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Fan Of The End Of Evangelion? – Now You Can Watch It In Spanish

The movie The End Of Evangelion is a popular older Anime from 19 July 1997 is a classic and loved by many fans. Since its entry into Netflix, The End Of Evangelion Spanish Dub has also become available. The story goes as follows: NERV face off against the Eighteenth Angel, humanity itself, but in the end the fate of the world depends upon Shinji’s choices. The movie is a part of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Animes and is a very popular and respected Anime. Some time ago, the Anime made its way onto Netflix, becoming part of Netflix’s vast Anime library. In this article, we will guide you to The End Of Evangelion in Spanish

Why can you watch The End Of Evangelion in Spanish?

So what does Netflix have to do with The End Of Evangelion in Spanish – well, many series and movies that are added to Netflix, get their own exclusive dub. Netflix either commissions these themselves or gets them directly from the production company.

Usually, however, Netflix does them on their own, which is true in many other languages, not just Spanish. Some feature German, Portuguese, English and more.

The End Of Evangelion Spanish Dub
© studio Gainax (End Of Evangelion)

Netflix Dubs many different shows and many of them are also Anime. If you want to see our list for these, please go to our Anime en Espanol page to see all the list and posts regarding Anime dubbed in Spanish.

The great thing is that The End Of Evangelion en Espanol is available on Netflix as of today. Along with a long list of other Animes and also some of the other Evangelion titles that are on Netflix. These are: EVANGELION: DEATH (TRUE)² and also Neon Genesis Evangelion

How can you watch The End Of Evangelion En Español?

You can find the Anime on Netflix by searching for The End Of Evangelion. Hopefully, it will still be available as Netflix may still have the rights yet. If you don’t want to search it, please click the link here to The End Of Evangelion

We also noticed that for some of these Anime, they also allow Spanish, as opposed to European Spanish, the dialect that most Netflix Dubs seem to use.

So there you have it. That’s how you can watch this great Anime in Spanish. If you found this blog very helpful or informational, then please like and share it, as this would really help us out.

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