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How To Watch Sherwood If You’re Not From The UK

Following the murder of two people in a former mining village in Ashfield Nottingham, England. The TV series which is linear, consists of 6 episodes, with the 6th being the final episode. The two people who were murdered were called Keith Frogson and Chanel Taylor. In this post, we will go over how to watch Sherwood if you’re not from the UK. If you want to give this series a go – here is how to watch Sherwood on BBC iPlayer.

The series follows a whole host of different characters, and not one character is the focus of this series. Instead, we get a view from all of the characters in the series, including, the wife of the man murdered in the first episodes, the local police who assisted the non-striking miners in the 1980s, and the Met Police who were sent up to control the riots that took place.

Quick overview

So what is Sherwood about? Well, the series actually follows two real-life murders which took place in 2004. These murders shook the local community, and although the series takes some liberties with the story and adds more drama and changes the cast.

After watching Sherwood just a few days ago and finishing it, I can safely say it’s a great series to watch if you’re into this type of crime drama. There are also many other interesting and well-written characters in the series.

Why should you watch Sherwood?

With the plot already set up in the first episode really well, and a short notice stating that the series is centred around the 2 murders which took place in 2004, the series is easily an engaging drama that needs to be watched. The series has fantastically good music and original soundtracks as well as superb cinematography.

How To Watch Sherwood on BBC
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On top of that, the series gives us flashbacks to the period in the 80s when the miner unions across England were striking, given by the main characters in the series, as well as seeing them when they were young adults, up until now when they are older adults.

We’ve covered how you can watch the BBC iPlayer series Death In Paradise if you’re from the US. You can take the same steps to watch Sherwood and we will outline them in this post.

Can I Watch Sherwood if I’m not from the UK?

The short answer is yes, you can watch this series if you’re not from the UK. There is a pretty simple way to do this if you’re from a country like the US, Canada or France. First of all, you need to download a VPN, we would suggest any of the paid options, however, in our opinion, and for the best value, you want to go with Surf Shark: (Ad ) https://get.surfshark.net/aff_c?offer_id=926&aff_id=14686

How to watch Sherwood if you’re not from the UK

First, set your VPN to a server located in the UK, preferably one from England, rather than Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Then go to the website: BBC iPlayer, or go directly to the BBC iPlayer Sherwood title. If the link does not work, simply go onto the BBC iPlayer website and type in: “Sherwood”.

How to watch Sherwood if you're not from the UK
How to watch Sherwood if you’re not from the UK

Still, getting this message? Make sure your VPN is set to a nation in the UK or just set it to England then quickly refresh the page. If that still doesn’t work make sure you completely reset your browser and clear the cache, then open up your browser again and go to BBC iPlayer and type in Sherwood or either go to the Sherwood series.

Hopefully, the title will load and you will be able to watch the hit series online such as on your phone, tablet, laptop or TV. You must be signed into a BBC iPlayer account when viewing on the platform, and you must state to BBC iPlayer that you have a TV license. And, that should be it!

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