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Takezo Kurata Character Profile

Kurata is one of the 3 main characters in Kono Oto Tomare! and also plays the Koto with Hozuki and Kudo. He meets these two at the start and they become friends. It’s these 3 who start the first Koto club and we then see the other character join as a result. So, here is the Takezo Kurata character profile.

Overview of Takezo Kurata

Takezo Kurata is the one who helps Kudo and allows him to join the club in the first episode, so he is an essential character in the anime. In the anime series, Takezo Kurata is a likeable and admirable character, only wanting what’s best for the other Koto club members and becoming better at playing the Koto. Kurata help Kudo out and lets him join the club with himself and Hozuki.

Appearance and aura

Takezo Kurata has a very normal and ordinary appearance in the anime and this stays the same through the end of the second series. He does not really wear anything other than his normal school uniform in the series.

He has brown hair which is short and is kept in a neat haircut. He also always wears a pair of reading glasses. He has brown eyes as well and these go with his overall appearance.

His appearance inst nothing too dull but nothing too special either. His appearance just like with some characters we have mentioned before is relatable above all. This is great because it gives us the first character to sympathize with and his appearance and aura make that very easy.


Next on the Takezo Kurata Character Profile, is the personality. Takezo Kurata’s personality is quite likeable in the anime introducing himself to both Hozuki and Kudo in the beginning episodes. He is kind and attentive and wants what is best for his fellow character and the Koto club. He has a good nature and this is noticed by Hozuki, not so much Hozuki.

In the anime, he portrays himself as a likeable young man who wants what’s best for everyone, above all he is passionate, especially about the Koto, just like Hozuki and Chika. Takezo’s passion is what drives him and this is also what starts to drive the other characters as the series progresses.

History of Takezo Kurata

There isn’t much to speak about in terms of history just like the other character in the anime series. Takezo Kurata takes up the role of starting the Koto club as he realizes he is very passionate about the traditional Japanese instrument and wants his classmates to share his interest.

Soon after he does this, Kudo also joins the club and begins to get other members to join. Soon after that, they are joined by Hozuki, who makes efforts to get other members to join and she does so with ease.

After this, the Koto club is formed thanks to Takezo Kurata. Takezo Kurata stays with the club until their second performance at nationals. Takezo Kurata is very passionate about all of this and he makes some speeches regarding this later on. He also cries at some of the performances and with the other characters.

The character arc of Takezo Kurata

There isn’t much of a character arc regarding Takezo Kurata’s character as he mostly stays the same throughout the anime. With Hozuki it’s the Tsundere arc and with Kudo it’s the anger and warm-up arc, with Kurata, it is slightly different.

Takezo Kurata starts off as a nervous wreck, who can’t even perform in front of the school audience without becoming very scared and fearful. Obviously, this is a huge problem at the start of the anime series however this changes later on.

Later on in the series, he composes himself for when the Koto club start to perform in front of other larger audiences and he really tackles his nervous moments. This was mainly down to Hozuki and Kudo assisting him.

Character Significance In Kono Oto Tomare!

Takezo Kurata plays (just like Hozuki and Kudo) a huge part in the anime because he is the one who starts the Koto club, making him the only reason the club actually exists. Without Kurata, the story wouldn’t stand on two feet so he is a very important character in the anime. Kurata both starts the Koto club and lets Kudo and Hozuki join as well as enrolling them for nationals.

It’s Kurata’s passion which piques the interest of Hozuki and it’s Kurata’s determination which drives and persuades Kudo to reluctantly join the club. You can read season 3 of Kono Oto Tomare!

Kurata also gives some speeches which boosts the morale of everyone in the club he’s very good at doing this and he does this all the way up until the end episodes of season 2. Hopefully, we will get to see more of this if there is a season 3. For now, though that’s all we can say. Did you enjoy this Takezo Kurata Character Profile? If you did please share this article and like it, as well as comment below.

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