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Is Hyouka a Romance Anime? – Let’s Discuss

After watching the Anime Hyouka, some people may wonder what kind of Anime it is, with some asking: Is Hyouka a Romance Anime? – Well, the answer is pretty simple. It’s clearly a Slice Of Life Anime. But some people have been asking whether or not it’s a Romance Anime, and while it’s true that during the ending and in some parts of the Anime, Chitanda and Oreki look at each other with longing eyes, it does not really go anywhere. The Manga has not continued since, and we will never really know if anything happens between the two, and I will answer the question: Does Hyouka have Romance?

Is Hyouka a Romance Anime?
Is Hyouka a Romance Anime?

If the writer of the series, Yonezawa, had intended for the two to end up together, he certainly missed his chance. As for now, fans can only speculate about the two student’s relationship. Their friendship or relationship kind of answers the question: Is Hyouka a Romance Anime?

This is because there are many scenes where the two could have kissed, or even just hod each other, but they do. In fact, they never even get close. Much to my and the fans Hyouka’s dismay.

Is Hyouka a Romance Anime? & does Oreki fancy Chitanda?

There are a few scenes in the Anime where we see Oreki get very flustered and red around Chitanda. In particular the bath scene. This effect on Oreki is so intense that due to a combination of the heat and Chitanda’s beauty, he faints, ending up lying on the bed. Take a look at the scene we’re talking about:

So here’s some clear evidence that Oreki has some kind of harboured lust or affection or attraction for Chitanda, and it’s interesting because although Chitanda is very attentive and nice to Oreki, she does not (from what I can gather) actually feel the same way about.

However, this could be a product of her cute and innocent character. I think if the Anime got another season, maybe this potential love circle between the two would be explored a little bit more. This is certainly what fans would want, and it’s easy to see why.

Is Hyouka a Romance Anime? - Let's Discuss
Is Hyouka a Romance Anime? – Let’s Discuss at

In the Anime, although it’s not entirely confirmed, I would say that the question of Is Hyouka a Romance Anime? is answered. The anime is clearly more a Slice Of Life Anime type series, and this is evident in the activities and scenes we, as the viewers are shown.

Well, we hope this post has answered your question and provided you with the relevant info you needed. Hyouka is a great Anime, and if you’re wondering if there’ll be a season 2, then you should read our article on that here: Hyouka Season 2 – Is It Possible?

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