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Armin in Attack on Titan – Looking Into The Characters Amazing Story So Far

Today we will be looking at the Armin Attack on Titan story and why he’s one of my favorite characters from Attack on Titan. We’ll also look at the Attack on Titan Armin death scene. Being the best friend of both Mikasa and Eren he is shown in the series quite a lot and is portrayed as a weak and shy boy with few noticeable traits about him. We will look into the character as an Attack on Titan Armin Titan moment in the Anime and also does Armin die in Attack on Titan?

Armin talks to another soldier
Armin talks to another soldier

DISCLAIMER: Spoilers for Season 3 of the Anime and major parts of Armin’s character ahead, please be advised.

I will be going over the parts of Armin’s story that I have reached in the Anime, (so up to about episode 57) Let’s start at the beginning with Armin, when he and Mikasa are witness to the death of Eren’s mother when she is eaten by a Smiling Titan in the very first episode (talk about openings and first impressions).

Armin sees a Titan
Armin sees a Titan

Being the best friend of both Mikasa and Eren, Armin has been there from the start, and as such has pretty been through the same things as both Eren and Mikasa and all of the other first characters from the story.

Armin joins the Survey Corps during the same time Eren and Mikasa do. He also is there when they face the final test and stays at the end even though the majority of the remaining Survey Corps recruits leave. This is where I think his character becomes more significant and this is certainly where his character grows.

Armin faces off with the Female Titan
Armin faces off with the Female Titan

Now, moving on to Season 3, Armin, after proving himself to Erwin, becomes the group’s leader. He reluctantly takes the role and becomes their Titan killer commander as I would put it. This adds to his character even more and kind of gives him a bit more plot armor.

Erwins Charge and Levi’s Attack on the Beast Titan

During the moment where the Beast Titan appears with his subordinate group of surrounding Titan who is all now surrounding the wall and the Survey Corps camp. Armin concludes that to prevent both Bertholdt, the Beast Titan, and the other remaining Titan from wiping out the camp they must stop the Beast Titan.

Erwin leads the Survey Corps into a cavalry charge
Erwin leads the Survey Corps into a cavalry charge

The only way it seems to complete this objective is by taking out the Beast Titan by using the main brunt of the Survey Corps to lead a direct charge led by Erwin towards it also using green smoke grenades in the process. These smoke pockets seem to provide some sort of distraction, although they don’t stop the Titan from hurling a huge amount of rock that he sculpts from the ground below him.

Attack on Titan Armin Death

Now, moving onto the part where we assume Armin is dead, the Beast Titan is waiting outside the walls with his army of Titans. In Attack on Titan, Armin’s death was a very low moment in the series because he was such a loved character who did so much good.

Just as the Beast Titan is approaching, Bertolt begins his massive assault on the city destroying whole swaths of the city in huge blows. Below Armin is fighting Bertolt and becomes completely engulfed in Bertolts steam attack, an attack that proves effective against enemies.

This moment left me really thinking – does Armin really die in Attack on Titan? Is this really where his journey ends?

Levi drags Bertholdt away to be eaten by Armin
Levi drags Bertholdt away to be eaten by Armin

He holds on to dear life with his sword embedded in Bertolt until Bertolt is transformed back into human form, where he is then captured by Captain Levi and the rest of his squad. Captain Levi has a secret Titan transforming shot, which he says he has to issue in a syringe to the person of his choice.

The syringe was entrusted to him by Erwin who says he must use it on a wounded member of their squad.

Mikasa tries to stop Levi from injecting Erwin so they can save Armin
Mikasa tries to stop Levi from injecting Erwin so they can save Armin

This effectively gives him the choice to save from the final member of the squad for a basic redemption back to the hell that is their world. This moment is truly legendary, being one of my favorite from the whole series. When the rest of the group is still far away, Levi, Mikasa and Eren, and another man who also is carrying Erwin become involved in a heated argument.

It only ends when Mikasa attempts to attack Captain Levi, drawing her sword and slowly advancing towards him, in a very memorable shot which you can see above.

In Attack on Titan does Armin really die?

In Attack on Titan Armin’s death is very sudden and I was not expecting it at all. We also wonder if he really will die but since he gets burned but not exactly completely killed, as he’s laid down by Eren later on.

During the time where we cut back to the others fighting Riner with the explosive rods which prove very effective against him we are still left wondering does Armin die in Attack on Titan?

Armin's burnt body is discovered
Armin’s burnt body is discovered

This is when it gets very interesting. Armin is lying on the ground when he suddenly comes to life, breathing behind Eren, who quickly comes to aid him. The other soldier argues that Erwin is the chosen one because he is the most experienced fighter.

However, Eren argues on the side of Armin, stating that Armin was the one who discovered Reiner hiding in the walls, he was the one who saw the burnt area around the top of the wall where Riner and Bertolt + a third mystery character who Armin concludes must also be working with them.

Levi offers Eren the Titan syringe
Levi offers Eren the Titan syringe

Eren also says that Armin came up with all of the ideas that have succeeded in the group against the Titans. Eren pleads with Levi not to save Erwin and save Armin instead.

At the start, Levi agrees, but then he slowly starts to make his way over to Erwin, but this is where Mikasa comes in. She leaps at Levi, and attempts to cut his head off, where he stops her, then the other soldier joins in, trying to help Levi.

Mikasa's reaction to Levi choosing Erwin
Mikasa’s reaction to Levi choosing Erwin

Mikasa pretty much loses it when Levi tries to inject Erwin instead of Armin, which would also result in his death since he’d die from his burns. This shows that Mikasa cares for Armin, and most likely greatly respects him as well, as she’d just heard Eren’s speech about why Armin should be saved.

Attack on Titan – Levi choses Armin

In the final moments of the episode, Levi is faced with the choice and chooses Armn instead of Erwin. This is revealed in the next episode when Levi says that Erwin wishes to die here, as it’s where Grisha’s basement is located.

Armin is injected with the liquid and quickly transforms into a Titan (with kind of funny golden hair which made me laugh). He then eats Bertholdt and changes back into his new human form. This is where he is surrounded by the rest of the group as they wait for him to wake back up.

Armins Titan eats Bertholdt
Armins Titan eats Bertholdt

After Bertholdt is taken by Levi and placed at the end of the roof, he injects Armin who transforms into a Titan. After this, Armin emerges and begins to lift up Bertholdt, much to his discomfort. Armin then eats him and is then transformed back into his human form, where he is found by Levi, Mikasa, and Eren who quickly surrounded him.

For now, this is where I am up to in the story involving Armin, and I’m very interested to see where it ends up. Now I’m sure that it will be a happy ending, I’m also very optimistic about it as well since I literally just watched him get burned to a crisp. I will be continuing this article in another post which should be available soon so please stay tuned for that.

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