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When Is Happy Valley Coming Back? – Discussing The Series Potential Return

After witnessing the climactic and conclusive ending that saw an end to the notorious and main antagonist Tommy Lee Royce, viewers were left wondering if we would ever see Sgt Cawood again. But is that even possible? In this post, let’s discuss when Happy Valley is coming back, and if the potential series 4 returns if possible.

Would it be beneficial for BBC ONE to continue Happy Valley after a brilliant series trilogy that saw the rise & fall of a horrific serial killer, the maturing of Cawood’s grandson Ryan, and many officers and other characters dying? Well, that is a difficult question to answer.

The ending was something that had all been building up, and before in one of my previous posts on Happy Valley, I suspected that the final episode would see a climatic and dramatic showdown between Tommy Lee Royce and Cawood, and in the last episode, we got just that.

Royce set himself on fire and died in the hospital in the end, with Cawood’s attempts to save him not being enough. With all that said, what would a new series look like?

When is Happy Valley coming back?

The question of whether or not we will see Happy Valley again is really up in the air. The trilogy that we got was faced paced, dark, telling, emotional, shocking, gripping and a great watch every time. Cawood announced to her sister and Ryan that she would be maybe going away to Asia, and doing so using a range rover she’s seen to have purchased in Episode 1.

However, given the amazing popularity of the story, there is still some hope that we can see Sgt. Cawood returning, maybe even as a Detective, however, this is unlikely, as Cawood was always better off as an on-duty officer.

Since Cawood’s nature often calls for her to return to duty after even the most traumatic of experiences, there are many reasons she would realistically return. However, for now we will just have to wait and see. If you’re still asking when does happy valley return? – We would expect a new series to come out about 2025.

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