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Mary Saotome Character Profile

This post is dedicated to the character Mary Saotome from the Anime Kakegurui. She is one of the main characters from Kakegurui and has a very interesting arc from her debut in the first episode. Here is the Mary Saotome Character Profile.


Mary Saotome serves as both the primary heroine of the spin-off series Kakegurui Twin and a deuteragonist in Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler. She is a second-year student at Hyakkaou Private Academy and a classmate of Yumeko Jabami and Ryota Suzui, the first antagonist to challenge Yumeko and fall short of her in the entire series. With that said, let’s get into the Mary Saotome Character Profile.

Appearance & Aura

Mary Saotome is an average-height girl with long blonde hair that is arranged into two ponytails and fastened with black ribbons. Her eyes are dark yellow.

She is dressed in a crimson blazer with black trim around the cuffs and neck and gold buttons, which is the typical Hyakkaou Private Academy school uniform. Saotome is dressed in a white button-up shirt, black tie, and scarlet blazer. She is dressed in a plain brown pair of shoes with black soles, a grey pleated skirt, and black stockings. She also typically dons pinkish-beige lipstick and natural cosmetics like mascara and blush.


Mary Saotome is initially depicted as being exceedingly vicious and evil. Her treatment of her classmate Ryota Suzui after he was reduced to the status of a “housepet” because of his poor social standing at the academy is one illustration of her characteristics.

She is shown ruthlessly insulting her rivals as they compete in casino games. She has also demonstrated a strong sense of ego both before and after matches, frequently believing she would win. Mary Saotome also has a habit of making fun of and laughing at her opponents, especially when the match appears to be going her way.

Status recovery

Mary was determined to recover her status inside the academy after losing to Yumeko Jabami and experiencing life as a house pet. She had no other intentions at the time. Mary Saotome eventually loses her pride as she suffers a mental breakdown during a match against Yuriko Nishinotouin and enters a state of anguish and shame shortly after being humiliated.

She appears to be less nasty and haughty now that she has regained her prominence. Mary still feels a lot for them, despite being occasionally mildly irritated by Ryota’s fear or Yumeko’s irresponsible actions. Saotome also grew to hate the student council intensely and wanted them to suffer for what they had done to the housepets.

Family financial position

Her family’s financial situation is revealed to be modest in Twin, and she receives financial aid to attend Hyakkaou Private Academy. Even to her own parents, who pushed her to make friends with wealthier kids since she was a young child, her goal has always been to become a true winner in life. She takes tremendous pleasure in her knowledge and her ability to gamble, and she despises it when others hold her in low regard due to her financial situation. She is also significantly less ruthless in the prequel.

Mary Saotome’s History

At the beginning of the series, Ryota Suzui, who Mary beat in a game of poker, is shown to owe her 5 million yen in debt. Suzui eventually ends up becoming her pet because she is unable to pay for it, and she treats him cruelly by ordering him to bring her food and using him as a footrest when she claims that her legs are tired.

Begins to be jealous of Yumeko

Mary Saotome becomes envious of Yumeko Jabami’s fame and her growing closeness to Ryota as soon as she joins their class as a transfer student. When Mary pretended to challenge Yumeko to a simple game of vote rock-paper-scissors, she was really just trying to make Yumeko into a house pet.

Mary loses to Yumeko

Yumeko placed modest wagers and let the outcome be determined by chance. However, she exploited her cheat to win when the stakes were larger. She enjoyed how foolish Yumeko was being and was eager to get rid of her. But Yumeko stated that she discovered how she cheated before they dealt their last cards. Mary Saotome was still confident enough to win despite her current lack of certainty. Yumeko, however, prevailed over her.

Mary Saotome claims she can’t pay her back since she is so desperate. Given how much she enjoyed the game, Yumeko says it’s okay and forbearances the debt. But Mary had already lost some of the respect of everyone. When the rankings of how much each student donated to the council were made public the following day, Mary’s recent defeat placed her in the bottom 100.

Becoming a “House Pet”

Saotome’s desk is so covered with graffiti the following day at school. It also has a shattered doll of herself perched on top of it. Jabami, who is worried, asks what went wrong. She instructs her to stop talking and explains that everything happened as a result of her defeat by Jabami. Even though she is still enraged, her erstwhile pals are already ordering her to clean up.

She sobs and asks why this has happened to her as she feels sorry for herself. Mary makes one final effort to gamble against Yuriko Nishinotouin in an effort to pay off her debt. Mary becomes even more irate when Yumeko unexpectedly appears at the game’s conclusion. However, she loses and accrues even more debt to the Council, ruining her beyond repair. She had to take the chance even though she was aware that she possibly could have paid off her previous debt.

Mary Saotome’s “Life Plan”

Additionally, the Student Council organised for her to acquire a life plan. She is mandated to wed a politician. Runa Yomozuki simply chuckles when asked about this. Mary is indignant and refuses to accept it, but she is left with no other option. The Debt Settlement game then welcomes Mary. Despite the fact that the pairings for the game (Two-Card Indian Poker) appear to be random, Mary Saotome is angry that Yumeko is her partner.

Character Arc of Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome, has the story arc of a genuine shonen heroine. She begins with her initial defeat at Yumeko’s hands, while not being the main protagonist. Mary was settled into her position in Hyakkou. She was coasting on her modest success when she first made an early appearance in Kakegurui.

She was knocked to the bottom rung by her defeat. This is where she found herself with nothing to lose and everything to win. That set off the character arc of Mary Saotome. It developed throughout her journey to not just restore her previous standing but to surpass it. Mary Saotome improved as a person as a result and came to represent more than just her arrogant confidence.

Mary Saotome had to push herself to improve and grow stronger as she began this arc. She also had to be more honest about her abilities and status in Hyakkou. This character arc also assisted Mary in seeing that her goal is not to follow the student council’s regulations. Instead, she rather dismantle the council and eliminate the intricate yet fragile power structure it upholds.

Throughout this arc, Mary Saotome overcame her concerns and experiences hope, crushing disappointment, optimism, victory, severe tension, and more. Mary also demonstrated that she is done with the small-minded power struggles she used to engage in. She is brave and ambitious, but not nasty. She paradoxically became gentler as she became an ambitious rebel, which further fleshed out her personality.

Character significance in Kakegurui

Mary Saotome is one of the most important characters in the Anime Kakegurui for sure. There is no way the show could work without her. She was a very enjoyable character to watch, especially given her arc that we just mentioned.

Mary Saotome’s shonen-style character arc and growth are important. So are her interactions with friends and foes like Yumeko Jabami and Ryota Suzui. Ryota, a classmate who occasionally aids Yumeko without her knowing it, is only a decorative piece in Mary’s eyes. Although Mary doesn’t think much of him, she is prepared to go along with him in games. And begins demonstrating that she is no longer an outcast in this competitive institution. More than that, Mary’s connection with Yumeko Jabami, defines her and brings out the best in her.

Yumeko is all about impulse and disorder. Mary prefers order and reasoning, making them similar to the Joker and Batman. They complement one another nicely. Since Yumeko is just being herself, this intriguing dynamic, on the other hand, brings out Mary’s fiery but healthy competitive side, it actually gives Mary’s character more depth than it does Yumeko’s.

By designating Yumeko as both her friend and opponent, as well as by developing personally while supporting Yumeko and working to bring about her demise, Mary Saotome became Kakegurui’s Best Girl. Throughout this character development, Mary plays a variety of roles simultaneously, including teammate, rival, and schemer. But above all, Mary Saotome is the Best Girl. Since Yumeko and Ryota entered her life, she has genuinely blossomed, and she will do everything it takes to be Hyakkou’s best student and a better person overall.

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