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Hyouka Season 2 – Is It Possible?

Hyouka centres around a group of Highschool students who form a club known as “The Classic Lit Club”. During their time in this club they go on adventures solving “Mysteries” and helping others with similarly related problems. In the article, we’ll go over if Hyouka Season 2 is possible and the date it may air. Many fans are waiting for a Hyouka season 2 release date and hopefully, we will be able to answer this question.

The 22-episode Slice Of Life anime featuring 4 main characters and a host of other characters originally aired from April 22, 2012 to September 16, 2012, with the original first episode premiering on April 14, 2012, at a special event at Kadowaka Cinema, Shinjuku, Tokyo. The events of the last episode saw quite inconclusive but well-done ending with Chitanda and Oreki discussing their differences and future ambitions.

The Ending

First, we need to talk about the ending of Hyouka and the way it’s structured before we get into the possibility of a season 2. The ending of Hyouka wasn’t very conclusive as to the story’s overall ending and send-off. However, it left us on a very happy and thoughtful note. It ends with Oreki and Chitanda having a nice conversation about their future and where they will go now. It was very interesting to see this dynamic development and it was a side to both characters. I had never previously witnessed.

Hyouka Season 2
© Kyoto Animation (Hyouka)

There was also a small part of this end scene that struck me as very important. It’s where Oreki is asking Chitanda about the job she will be pursuing. Oreki asked what Chitanda would think if he was to take up a job like that. Chitanda’s reaction is as expected, she is surprised until it’s revealed that he never actually asked her and only got as far as the very first part of the sentence. This is because Chitanda asked him to finish the sentence, to which he says “Oh nothing”. This may hint at their future together and if they will ever see each other again.

The ending didn’t really hint at much in terms of a season 2. There is a reason for this, which we’ll come to later. This scene mainly expressed the feelings of both Chitanda and Oreki, as well as portrayed a lesson about adulthood and childhood. Oreki wanted to tell Chitanda how he really felt about her and understood Satoshi’s hesitation during the previous episode regarding Ibara. The two exchange some more words before looking up and watching the wind blow through the trees. It’s a very nice way to end a series, especially one like Hyouka and I don’t think anything else had to be done here. I would have loved to see something more between Chitanda and Oreki but that’s as far as we got in the anime.

Understanding the adaption of Hyouka

To conclude whether or not there will be a season 2 we need to discuss the anime adaption of Hyouka and the content it was actually adapted from. “Hyouka” was written in 2001 by Honobu Yonezawa. The series centres around everything we see in the anime and from what I understand the anime was adapted almost perfectly, with hardly anything being left or worse, get wrong.

For that part, the anime did its job and there wasn’t anything wrong with it. However, the anime adaption only covers the light novel, written by Yonezawa and it does not expand any further, not that it can. The light novel series known as Hyouka has been concluded and there is no more material to be written as of yet. In other words, the novel or volumes I should say, have been concluded.

Will there be a season 2?

It’s tricky to say but until more volumes of the original novel are written it is unlikely that Hyouka will return for a season 2. This is mainly due to the fact that the novel has been concluded and that Hyouka (the anime adaption) cannot continue unless that happens. This would be the case if the original writer was deceased or unable to continue writing, but this is not the case. Honobu Yonezawa, who was born in 1978 still continues his work to this day. Is it such a stretch to ask if he would continue the novel? It’s definitely possible but not likely.

What we could expect to see would maybe be a continuation of where we left off last time. I think mostly this would come down to a full second novel of Hyouka, starting off from where we left off. Another way this could be archived would be to have the novel set maybe 3-5 years after the end events of the anime. Where we see Oreki and Chitanda saying goodbye to each other.

I thought this would be the most appropriate way of continuing the anime adaption of Hyouka as it would make more sense to have a second novel that takes place 3-7 years after the events of the original. I think the reason for this is that the story of Hyouka and our four main characters was starting to come to an end, as they were nearing the end of their time in school.

Having the anime pick up from this point would mean we would mean would see how Chitanda, Oreki, Ibara and Satoshi’s lives have progressed. It would be an interesting concept to explore and I think that there is a lot of potential for this.

Hyouka Season 2
© Kyoto Animation (Hyouka)

It’s very hard to say given the circumstances, the anime ceased production in 2012 after everything (the material from the manga) had been adapted. So it’s been 8 years since the anime adaption was worked upon. However, in 2017 a live-action movie featuring the main events of Hyouka was released. The significance of this is that it seems one studio thought it worthwhile to do this, even though the live-action movie was written almost 16 years after the original novel was written. So what does this mean?

Is a season 2 of the anime adaption possible if live-action films are still being made about Hyouka? This was only 3 years ago, with other OVA’s and spin-off being written and produced. Hyouka seems to be a very popular anime so surely it won’t be long before a season 2.

When would Season 2 air?

Now I will discuss the Hyouka season 2 release date and detail some things we need to go over. I would have to say given everything I have discussed anywhere between 2022 and 2024. My main reason for this is that Hyouka featured 22 Episodes during its initial release accompanied by some OVA’s as well. If we can expect this in the new season then this time seems more accurate. When asked in an interview Yonezawa stated that his interest in Hyouka season 2 release date was minimal.

As well as this I feel I need to mention the horrific arson attack that took place in 2019 at Kyoto animation studio 1 building (the studio responsible for the anime adaption of Hyouka) that killed 36 people and maimed and injured 33 others. If you want to read about the attack you can here: Kyoto Animation Arsen Attack. My heart goes out to anyone affected by this cruel act of terrorism & violence.

Despite all this, the good news is that as of this year, the studio has completely recovered from the attack and is taking steps at rebuilding. Another studio also mentioned they would be interested in continuing a future Hyouka Season 2 Release Date.

So mainly, the potential for a season 2 depends on these three things:

  • If Yonezawa is willing to either continue the story of Hyouka or allow other writers/producers to continue it.
  • Kyoto animation being able to continue the production after recovering or another studio taking up the role
  • The need and excitement for a season 2 (how many people want to see a season 2 of Hyouka) and if it would be profitable.
  • And if a season 2 of Hyouka is worth it for the funders and production company in charge.

As of now though that’s all we can really say. If you found this article useful please give it a like and be sure to share it. Did we answer your question: will Hyouka get a season 2? Let us know. You can check out our other articles here:

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