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Top 10 Anime Similar to Shimoneta

Shimoneta is an anime set in a world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn’t exist. Sex and other similar activities are harshly monitored by an authoritative force called the discipline squad or committee. In this boring world there is one character who conform to the new ways of modesty. Her name is Ayame Kajou and she’s not going to let anyone stop her free speech. So in this list we’re going over the Top 10 anime that are similar to Shimoneta. Some of these wont be available on different platforms, some are only available on Funimation or Netflix for example.

10. Kaguya Sama! Love Is War

Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta
Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta

Love Is War features 3 main characters and a story which is very engaging at the start. The story follows two characters in the student council who are both in love with each other. The only problem is that they are too shy to confess there love to the other one. Instead they use tactics and other methods to draw out the other into confessing so they will not have to be the one who doe sit themselves.

Love Is War is a series that we have covered before on this site, you can read our full article on Love Is War here:

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Kaguya Sama is a great anime and features the same setting as Shimoneta in terms of a school. They are both set in this location although Shimoneta takes place in all parts of Japan and the cities of Japan.

The two anime features that same sort of chaotic atmosphere and scenes we see in Shimoneta so we would suggest you give Kaguya Sama Love Is War a go as it’s certainly worth the watch if you haven’t already watched the series.

There is currently 2 seasons available on Funimation with English subtitles for both as well as a third season coming soon.

9. Ben-To

Top 10 Anime Similar to Shimoneta
Top 10 Anime Similar to Shimoneta

Ben-To follows the story of a small group of Highschoool students who try to buy half priced Ben-To. There’s a catch though, the Ben-to they want to buy is only half priced to those who can afford ricking their lives to get it. Everyone from around this area of Japan come to this store in order to fight over who gets the last few Ben-To’s, only the strongest and most cunning fighters will survive and get the lsat Ben-To’s that are available. The story features many fight scenes and other sexual scenes which are similar to the ones in Shimoneta. Ben-To is a pretty underrated anime and many people don’t know about it so we would be happy if you could give it a go. The series is on Funimation with an English dub available.

8. Highschool DXD

Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta
Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta

Highscool DXD follows the story of a man who is killed by a women as she takes his soul. He then is given a second chance by demon goddess who grants him another life if he becomes her servant for her house, The House Of Gremory. The anime is a Harem type of anime and features one male main character with a whole host of other “demon babes” by his side. The main character Issei Hyoudou aims “to be the Harem King” and want snothing to stand in his way from getting this title, not even his queen Rias Gremory, who is in the House Of Gremory. There are 4 seasons on Funimation to watch, all with English dubs as well as the first season of this anime is on Netflix with an English dub available.

7. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

This anime is a fantasy type anime and it follows the story of a man who is killed and reincarnated in another world as a slime named Rimuru. The series aired from October 2, 2018, to March 19, 2019, on Tokyo MX and other channels. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a 2018 television anime series based on the light novel series written by Fuse. The series features 25 episodes and 5 OVA’s n the same season. All of these episodes have an English dubs available.

6. Bikini Warriors

Bikini Warriors follows the story the fantasy anime which is centered around a group of female warriors who being work finding new quest to go on. Although the episodes are very short, around 5 – 7 mins each they can still be very entertaining for many. These scenes in Bikini Warriors are mostly ecchi and Harem types of anime and all of the main characters in Bikini Warriors are female. The group go on various adventures and get into all kinds of trouble. This show is a hit or miss and is available on Funimation to watch. There are 12 episodes available on Funimation which has an English dub.

5. Rosario + Vampire

Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta
Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta

Rosario Vampire is a very popular and memorable anime which came out in 2008. It is centered around a school only for monsters in the human world who appear to be human in their appearance but who are actually monsters in real life. Young Tskune accidentally gets on the wrong bus one day one his way to school and gets taken to a new school just for monsters, however the students are all in there human form so he doesn’t think anything is out of the ordinary.

Tskune then meets Moka and falls in love with her, however it’s then revealed that Moka is a vampire and wants Tskune’s blood as his scent is intoxicating and attractive to her. The story then follows Tskune trying to fit in and not get his real identity (human one) revealed to all the other monsters. Moka finds out he is a human but goes along with it and protects him. Rosario + Vampire certainly features that ecchi and Hamre type anime that appears in Shimoneta and it makes up quit ea lot of the scenes. If you haven’t already tried this anime we suggest you do, you won’t regret it.

4. How Heavy Are The Dubbells You Lift?

Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta
Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta

The story of How Heavy Are The Dubbells You Lift? is very simple to say the least and it’s easy to follow. It is centered around 17 year old Sakura Hibiki or just “Hibiki” as she is referred to by her friend who wants to loose some weight before the start of summer so she has a much better chance of securing a boyfriend during this time.

You can read our article on if How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift will get another season or not here:

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The story really isn’t that clever and it’s not very well written but it is very fun to watch. It’s about all the ways you can exercise and get fit not just in the gym but at home. She makes some friends as a result and they workout together. She also only joins at the start because she has an obvious crush on her personal trainer but later realize that she enjoys working out. It certainly has some of that ecchi and harem type of anime scene in there and this is evident all the way throughout, all that action is abundant in How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?

3. D-Frag

Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta
Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta

We’ve covered D-Frag on our Top 10 Slice Of Life Anime To Watch On Funimation article but if you’re not familiar with this anime it follows the story of a school club centered around game creation.  it’s about Kazama Kenji, who for some reason “thinks he is a delinquent” until he “and his gang” come across a group of girls that are more “outrageous” than he is. He is, and I quote “Shanghaied into joining their club, what will happen to his everyday life from that point on?” It’s quite a fast paced anime and it is easy to start watching and get into. There is currently 1 season available on Funimation with an English dub available too.

2. The Fruits Of Grisaia

The Fruits Of Grisaia follows the story of a youth center guarded for the protection of a group of girls who are special. They are protected and are called the chosen fruit. Our main character, Yuuji Kazami now joins this school and is taken aback by their personal stories as they reveal to him how they came to be staying at this sanctuary in the first place.

Yuuji must protect the girls from any attackers as they annoy and question him daily.

The series shares some of the Harem and echi type scene we get from Shimoneta and we can see they are somewhat similar. It’s quite a hard anime to begin watching and get into, however he ending is very good and it’s very emotional.

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1. Highschool Of Dead

Top 10 Anime Similar to Shimoneta
Top 10 Anime Similar to Shimoneta

If you liked Shimoneta then you’re sure tyo love Highschool Of The Dead which is partly one of those types of Harem anime, with one center main male character, there’s certainly some of that action. The story follows a group of Highschool students during you guessed it, yes a Zombie apocalypse.

The group get trapped at the school and have to survive as they evade Zombies and get from one safe place to another. The story features a lot of that Harem and sexual scenes we saw in Shimoneta.

They are certainly featured about the same amount of time in the anime, it’s a great anime and if you haven’t given it a go we’d suggest you do. Hiscghschool of the dead is available on Funimation and there is only one season available with an English dub. You can read our article on a season 2 of Highschool Of The Dead here.

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