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How To Watch Death In Paradise If You’re From The US

Many people are fans of the hit TV series from the UK known as Death In Paradise. However, if you’re not from England, watching this slightly comedic show about a small CID squad on the beautiful but fictional island of Saint Marie might be a problem. Luckily for you, we’re going to explain how to watch death in paradise if you’re from the US.

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Quick overview

Death In Paradise is a fictional TV series set in the Caribbean, on an Island called Saint Marie. It’s always sunny there (most of the time) and murder, robberies and corruption are never far away from our main characters. The show has been going on since the 25th of October 2011 and has been well praised as a comedy/crime show about the local (and only) CID unit on the Island.

The unit normally consists of 1 DCI or DI, 1 DS and 2 uniformed police officers. We also have the crime commissioner. Over the years, death in Paradise has grown into a show that everyone wants to watch.

Its witty and serious characters create contrasts and interesting scenarios during the dark but often insightful scenes of the murder investigations that take place on the Island.

This is How To Watch Death In Paradise If You're From The US
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On top of that, some of the stories and plots involving the murders are spectacular and very well written, making every one of Death In Paradises episodes always worth watching. This is why we’re showing you have to watch Death In Paradise if you’re from the US.

Can you watch Death In Paradise if you’re from the US?

Yes, you can watch Death In Paradise if you’re from the US. The TV series comes out normally on BBC iPlayer, a streaming platform connected to the British Broadcaster the BBC. So, when an episode first comes out, it will be on there. After this, episodes or seasons are sold to Netflix and other streaming platforms like Britbox.

The problem is that BBC only allows their content to be watched in the UK or maybe even only in England and this can be a problem for fans. Luckily there is a way you can get around this and watch Death In Paradise from the US.

So with this problem in mind, let’s work on how you can watch How To Watch Death In Paradise If You’re From The US. Firstly, there are 3 ways you can watch the series. One is by waiting till all of the episodes are uploaded to Britbox, another is by going to BBC player and getting the episodes directly from the source and thirdly you can try streaming the TV series illegally from a pirate site which we do not recommend.

How To Watch Death In Paradise If You’re From The US

The best way to watch Death In Paradise if you’re from the US is by going to BBC iPlayer. Since BBC iPlayer won’t let you watch it if you’re from the states, it will block you from viewing content by displaying a message saying you’re not allowed to watch the content. You are free to use any VPN you want, but we highly suggest you use this one.

We would suggest you use Surf Shark VPN. Make sure you sign up here:


If you cant find it on Britbox the link is here: Death In Paradise Britbox Title.

For BBC iPlayer it’s: Death In Paradise BBC iPlayer Series.

After you’ve found it, make sure your VPN is switched on, choose England or the UK as your server location and then refresh the page. There you go, Death In Paradise should work just fine. Many English people who travel around the world rely on this method to watch their favourite shows abroad. I’ve done it several times while in Italy and other places.

That is how you watch Death In Paradise if you’re from the US. We hope this post has been helpful & easy to follow. For more tips and insights into how to watch other shows if you’re from the US or other countries, please consider signing up to our email dispatch so we can send you direct messages with our new posts and announcements. We do not share your email with other 3rd parties and you can rely on us to keep your data safe once you have submitted it.

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