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Trigger Point Season 2 – Is It Possible?

Trigger Point is a high-stakes terrorist thriller starring Vicky Mclure, Warren Brown, Mark Stanley and Ewan Mitchell. The series received mixed reviews, and Trigger Point series 2 is all but the least of some of the gossip surrounding this crime drama. So, is Trigger Point Season 2 possible?

What is Trigger Point

Trigger Point features Vicky Mclure and John Nutkins to head a high-profile bomb disposal team in London. The first episode kicks off the entire narrative and from here we learn more about their team and the seemingly middle eastern terrorists’ cell linked with the London 77 bombings and more.

However, everything is not what it seems, and in fact, the bomb makers turn out to be an English white nationalist group called the Crusaders. The ending is pretty brilliant and it was satisfactory. However, is it likely that Mclure will return for Tripper Point season 2?

The reason this series is so popular is because of the high-stakes nature of the interactions between the characters, from thinking a harmless bag on a public bus is explosives because of some headphones sticking out to being forced to keep your hand on a light switch because it’s linked to a bomb, this bomb disposal team has been through it all.

Trigger Point Season 2
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And since in Episode 2, Nutkins is killed in a devastating car bomb which blows a transit van completely apart, it’s clear that the stakes for Trigger Point season 2 2 have been raised.

Will Trigger Point Series 2 happen?

To answer this question let’s look into Trigger Point and understand some vital things before we continue.

  • Trigger Point Season 2 would continue with Vicky Mclure, most likely in the same bomb disposal team.
  • There is currently no new written story for Trigger Point series 2 to feature, and this would make a second season of the crime drama hard.
  • The series was pretty well received but did get some bad reviews, notably a negative review for the second episode here: Daily Telegraph Trigger Point Episode 2 Review.
  • Trigger Point Series 2 depends on whether or not a good story can be created for Lana and her colleagues.

With this said, there is every chance that Trigger Point Series 2 could be a reality, however, the likelihood is low, and there is no reason for you to get your hopes up.

However, ITV has not made any statements saying that there is no way that Trigger Point Season 2 is returning, so for now you will have to just wait and see.

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