Is It Worth Watching?

Is Rebellion On Netflix Worth Watching?

Rebellion is a popular show on Netflix that takes place in Ireland during Dublin’s violent Easter Rising of 1916. The show follows many different characters and includes a host of popular actors from UK TV such as Brian Gleeson, Ruth Bradley, Charlie Murphy and many more. In this article, we will discuss if the show is worth watching and go over the important aspects of the series.

Overview of Rebellion

The main focus of the series is set in Ireland and follows a specific period where the military forces from the British Empire are fighting with Irish Revolutionary Fighters.

It makes for an action-packed and dramatic show following a variety of different characters from both sides. The show starts when forces from the new Irish forces take up arms and begin an attack on a British military installation.

Is Rebellion On Netflix Worth Watching?
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The show pays particular attention to the violent Easter Rising, where many civilians and soldiers from both sides were killed. The show tells the story of characters from both sides.

These include Police officers, Irish Revolutionaries, Politicians, Ordinary Workers, Families and British Forces and show an insight into their lives during this time with very close detail.

Irish history has always been violent

Ireland is no stranger to civil unrest and foreign political influence. Ever since 1169 following an Anglo-Norman invasion. Ever since Ireland has been divided and subject to outside rule and interference.

Today the country is divided into 2 nations, Southern Ireland, which is part of the EU and not part of the UK, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK but not in the EU.

Some of the people in Northern Ireland identify as Loyalists and are of course Loyal to the King of England and who want to remain in the UK and the Unionists who want a united Ireland free from English rule.

Is Rebellion accurate?

The rebellion was written by Colin Teevan is based on a true story and does take some fictional liberties. You could say the show is similar to Peaky Blinders for example which follows the story of a gang in Birmingham after WW1.

For these reasons, we should say that the show is not going to be entirely accurate, but the settings, locations and clothing are mostly accurate, as well as the weapons and other props.

The dialogue is also very informative and realistic and does not seem centre for what the show is trying to present itself as.

Characters discuss events in the series with the utmost realism and this can be found in a lot of scenes.

Action-packed moments

It’s no secret that this show is action-packed and very intense. There are many gun battles between both sides and other factions in the series. The show effectively shows the brutal reality of urban warfare in the cities where the show takes place.

As well as many gun fights in the series there are also bombing explosion scenes, massacres and beatings etc. The show does not shy away from violence and does not water down any of the conflicts that happened during this time.

Both sides used lots of violence in the previous and following conflicts and the show demonstrates this very well. I would have to say that the show is also quite similar to Narcos, in that there are many scenes similar to it.

An example is many shootings that take place where gunmen just walk up to their targets and execute them on the spot, walking off afterwards as if nothing happened. This style of murder is seen in another show.

That show is Narcos. Although the two shows are very different, it speaks to the type of urban warfare that the two shows share and makes for some truly horrifying and suspenseful scenes.

If you’re interested in Ireland’s history then Rebellion may be for you

Rebellion tells a truly great story of the conflict in Ireland during a specific period of violence. If like me you’ve been interested in Ireland and its history for quite some time, then Rebellion is a great show to start with.

Other TV shows and movies depict Ireland’s history in different ways. For example, the movie, 71, starring Jack O’ Connel takes place in 70s Ireland during violence in Belfast. It’s a specific period, 1971.

However, in Rebellion, a range of different events are covered and this means we get a more extended view of a particular conflict during that time. The show is informative, well written and hosts great cinematography and acting from the characters in the series.

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