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Ryota Suzui Character Profile

Ryota Suzui is one of the main characters along with Yumeko and Mary who star in the Kakegurui Anime set in the elite academy known for gambling called Hyakkaou Academy. At the start, he is a house pet and is befriended by Yumeko and the two become somewhat close, with Ryota following Yumemko and helping her fit in and make friends.


Ryota Suzui is one of the main protagonists in the Kakegurui Anime. After becoming friends with Yumeko he appears in the Anime a number of times and in all scenes.

Appearance & Aura

Ryota is your average skinny, teenage student with brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a white button-up shirt underneath with the top unbuttoned and a black tie. As well as a pair of grey-black coloured school jeans with brown loafers.

Wearing the Hyakkaou Private Academy uniform consisting of a red blazer with black trim that lines the cuffs and collar and has gold buttons as well.


Ryota Suzui is kind and friendly in anime series, although he’s not necessarily outspoken or reserved. Throughout the anime series, he is shown to be, quiet, and timid, rarely ever showing any form of confidence.

After meeting and getting to know  Yumeko Jabami, his self-confidence grows, but slowly. Despite Ryota’s reluctant personality, he’s very level-headed and is very fair with other people. Ryota also cares a lot about Yumeko and worries something might happen to her due to her risk-taking nature.

It should be noted that Ryota’s kind nature is probably what makes Yumeko be affectionate to him. So, later on in the Anime, it pays off, since Yumeko helps him when he gets into trouble. Ryota Suzui is a likeable first character to be introduced to.

Ryota’s history in Kakegurui

Ryota Suzui is a recurring character throughout the 2 seasons we got of Kakegurui, (see our post on Kakegurui Season 3) and he appears in many different both with and without the main character Yumeko and of course Mary Saotome.

At the start of the Anime, Ryota Suzui is shy and is only really friends with Mary and Yumeko, as he is still a house pet. This is until Yumeko sets him free, and his debt is relieved.

He actually starts off playing a match of poker with Mary, and is losing to her, and that’s how he gets into debt in the first place. So, after this, Yumeko helps him repay his debt as she knew that she was cheating, she gives Ryota Suzui 5,000,000 yen as thanks in order for him to repay his debt.

Ryota Suzui takes part in a lot of the gambling matches that proceed with this event, appearing in many scenes and witnessing Yumeko’s skill and amazing ability wins the matches.

He appears in the final episode as well and of course, watches the song that is performed by Yumeko and Yumemi Yumemite. Ryota Suzui is an essential character in the Anime and manga.

Ryota’s Character Arc in Kakegurui

Ryota Suzui has a small character arc in the Anime. He starts off being shy and sad since he gets into debt with another of the students at the academy. However, when his debt is paid off by Yumeko, his attitude changes, as he is not a house pet anymore. He’s free.

Over the course of the season, and particularly starting in episode two of Kakegurui Season 1, we see some character development with Ryota Suzui. This comes as he starts to explore himself and also take part in gambling, increasing his confidence.

He becomes more outspoken, and more social, talking more with the other characters like Mary and Yumeko and engaging more in conversations and situations.

By the end of the first season, Ryota is a lot more confident. And he takes part in many different gambling matches and also a ton of drama scenes starring many different characters as well as main characters.

Ryota Suzui Character significance in Kakekgurui

Ryota Suzui is an incredibly important character in Kakekgurui, and Anime would not be the same without him. He was a very good character because he was a little boring so it made sense for him to be the main character so we, as the audience can relate to him more since he’s more ordinary.

He reminds me a bit of Rock from Black Lagoon, he’s a bit of an everyman, but he ends up becoming quite noble and brave as his character progresses. We most certainly saw this with Ryota Suzui’s character and it was the same with Rocks.

After all, it’s Ryota that helps Yumeko in the Anime, and for this, she doesn’t get in trouble and is able to grow as a character in Kakegurui

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