimmer mother Mari—as they try to escape Japan, which is sinking into the Pacific after experiencing a series of devastating earthquakes.

During their trek across the island nation, the family come across a number of characters who assist them on their journey. There is currently 1 season with 10 episodes, so if you like Spanish Dubbed Anime then give Japan Sinks a go.

8. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

spanish dubbed anime
© Wit Studio (Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress)

Another Anime with Spanish Dub would be Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. The story goes as follows: A large group of survivors seeks shelter while traveling on a train after their station was attacked by aggressive, undead creatures called Kabane.

As the world is in the middle of an industrial revolution, a monster appears that cannot be defeated unless its heart, which is protected by a layer of iron, is pierced. Some viewers have described it as: “Attack on Titan meets Snow-piecer meets The Walking Dead” take from that what you will.

7. Cannon Busters

© Satelight (Cannon Busters)

Sam is a friendship robot who was separated from her best friend, Prince Kelby of Bodica, when Bodica was attacked by powerful invaders. She seeks to reunite with him at Garas Keep, a traditional safe point for the Bodican royal family. Along the way, she befriends the maintenance ‘bot Casey and the wanted outlaw Philly the Kid, much to the latter’s chagrin. If you’re looking for a more faced paced, action packed, Spanish Dubbed Anime then Cannaon Busters is your friend.

The world is a dangerous place even if your method of transport is a huge car that can turn into a bull-themed mecha by inserting four quarters into its slot, but Philly has an extra ace up his sleeve: he’s immortal thanks to a sorcerer’s curse. There’s also more to Sam than meets the eye, and woe to anyone who endangers one of her new friends! There’s currently one season with 12 episodes, so give this Anime with Spanish Dub a chance.

6. The End Of Evangelion

Anime with Spanish Dub
© Gainax (The End Of Evangelion)

The End of Evangelion is the second film in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise, and the last anime release for the series until the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy. This was an alternate ending to the TV series, taking place after episode 24. The film was released on July 19, 1997. The Spanish Dubbed Anime version is divided into two approximately 45-minute episodes, each given a secondary English title by Gainax. We would suggest you give this movie a go as there is a Spanish dub currently available. We would obviously suggest you watch the TV show first before you watch this movie.

5. Baki

Anime Dub Spanish
© TMS Entertainment (Baki)

Originally released in the 90s, Baki follows the story of a fighter, known as Baki The Grappler. After emerging victorious from a brutal underground tournament, Baki continues on his path to defeat his father, Yuujirou, the strongest man in the world. However, he gets no time to rest when the tournament runner, Tokugawa Mitsunari, visits him at school.

He reveals to Baki that five incredibly dangerous death row inmates from around the world—all skilled in martial arts—have simultaneously escaped confinement and are heading to Tokyo, each wishing to finally know the taste of defeat. The Spanish Dubbed Anime version has 3 seasons: Season 1 Part 1, Season 1 Part 2, and The Great Raitai tournament Saga.

4. The Great Pretender

anime with spanish dub
© Wit Studio (The Great Pretender)

The series follows Makoto Edamura, a modern-day, small-time con man in Japan, who gets swindled by French gentleman thief Laurent Thierry into following him from Tokyo to Los Angeles. There, Laurent entangles Edamura in his plot to swindle a powerful film producer/mafia don out of millions in a fake drug deal. This Spanish Dubbed Anime currently has 1 season with 14 Episodes, although many episodes stretch out over arcs which cover sometimes up to 3-4 episodes. There is also a season 2 coming on 25 November.

3. Seven Seeds

 © Studio Kai (7 Seeds)

7 Seeds tells the story of a group of Astronomers who correctly predict that the Earth will be hit by a meteorite. The Seven Seeds project takes a select group of young individuals from each country and sees them cryonically preserved so they can survive the impact from the meteor. It would be determined by a computer that Earth can support human life and will revive each group. But upon awakening, the group of survivors is greeted to a hostile, unknown world, devoid of human life.

This Spanish Dubbed Anime seems to be blowing up right now and we’re happy to let you know that both Part 1 (12 Episodes) and Part 2 (12 Episodes) have Spanish dubs. This series is very unique and we would say it’s slightly similar to Classroom Of The Elite, following the survival of the fittest narrative.

2. Kakegurui

Anime with Spanish Dub
© studio MAPPA (Kakegurui)

This fast paced drama is centred around gambling is a fan favourite among many. The Spanish Dubbed Anime named Kakegurui has two consecutive seasons both with 12 episodes each. If you haven’t watched Kakegurui it centers around a school which encourages and practices gambling. The teachers are no where to be seen and everyone is expected to take part in gambling, if you get into debt you become a house pet. This means you have to obey everyone’s commands.

Students are encouraged to get out out debt by partaking in more gambling. It follows Yumeko Jabami a student at the academy, she aims to take on the student council and beat them in an open gambling match, she will need some assistance if she is going to do this. It’s a very fast paced and tense anime with a lot a stake in terms gambling prizes and punishments, it’s worth your time if you haven’t watched.

1. Black Lagoon

anime dub spanish
© studio Madhouse (Black Lagoon)

Its needs no introduction, it’s been around since 2006 and it’s one of the most popular and iconic animated series of its time. The series follows a crew of pirates who capture a Japanese businessman transporting a valuable asset for his company. Some exchanges take place and after it’s realised he cannot be ransomed he gives into them and joins them after releasing his boss did not care about what happened to him.

The crew take part in a number of jobs and operations for money, and these will have an effect on Rock, the Japanese man, as we see his transition. If you haven’t already we would definitely suggest you give the Spanish dub of Black Lagoon a go, we don’t think you’ll regret it. The Spanish Dubbed Anime version of Black Lagoon features 2 consecutive seasons both with a dub and then an OVA called “Roberta’s Blood Trail” which also has a Spanish dub.

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