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Chika Kudo Character Profile

Kudo is seen as a troublemaker and a bad influence by many people at the high school he attends. His grandfather was a professional Koto maker and he was the one who motivated (after his death) Kudo to start playing the instrument properly. So, here is the Chika Kudo Character Profile.

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Kudo has a hard time dealing with their grandfather’s death and after he is deceased he makes a personal promise to himself to pursue the prospect proposed to him by Hozuki and Takezo of going to nationals.

He is a hard worker just like Kurata and he admires Hozuki’s playing and skill as well. He may have romantic feelings towards Hozuki but it’s never really expanded upon in the anime, we’re not sure about the manga.

Appearance | Character Profile – Chika Kudo

Chika is quite tall and has slightly short blonde hair. He has a handsome appearance mostly and has brown eyes as well. he has a conventionally attractive look and an average build. Chika has a somewhat distinct look due to his eyes, hair and overall look. His actual look does not correlate with his supposed attitude and aura.

Chika is supposed to be (in everyone else’s mind) a deranged troublemaker who loves disorder when his appearance would suggest otherwise.

he looks almost well-kept, definitely not a troublemaker or delinquent and supposedly dressed in a way that makes him look presentable. Chika does have quite a unique look and he is easily identifiable as a character from Kono Oto Tomare! This is also the case with Hozuki and Kurata, although they are mostly the same.

Personality | Character Profile – Chika Kudo

Chika Kudo’s personality is all over the place in the anime, sporting multiple characters who all conflict with each other. Sometimes Chika can be calm and collected, offering his opinion when it is needed and being a generally friendly and likeable character.

However, sometimes his mood can change very drastically and this has an effect on his character in the anime.

Sometimes Kudo can export little outbursts of anger when he isn’t feeling great and these are always connected to one situation normally.

These will normally have to do with Hozuki antagonizing him or something relating to the Koto club practices or events. However, Chika has good intentions at heart, only wanting to pursue the Koto and get better at it.

This is most likely because he feels guilty about his father, a topic which is covered here. Chika Kudo gets angered very easily and this is certainly explored in the series with Hozuki being the main antagonist.

Chika is very passionate about Koto playing, just like the other members of his club and gets sensitive regarding it. He gets angry when confronted about his behaviour or other personality traits and openly challenges anyone who confronts him.

History | Character Profile – Chika Kudo

Chika grows up in the same area that all his fellow Koto players do and there’s nothing to say about that. He moves there with his grandfather and he is the person who shows Kudo the Koto in the first place and that’s how Kudo becomes so attached to the Koto. One day Kudo’s grandfather collapses and dies and this has a very hard effect on Chika Kudo.

Kudo is very upset about this and finds it hard to come to terms with the death. We might get to see this expanded on if there is a Kono Oto Tomare Season 3.

Kudo joins the Koto club and begins to play the Koto with Kurata, Hozuki and the other members of the Koto club. Kudo is in the first and second seasons of Kono Oto Tomare! and plays a big part in it. He is the one who encourages Kurata ad Hozuki to take their club to finals and it is mainly down to his enthusiasm and determination that they do.

Character Arc | Character Profile – Chika Kudo

In terms of arcs with regard to characters in Kono Oto Tomare! there are some things to go on. For example at the beginning of the anime, Kudo acts in one certain type of way, and this is evident in the way he starts and gets involved in arguments. Chika starts off as being very easily annoyed and antagonized coming off as loud and annoying.

He always shouts to get his point across and never really was that good at listening to people. The arc we see Kudo go through is quite an admirable one, to say the least.

Near the end of season 2, Kudo’s personality and the way he acts and treats other people have changed. He acts in a more calm manner and treats people with more respect. This applies especially to the character who teaches the Koto to him as he thinks they are very respectable and wants their respect well.

He has a good change and playing with others really changes this for the best. It also changes the way he treats the Koto, as he realizes it is an important musical object he needs to take care of. If a new season comes out (season 3) hopefully we will see more of Chika’s arc expanded upon, for now, that’s all we can say.

Character Significance in Kono Oto Tomare!

Chika is one of the main characters in the anime and he is not the main character. Without Kudo, the dynamic between him and Hozuki wouldn’t be there and there would not be that sexual tension between the two characters.

It would be unfortunate if we did not get to see it, however. He acts as an antagonist for Hozuki and some of the other characters as well such as Mr Takinami.

He also has a very unique sound that only he can produce using his Koto. This is picked up by Hozuki and she tries to get him to nurture it and tries to assist him with the way he plays the koto. In the series, she tries to help him play better at the koto.

The reason for this is that Kudo looks up to her and she is a better and more experienced koto player than Kudo. Kudo’s sounds in the anime help bring out the others and that’s why he is very important in the anime.

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