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9 Best Animes To Watch With Your Bros

Thinking of Anime to watch with your bros but you don’t know which ones? If you want to avoid lewd or cringe Anime during this time and are looking for something funny or dramatic to watch, then we’ve got some great mainstream and loveable Anime that you will have a great time watching with your bros. With the best Animes to watch with your bros, we will be covering a wide range of different genres and scopes, with much great Anime that will know you will like watching with your bros/mates.

9. Grand Blue

We covered this Anime back in August 2020 when it was released and for good reason, it’s absolutely hilarious. This Anime has to be one of the funniest I’ve ever seen so far, it’s really good and one of the best Anime to watch with your bros. Grand Blue has a very nice Animation style, wonderful and funny characters, a decent plot to follow and really good dialogue.

The story follows Lori, as he begins his journey into the scuba diving world, first he needs to pass his diving exam. Along the way, he goes to the Peek-A-Boo diving school, where he meets some really funny and stand out characters. One of which he seems to really like!

Best Animes To Watch With Your Bros
© Zero G (Grand Blue)

What’s more, some of the scenes and punch lines are really funny and will most likely make you burst out laughing, if you are still unsure, read our Is Grand Blue Worth Watching? post and you most likely be persuaded. Also, they may be a good chance of a season 2 of Grand Blue so be sure to read our Grand Blue Season 2 post. If you’re looking for a good laugh and one of the best Animes to watch with your mates, then defiantly check Grand Blue Dreaming out!

8. Black Lagoon

Now, if you’re looking for an awesome, badass, violent action-packed Anime then this is a good one to watch and certainly one of the best animes to watch with your bros. With a brilliant, diverse range of truly amazing and well-written characters with some really cool, strong female leads as well, you’ll be utterly entertained to your heart’s contempt as you dive into the corrupt, savage, obscure and very cruel world that is Roanupur as you go from mission to mission with the infamous Lagoon Company.

© Madhouse (Black Lagoon)

Following the main character Rockuro, a Japanese salesman as he is kidnapped by a gang of modern Pirates in the early 1990s. After their attempts to ransom him fail, he and the Lagoon Company go on a string of hardcore jobs, slowly transforming him from a nice, kind and caring everyday office worker into a cold, calculated and malevolent character who changes over the course of the 2 seasons and 1 OVA we see him in.


GANGSTA. is another best animes to watch with your bros we’ve covered previously when we talked about the possibility of this show getting a season 2, and that’s because many fans have long awaited this Anime because of its plot and wide range of diverse characters. The plot of GANGSTA. takes place in a dark-action city known as Ergastulum, where a whole range of dark people dwells. Following two Handymen, who take on various jobs in the show that the city’s police force can’t handle.

Best Animes To Watch With Your Bros
© Manglobe (GANSTA.)

One of the men is named Nicholas, who is referred to as a TAG in the show, also called Twilights. These are people who are decedents of those who used the Cerebret drug. These people have immense abilities like strength and speed and often can defeat multiple opponents at a time. As well as that, they are graded in different tiers, so some are more dangerous than others. GANGSTA. is a really awesome Anime that you will want to watch with your bros for sure.

6. Samurai Champloo

Another best animes to watch with your bros is Samurai Champloo which is kind of similar to Cowboy Beebop but with a couple of hardcore Samurai from the Edo era and a nice young lady called Fuu. We’ve already covered this Anime before when we published this post: Why You Must Watch Samurai Champloo – and because this Anime is really a great one. It’s not as well known as some of the more mainstream Anime out there, but trust us, it’s certainly worth the watch.

© Studio Manglobe

Following 3 awesome characters as they begin their journey to find the sunflower samurai. With tons of action and even an incredible psychedelic scene for you to enjoy this Anime is definitely one of the best Anime to watch with your bros. So read our post on it and decide for yourself if this could be one of the best animes to watch with your mates.

5. Baki

Baki is a popular Anime that we’ve covered before on our Top 10 Romance/Action Anime En Español post, and for good reason, it’s a very fresh and engaging show about a street fighter called Baki, a career street fighter and one of the best around. However, 5 of the top death row inmates are gathering to face him, since growing bored of life itself, they long to destroy Baki, in a mortal fight that will see either them or Baki taste defeat.

Animes To Watch With Your Bros
© TMS Entertainment (Baki)

If you’re into street fighter type Anime, and one with an easy-to-follow plot, likeable characters and some of the most awesome hand-to-hand combat scenes that the Anime genre has to be offered, then certainly check out this Animes To Watch With Your Bros, you won’t be disappointed. Also, there are many other seasons and OVA’s of the original so you will have tons of content to enjoy!

4. Highschool of the Dead

Unfortunately, Highschool of the Dead, only got 1 season. The original creator of Manga died sadly. We cover whether or not this Anime will get another season in our Highschool Of The Dead Season 2 Rumours + Thoughts post. However, believe us when we tell you, this one season is totally worth the watch, even if it’s likely, that the series will not continue. As you can imagine, this show is about a zombie apocalypse in Tokyo, Japan. Following a group of Highschool students who become trapped at their school where the infected start ravaging the city, slaying and infecting those who can’t run away fast enough.

Animes to watch with your bros
© Madhouse (Highschool Of The Dead)

There’s a great cast of characters to enjoy for this Anime, and some fan service as well, such as lewd bathtub scenes and ridiculous close-up shots. However, the story of thew Anime is pretty decent, and it actually is quite a serious Anime to watch when you start to get into it. It almost kinda feels, well, realistic dare I say. Anyway, Highschool of the Dead is certainly one of the best animes to watch with your mates, and you won’t be disappointed with all the action that it contains, (including cute High School girls slaying zombies with high-grade military firearms & explosives.)

3. Jormungand

Jormungand is a slightly similar Anime to Black Lagoon and is as action-packed as you can get for a title similar to that Anime. Although the Anime only features 12 episodes, it has rather a good rating on a bunch of sites. Jormungand follows the story of a character called Koko Hekmatyar, a young arms dealer who sells weapons under HCLI, an international shipping corporation and illegal smuggling operation.

Animes to watch with your mates
© Madhouse (Jormungand)

Now, as one of the companies’ unofficial and more secretive arms dealers, she sells weapons in various countries while avoiding local and international authorities. This is one of the best animes to watch with your mates because it is fully action-packed and features some pretty cool and likeable characters. It’s not entirely similar to Black Lagoon but it’s one that viewers will like if they’ve seen that Anime.

2. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a very popular, more mainstream Anime from the late 1990s. It follows the story of the crew of a high-tech interstellar craft as they travel around searching for a lucrative reward. Unfortunately for them, to get this reward, they need to capture a man who is responsible for unleashing poison onto the planet mars.

Cowboy Bebop Anime
© animation studio Sunrise (Cowboy Bebop)

Even though it may be one of their biggest challenges, they have no idea of how difficult navigating and traversing the complicated skies of the landscape in which they wish to find the man. What’s more, the Anime is set far in the future, in the 2070s! This Anime is one of the best to watch with your bros and it’s a futuristic sci-fi title with an emphasis on action and comedy. There’s a reason this Anime is so popular it’s been around for over a decade. So why not give it a go?

1. Black Bullet

Based on the novel series by Shiden Kanzaki, this Anime follows the story of Rentaro Satomi, in 2021, when a horrific virus is wreaking havoc on the city of Tokyo. The virus is called Gastrea, and it’s a parasitic virus. Tackling this crazy threat to the world will be incredibly hard for some of our characters, but will they succeed?

Black Bullet Anime
© Kinema Citrus Orange (Black Bullet)

The characters live within the Monolith walls, which are made out of Varanium: a metal that is able to subdue Gastrea. You should this anime and see how the characters work to conduct missions to prevent the destruction of the Tokyo Area and the world.

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