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The Loch Season 2 – Possibility & Ending Explained

The Loch was a very intense crime drama, featuring a serial killer in the Loch Ness freshwater lake of rural Scotland. After the series’ final episode, many fans are asking: will there be a season 2 of The Loch? It’s easy to see why this would be a much-asked question. But is The Loch TV Series Season 2 possible and even worthwhile for ITV? After the conclusive but bitter-sweet ending, containing many deaths, uncovered truths, and character developments, it’s time we discuss the possibility of the Loch Season 2 and explain the tricky but intriguing ending. We will answer will there be a season 2 of The Loch?


After a man is found dead at the bottom of a cliff after a suspected fall, it’s revealed that his hands were bound upon impact, and his phone is missing. Shortly after this, remains of a faked Loch Ness create on the shore, a human heart is discovered at the scene but’s dismissed as a non-human, until later when the CID unit of Inverness realizes it’s human.

From this point on, DCI Lauren Quigley (played by Siobhan Finneran), along with DS Annie Redford (played by Laura Fraser) realize they have a carefully-minded and cunning serial killer on their hands. Little do they know that these findings are only the beginning since we are made aware of a body of a man in the Loch, tied down to the lake bed, with a missing heart. Many of these characters will hopefully make a return if The Loch TV Series Season 2 happens.

To discuss whether The Loch TV Series Season 2 would be popular, we must first look at the first season of The Loch. In my opinion, the main reason that the Loch was so popular with viewers when it came out was three reasons. I will go over them below.

Brilliant sub-narratives

Firstly, the story revolved around a number of different sub-narratives which were, in the end, all connected. We had the disgraced Blake Albrighton, who was itching to solve the murder so he could finish his book and end his career on a good note. We had, the story around Leighton Thomas and how he was living under a different name until his former crime partner comes back. These were all great sub-narratives which made the show a lot more interesting than some other crime dramas I’ve seen.

Talented acting

Secondly, the acting in The Loch was really good, with appearances from Laura Fraser and Siobhan Finneran, who both played their parts brilliantly. There were a number of high-profile actors who appeared in the series and considering Laura is actually Scottish, she fitted in well with the other characters, especially during the family scenes.

Deep & Symbolic

Thirdly, the overall theme of The Loch was very deep and symbolic. I don’t many people realized that the dead body in the lake was supposed to be the “The Monster” as in reference to the actual Loch Ness monster. (Although no conclusive evidence has really ever been brought forward.) The man at the lake was a monster, he broke his wife’s arms, abused his children, and did many other abhorrent things.

Therefore having him tied up at the bottom of the Loch, not only served as a plot device to keep viewers guessing who he was but also symbolically meant that he, all along was the real monster of the series, along with the evil Kieran Whitehead (played by Jack Bannon).

There were many other reasons why The Loch was such a good Loch, but this post would be far too long. All of these components mean that if there was The Loch season 2, it would be just as good, if not better than season 1. Hopefully, we will get to see The Loch TV Series Season 2.

The Loch ending explained

After identifying the body in the van to be that of Jonjo Patterson, the boy who went missing a few days earlier, the police realize they certainly have a serial killer on their hands. After the real Jordan Whitehead wakes up, Laura finds him and he tells her that Kieran is not who he says he is.

The killer is revealed

This leads to a tense scene, where Annie rushes to track her daughter’s phone so that she can warn her of Whitehead’s real identity. During this time, Albrighton essentially solves the case. This is when he realizes that Whitehead is not who he says he is. He has taken his brother’s identity after he was discharged from the army for stabbing someone.

Final climactic scene

This culminates in an intense final scene, where Evie is almost drowned by Kieran. Just in time, Annie comes in to smash him in the face with her baton. Saving her daughter from drowning. After this, everyone seems to get what they want, and Quigley & Albrighton seem to drive off together.

Annie and her husband patch things up and take some nice family photos together. Her husband, Alan, carries on with his boat tours. This time he elects to tell the story of the man who was at the bottom of the Loch. Before he told the story he made up about seeing the Loch Ness monster.

Is The Loch season 2 possible?

To understand whether there be a season 2 of The Loch, we really need to look at if there is any content that the series could be centered around in the future. For example:

  • Would there be a new killer in The Loch TV Series Season 2?
  • Would the old character all return?
  • Will the story still be centered around The Loch, or will it take place somewhere else?
  • Will the new story be connected to the old one? Or will it be completely new?

I think in order for there to be The Loch TV Series Season 2 the old story is going to be connected to the previous one. I think it will be too hard for the writers to just come up with something out of thin air, so the previous narrative will play a big part. Also, it’s going to be hard to get all the actors back again and start recording a new series.

The Loch TV Series Season 2
© ITV (The Loch)

However, were there to be a different story, I don’t it would nearly impossible for the writers to come up with a gripping and well-written story. I think the best way to go about this would be to do a copycat killing plot. Either way, in my opinion, it would really hard for this to happen.

It would be possible, but hard. The series got semi-good reviews. With an approx 65% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 6.9 on IMDB. Would it be worth it for ITV? Maybe.

When would The Loch season 2 air?

The Loch came out in 2017, and it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about it from ITV. Is this going to be another stand-alone crime drama like the Pact? Or will it get a second or even third season like Broad Church?

If The Loch TV Series Season 2 does happen, I would estimate that the second season, would come out anywhere next year, maybe early 2023. This is just a guess, and we really have no idea of when it will come out or if The Loch TV Series Season 2 is really even possible.


It’s really hard to know if The Loch TV Series Season 2 will happen. In this day and age, anything can happen, and you really should not lose hope. However, it’s really hard to know if there will be one.

We can only hope for a new season of this much-loved series, and one that I personally really liked. For now, take a look at other series and movies in the Crime Drama category that we cover on Cradle View. With that said, check out our Featured Post page or sign up for our email dispatch below. We do not share your email with any 3rd parties.

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