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The Ideal Anime Couple in Kuzu No Honkai

There are many ideal couples in Anime, and some of them really do stand out more than most. A really good example of an ideal couple in Anime might be Hanabi and Mugi from Kuzu No Honkai. The Dramatic Romance Anime which came out as the Scums Wish TV Series in 2017 had a split reaction from Anime viewers.

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Carry on reading The Ideal Anime Couple in Scums Wish below. We discuss Mugi and Hanabi’s relationship, their characters, the reason they did not end up together in the end and much more.

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Many critics didn’t like the Anime stating that the ending was not only inconclusive but unsatisfactory. On the other hand, many fans of the Kuzu No Honkai Manga and Anime said it was a very good ending because it emphasised the sadness and raw reality of unrequited love. In this article we’ll go over the relationship between Mugi and Hanabi, and why many lovers of the Anime saw them as the Ideal Anime Couple.

Overview – The Ideal Anime Couple in Kuzu No Honkai

Although in the Anime they did not end up together and sadly decided to cease the romantic relationship they started, they were still one of the most loved couples by the fans of the Anime, as everyone thought they were really made for each other. In fact, it’s not just in real life where people think they were a good couple. In in one of the later episodes, a couple of Hanabi’s friends say that Hanabi and Mugi were a perfect couple. This is because people over school have been seeing them in school, seeing them together, kissing, holding hands and all kinds of other things.

The beginning of Kuzu No Honkai

At the start of the Anime where Mugi and Hanabi meet we see that they seem to be in a sexual relationship. This is because when Hanabi is looking at Mr Kanai, Mugi notices and quickly takes her away. This simple act that Mugi does is all part of the pact that they form in the first episode.

In fact, Hanabi actually refers to it at the end of the episode as my/our Scums Wish – which is obviously where the name of the Anime comes from. The actual story of Kuzu No Honkai is all centred around that pact they make, so it makes sense why this is the name of the Anime.

When Hanabi sees the way Mugi looks at Akane she quickly realises that he, just like many of the other boys at their schools is one of her fans boys. She sympathises with him because she also is in love with Mr Kanai. The difference between the two is minimal.

They both cannot have the one they are in love with, they both are the same age and finally they are both students who are sort of experimenting with their sexuality. She also does this with another character named Sanae Ebato who you can see below.

After this pack begins, they start a drawn out sequence of meet-ups where they engage in sexual activity. It’s also where they talk to each other about who they really love. They sympathise with each-other during this period. The other thing about their relationship is that they promise to never really hurt the other one, and of course, leave the other alone if they are able to be with the one they truly love.

The unorthodox nature of Hanabi and Mugi’s relationship

So does all this really make Hanabi and Mugi an ideal Anime couple? Or are they just the same as any other normal Anime couple. I think the difference is that their relationship is founded on a lie.

It’s fake. However, slowly over time, they become more attached to each other, and I think Hanabi realises she likes him first. In the Anime it’s a sad story.

Mugi and Hanabi agree to confess to the one they love and then meet back at the park in the evening at around 6pm (may be different time). When the time comes, Hanabi of course gets rejected by Kanai but Mugi gets sucked in again to Akane’s manipulative pull. Mugi has sex with Akane and she some how makes him believe she really likes him.

Unfortunately for Mugi, she isn’t genuine and he goes back to his old ways. The question is: Did Hanabi comes to this same conclusion as I have? Did she just assume that Mugi had done this with Akane? Or was she thinking something else?

If you’re looking for some clarity surrounding the ending of Kuzu No Honkai and Hana’s and Mugi’s relationship then please read our article on the release date of Scums Wish Season 2.

You can also find a detailed YouTube video detailing the Spin off Manga. Please watch it if you’re interested on a potential Season 2, and of course, more on Hanabi, Akane, Kanai and Mugi.

Akane and Kanai’s role in Kuzu No Honkai

Akane of course plays a huge part in the Anime and in their relationship. Mr Kanai also plays a part in the Anime, but no where near as much as Akane does. We don’t even get much dialogue from him. Akane on the other hand had a larger part to play because she used her influence to manipulate Mugi and also some other men in the series.

Akane Kuzu No Honkai
Akane Kuzu No Honkai

I often think that without Akane, Hanabi and Mugi would have certainly ended up together. For obvious reasons, this is possible, and this means with Kanai, maybe they would have just met and gone out with each other. So therefore, if Mugi and Hanabi were considered an ideal couple when they were really faking it, wouldn’t that mean they would really be meant for each other if they weren’t?

If Mr Kanai and Akane had no influence at all, or at least 90% less influence than they did in the Anime I think the impact this would have on both Mugi and Hanabi would be very interesting. Would they still get together and be the power couple they were perceived to be in the Anime? Or would they just ignore each other and carry on as if they weren’t interested in the other?

This is a very interesting concept to look into. This is so true in terms of the reason behind why they are together. Remember, they’re not together because they love each other and are attracted to the other. It’s because they wish to pretend the other is the one they truly want to be with. So, in return for the others assurance, they will help each other, comfort eachother, and make sure the other does not think about the one they are in love with.

Will they make an Ideal Anime Couple in the future?

It’s a very warped relationship. However, because they are honest with each other and both really want the same thing, they have a lot in common. The only difference would be if Mugi or Hanabi were the opposite sex. The reason that Mugi and Hanabi worked so well together is that they both know each others secret. It’s really what the pact is founded upon.

If Akane had just flat out rejected Mugi and told him to leave her alone, then Mugi would have returned to the park at the designated time. They would have both got back together, and most likely continued the relationship they had started. However, instead now it would be for real, now they could really love each other properly.

It’s pretty evident from re-watching Kuzu No Honkai that this is the case. Hanabi and Mugi would be an Ideal Anime Couple and they would most likely carry on their relationship, and grow up together through college. This is the ending that many people want, however, a lot of fans are still happy with the ending.

Until we see Mugi and Hanabi again

We all love Mugi and Hanabi, and many people wanted to see them together again. Hopefully, the Spin Off manga will be adapted and we might just get the ending we all want. For now we will have to wait. It’s a shame that Hanabi and Mugi went through this and never ended up together. Thank you for reading, stay safe and have a great day.

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