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Toradora Season 2 – Will it happen?

Toradora was a very popular anime that originally ran between October 2, 2008 – March 2, 2009. It was loved by fans for it’s interesting and lovable characters. The ending of Toradora was some what conclusive. Taiga accepts that she does not love Kitamura and kisses Takasu. After the game for Toradora was released fans hoped they would see another season and a return of all the previous characters. In this article we will be discussing if that is possible.

Overview – Toradora Season 2

The ending had a some what inconclusive ending like we said before and a new anime featuring the old characters from Toradora is also what we will be going over. We will going over what you might want to expect for a season 2 if it does happen. When Taiga kisses Takasu they don’t actually get together in the end. Takasu accepts to let Taiga go so she can be happy and Takasu supposedly moves on as a result. Therefore it is pretty easy to summaries a season 2 and what it would look like, as we will be discussing later on in this article.

Main characters – Toradora Season 2

The main characters in Toradora were vert interesting and unique, they were also likable. They all had different dynamics and problems which would make them acta certain way approach different situations all differently and in their own adaptable way. I liked all of them really and they did their job very well as out main characters. They all mostly had good arcs and they all satisfied me when they concluded.

First we have Ryūji Takasu, a student at Ohashi High School, where Taiga also attends. Takasu has a scary appearance and he basically personifies his father who was a known criminal.

Because of this everyone avoids him. He has a scary look but is kind and doesn’t have many malicious intentions. Takasu’s father died when he was young and his mother raised from that point on.

Next we have Taiga Aisaka who is also a student at Ohashi High School. She is known as “The Palm Top Taiga”, a reference which she lives up to. This is because of her fierce nature and the fact that is so small.

Her bad temper contrasts with her appearance very well and this is why a lot of people don’t take her seriously. One of those people is her father who leaves her when she is young only to walk back into her life then leave again.

Her character has a great arc regarding her father and this is certainly explored in the show.

Sub characters – Toradora Season 2

The sub characters in Toradora were a bit shallow and one of them was completely fake. This was of course intentional and it served to further her character aspect overall. Most of these characters are friends or interact with our main characters and this is how they are introduced. They are vital to furthering the arcs of some of the main characters in this series like Taiga and Takasu.

Ending of Toradora – Toradora Season 2

The ending of Toradora wasn’t very predictable and it caught me off guard at first. We didn’t really get to see Taiga and Takasu get together and become a couple. I would like to add this was after all the tension that had been building up in the past 20+ episodes before. I would have liked to see them together but I guess that isn’t what the writer intended. Anyway Taiga and Takasu don’t end up together and this is where the story ends.

The ending to Toradora is important on deciding weather or not there will be a Toradora Season 2. We can use this ending to summarize what a season 2 might look like. For example we would say the new season would see both Taiga and Takasu reunite again and start a new relationship away from the worries of their previous Highschool. This would finally put an end to any of the problems that arose in the previous season.

One thing to note would be that the anime ending is different to the manga ending. Heres how it’s different:

The light novel ended a little differently than the anime. The main light novel ends at Ryuuji beginning his third year of high school and meeting Taiga along his way to school, while the anime ends at their high school graduation, and then meeting Taiga in one of the classroom. In the light novel, she moved to a different, but nearby apartment block and her mother cancelled her drop out application from school. The manga has not been finished yet, so we don’t know the ending of it per-se. I wouldn’t call it the furthest in terms of plot, as it doesn’t really cover their third-year high school life or beyond.

However, there is the Toradora visual novel that does cover what happens after their high school graduation. The Taiga ending reveals her to be with Ryuuji and pregnant.”

Source: Anime Stack Exchange

Will there be another season? – Toradora Season 2

So as you can see the ending is different in the manga. But what does this mean in terms of a season? It means that there is something that can be adapted. The anime could have another ending that would see both Taiga and Takasu together again. This ending could be done in the form of a 12 episode OVA. I think this is the most likely outcome for Toradora if it was going to get another season. However, Netflix and Funimation currently own the streaming rights to Toradora.

Netflix may and could fund a 2nd season of Toradora if the content is there. The second season would mostly rely on this and it is not likely that another season can be made until this happens. With that being said it’s not impossible for a production company or Netflix to write it themselves, just very unlikely.

When would the new season air?

Given everything we have discussed we would say that a Toradora season 2 is unlikely. However, if a new season were to be created, based on the story we have said, then we would say that the new season would air around October 2022 maybe even on the 2nd. This would make more sense since that was when the first season aired.

Hopefully we will see a Toradora season 2, but for now that is all we can say. The new season, if it got created would most likely feature both Takasu and Taiga and would be centered on their lives as adults. This would be a great way to conclude what had been left in the anime. It would be a slightly similar aspect to Scums Wish (read our season 2 article on that here) in that both characters who decided not to be with each other initially will end up together in the end.


Toradora is an anime we would all like to see again. However, given the circumstances above it is unlikely that Toradora will return for another season. Although the manga ending was alternate and there is some content to be adapted for another season it is unlikely that we will see a Toradora season 2.

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  1. God but seriously I just finished toradora and now I’m depressed cuz It was so great and its over.
    Toradora was such a good anime I’m happy with how it ended but I just wanna see them in a married life or something like that

    1. Hi Eren, this may happen in the future with some kind of OVA but for now we will just have to wait until anything new comes about in regards to this Anime. It all depends on the manga though. And hopefully there will be some continuation of this. Its all up to them though. 😭Lets see!

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