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Will My Dress Up Darling Come To Netflix?

My Dress Up Darling is a very popular Slice Of Life/Romance Anime which came out in late 2021, early 2022. We will be going over if My Dress Up Darling Netflix is something we could see soon, and if this Anime will become part of the Netflix Anime collection and be part of the growing Anime on Netflix.

Marin kitagawa cosplay
my dress up darling anime Marin kitagawa cosplay

The series follows closely the story of two characters called Gojo and Marin. Marin is very passionate about Cosplaying and Gojo is a nerd is who keeps obsessing over dolls.


We will discuses if it is possible, that the popular Romance Slice Of Life Anime will come to the streaming platform known as Netflix. My Dress Up Darling Netflix would be something that many fans would love.

Over the course of a few episodes, Marin and Gojo become close, as they both have a desired passion that they cannot express in front of their classmates, and therefore, they become involved with the other. On the other hands, far from Gojo’s position, is Marin.

She has many friends, who support and love her much unlike him. Obviously in this Anime, Gojo is made out to be some weak loser, with no real cool character traits we can get behind, other than her makes dolls. Marin is funny, kind and attractive, and she sticks up for people. She is quite an admirable character in the Anime series.

Well, the main reason for this, is the main character, known as Marin. Marin is a very attractive and popular character in the Anime, with long blond hair with the tips died pink. This decides weather My Dress Up Darling Netflix will become a show to look forward to.

She has lots of piecing’s as well as makeup. In the series, there is a scene where Marin has to strip down to a Bikini. This is a big part of the episode, and you can see why many fans have a soft spot for the Anime.

Marin Kitagawa sexy Biknini
Marin Kitagawa in Sexy bikini

Another thing to add is the fact that it is from the Manga, and of course takes all the credit when it comes to our character Gojo and Marin. Marin also wears a verity of different outfits, some are very attractive and alluring and certainly give of a sexual vibe.

There are also going to be some new scenes that need to be adapted and Netflix would be perfect for commissioning new shows for the Manga. We would get to see some new outfits the main character Marin tries on and see some character development with Gojo (hopefully).

As for Marin’s friends, there will be some new scenes, as this is what happens in the Manga. Netflix would be able to produce some new seasons. This would be even more likely if the Anime on Netflix did well.

How much content is there to adapt?

There are 9 episodes. Some seasons are different from al the others though. There’s around 75 chapters and I would say around 15 have been adapted. You can watch My Dress Up Darling here on Crunchyroll and you can read the manga here.

My Dress Up darling marin is shocked
My Dress up darling anime marin kitagawa

The Anime takes place mainly in a school but sometimes Gojo’s grandfathers house and various shops as well. Gojo spends a lot of time with his grandfather and does not really have any friends. Despite this, Marin takes and interest in him and later on it’s revealed that she likes him.

Would Netflix pay for My Dress Up Darling?

My Dress Up darling - Anime on Netflix
Netflix Anime Marin Kitagawa

If the circumstances ever came where My Dress Up Darling became a very popular Anime, enough so that Netflix would consider it, I think it is very likely that they would buy the rights to this Anime.

My Dress Up Darling would fit in very nicely to Netflix’s massive Anime library. This library already includes titles like Demon Slayer, so is it a real big temporary acquisition for the streaming giant?

By CV estimates it is not and the idea of My Dress Up Darling appearing on Netflix in the future, are not forgone at all. Since there is new content in the form of the Manga being written, there is nothing to worry about. My Dress Up Darling Netflix would be very beneficial For Netflix.

When would this take place?

The question of if has been answered so now we are going to look at when this might happen. We would guess anywhere from 2-3 years after the rights have ended for the first Anime series. This is unless it is a Crunchyroll original but this will be very unlikely.


It would be great to this popular funny and warm Anime on Netlix. This way I can easily flick back to it whenever and re watch funny scenes with ease. As well as this there will most likely be a Spanish Dub for me to enjoy since I speak Spanish.

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