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Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Is Here – Like We Said

We said Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 confirmed would happen and it has. It was a very popular Anime that came out in 2017. The Anime centered around a school for advanced students of Japan. The students were divided into groups by their class and have to compete in games to win points so they can advance and overtake the other teams. Dima previously mentioned before in our article on Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 and already stated there would be another Season. As you can see this prediction was correct. So in this article we’ll go over Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Confirmed.

This announcement was a very long wait, and many fans of the Anime were very pleased when this was brought to attention. A lot of people, including myself, also found out about this development via Twitter.

If you were one of those people, comment down below and tell us your estimation of when you think Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 is ready to release.

Key takeaways:

  • The announcement of a Season 2 was made via the offical Japanese website.
  • Announcement was made on 21st Feb, 2022.
  • Lilly will descuss what they have said and explain everything.
  • We will discuss the potential release date and other info.
  • The successful Anime aired four years ago.

The great thing about Classroom Of The Elite is that it was left on a very revealing scene. For this reason, many fans will be very happy to see another season of this fantastic Anime produced. We can see an insight into Kiyotaka’s strange little speech at the end of the final episode.

Image is taken from you-zitsu.com/news/

As well as this, we also get to see some development on Kushida and see if she threatens Kiyotaka again.

I would also like to see some more scenes between the class teacher and Kiyotaka, as I have a feeling she might sus his character a bit more.

This may even culminate in her trying to seduce him so she can find out more. Although, I am doubtful that this would happen since Kiyotaka would never let his guard down. Not to anyone. There’s a lot more to be discussed but I think when the first episode is released we will have more to talk about. We will be doing some weekly episodes reviews of Classroom Of The Elite to find out more.

A statement from the official website

Now you can see from the image below, that the website has made a statement, saying that there will be more info accounted such as a new URL at a further date. See below:

Screenshot of Japanese Website confirming Classroom of the Elite Season 2
There will be a new season of Classroom of the elite. The official website has said.

We would like to let you know that CV will be keeping up to date with what the site posts every day. The new URL is interesting and certainly gives us something to look forward to.

Traction on social media

There have been some talks on social media platforms like Twitter about the new season. Fans who have watched it are all very excited and people who have not seen Classroom Of The Elite are also looking into it. Although, they would have some catching up to do.

It has been four years since the Anime was released, and although the return of all our main characters and the unforgiving nature of the stuff they have to endure is something many people will like to see again, it has been a very long time.

As Dima had already stated in his previous article on this topic, the Anime has a lot of source material that can be adapted. For this reason, if not by some other company, a new season was very much a likely thing.

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The 13th episode stopped at Volume 3 of the original manga. Meaning, there are 8 left to be Animated after 11 original volumes. The fact is that this Anime could go on to see another season, although this is just a guess.

There is also a Tweet from Anime TV, which you can read by scrolling down:

The tweet got some traction, and you can see that fans are excited. There was still no mention of a release date. However, what we know now is that there will be a special program announcement, where the date might be talked about.

Apart from that, there has not been much another talk on social, and most people have just been repeating what they have heard about the new announcement, and nothing more. Now, whether or not the special program will give us a date is really not known.

Kiyotaka in the meeting room.

If not, they will certainly tell us some more useful information. This would include how many volumes will be adapted.

Another thing would be casting, although they have said that the original voice character for Kiyotaka and Kushida is going to be appearing on it.

If you are looking for a date and time for the special program, it’s the 6th of March, 8 PM JST (4 AM EST/9 AM GMT).

Another point to add is that there is also no mention of a production schedule for the new Anime. This would be very useful for everyone and it would be good to get some idea of the times it may be airing.

CV prediction for Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 airing

We would say given everything that has happened Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 will come out in September of this year, or Early 2022. There is a very high demand for this Anime, and I can certainly see other people who have not seen this Anime already, deciding to watch the first season.

Other than that it is wonderful that this Anime is back and we can’t wait to get stuck into it just like the rest of you Anime loving weebs. We hope you enjoy watching it. See you soon.

So now we have shown that Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Confirmed is here, we would like to take the time to showcase our small merch store below.

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