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Overview | Character Profile – Chisa Kotegawa

Chisa Kotegawa is one of the main female characters in Grand Blue and is in the Pekaboo diving school along with Lori and Kouhei. She is more interested in diving than Lori and Kouhei initially but gradually they join her enthusiasm as well and this grows as the series progresses. In the anime series she comes off as cold and guarded, however this changes as the series goes on. She also generally makes fun of Lori when he acts stupid and this covers most of their normal interactions.

In Grand Blue she plays the part of Lori’s friends although she seems to be somewhat romantically invested in him. We don’t get see if both Lori and Chisa end up together in the anime. Chisa has a no-nonsense attitude to diving mostly and gets very angry with both Kouhei and Lori when they fail their diving tasks, expressing her disproval of her actions with every one of his either a look of dread towards Lori, or a “Die 10,000 times” remark.

It is revealed however that her main interest isn’t in the opposite sex or anything else but solely in diving, and it is shown that she is very committed and dedicated to diving. She even expresses her love for diving to Lori, and this is what makes him overcome his fear of the water.

Appearance | Character Profile – Chisa Kotegawa

Chisa has orange and dark brown short hair which comes down past her ears and almost to her shoulders. Its also slightly dark brown and black underneath. Chisa is attractive and is of average height, slightly shorter than Lori and Kouhei and has a slim build. Her small build can sometimes contrast with her harsh and scary personality, although she most of the time has good intentions at heart. Other than that Chisa wears a pretty normal outfit most of the time along with her diving suit.

Her appearance in the series docent change much. She switches from her normal outfit in the earlier episodes, into a bikini, then to a diving suit and then even into a tennis players uniform. So we can see that her appearance changes quite frequently in the series. This is in conjunction with all the other characters and her appearance doesn’t change more than any of thee other characters.

Personality | Character Profile – Chisa Kotegawa

At first glance Chisa appears to be a quiet / shy individual who doesn’t express her emotions publicly. She often runs off when faced with situations that some may find difficult or awkward. Like Lori she is an enjoyable character but can be a bit boring at times in my opinion. Her character is supposed to act as a semi antagonist for Lori and she certainly plays this part well.

In Grand Blue Chisa sometimes changes her mood but this is normally dependent on Lori or Kouhei’s behavior. For example she act completely one time but suddenly switch up depending on what stupid action that Kouhei that usually annoys her in some way. It’s either super hot or super cold sometimes, but she does have her soft moments, just like the other characters.

History | Character Profile – Chisa Kotegawa

In the anime series Grand Blue Chisa is present throughout the whole series and is an important main character in the anime. She is the one who mainly convinces Lori to abandon his fear of the ocean.

This event is an important part of the series because it shows the development of Lori as a character. It’s also a very important moment in the series as it cant go any further if the main character can’t even swim.

Chisa furthers Lori’s interest in diving by providing knowledge and tips regarding diving that all relate to the narrative and help incourage the dialogue between the two. As the series progresses Chisa becomes more attached to Lori and the two get in some heat.

However this is never expanded upon in the first series of the anime (hopefully we’ll see more in season 2), but this may be something that is gone into in the second season but it may be unlikely, due to Lori’s stupid behavior.

Character arc | Character Profile – Chisa Kotegawa

Chisa doesn’t really have much of an arc that we can see as their isn’t much content to go on. Hopefully when we see a season 2 her arc will be worked on. I imagine her arc wont be that interesting, however I’m certain it will include Lori. It will most prop ably be centered around the dynamic of diving and also Lori so hopefully we will see a bit more of this development between Lori and Chisa in a season 2 of Grand Blue.

Character significance in Grand Blue | Character Profile – Chisa Kotegawa

The significance of Chisa in Grand Blue as a character is quite noticeable. The reason for this is because it’s Chisa who first introduces and helps Lori to overcome his fear of the ocean. This obviously has a very impactful effect on Lori and it is very significant in the series as his other friends, Ryuujirou Kotobuki, Shinji Tokita and even  Kouhei Immuhara don’t really help him out.

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