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Seiya Kanie – Character Profile

Overview – Character Profile Seiya Kanie

Seiya Kanie is argubly the main character in Amagi Brilliant Park, (read our article on weather or not it is worth watching here) as he basically acts like it. We are graced with his presence in Episode 1 or Amagi Brilliant Park and in the OVA, (although I didn’t bother watching that) when he is greeted by Sento who forces him to help her save the amusement park before it is shut down. After being threatened with violence if he doesnt comply, Seiya reluctantly agrees to help Sento save the park.

Appearance – Character Profile Seiya Kanie

He is average height with dark brown hair and colourful eyes. He is conventionally attractive and doesn’t make any effort to conceal this. Working as a child star when he was 5, Seiya knows how influential he can be to other people (especially Sento since she basically sucks up to him because she knows she’s a much worse manger for the park than she is) and uses it well. He wears normal clothes for a person his age (17-19)

Personality – Character Profile Seiya Kanie

Kanie has a pretty annoying and unbearable personality in the first season of Amagi Brilliant Park and this made me dislike his character initially. However, there are some pretty notice traits I liked and these did show up in the series and that’s what I’ll be going over in this section. Kanie has some more admirable abilities such as the management of the park to a very effective level and the coordination he uses in the series to help the park succeed.

A noticle feature of Kanie’s personality is his confidence, which he expresses many times in the series. He very confident and this is down to his appearance, although his personality is pretty annoying and unlikeable, he incorporates very good leadership and problem solving skills which make him slightly more admirable. He can handle money and statistics well and this makes him efficient at being a manager. Although it seems that Sento and Kanie would be a good match, for some reason he never seems to see Sento in that way, and I think this very much upsets Sento as she often is humiliated by him as he is shown off to be a much better manager than she ever was.

History – Character Profile Seiya Kanie

In the anime, Kanie’s history isn’t very relevant in Amagi Brilliant Park and this is probably down to the manga. But other than his actual notable skills Kanie is pretty boring and there is nothing that significant about his character. His history is similar to this as well in these aspects. The thing we can go on for Kanie’s story is that he worked as a child star when he was 5 years old. This leads onto the reason his ego is so big, we see the full exstent of his ego in the series and this plays out into how his character acts all the time and most importantly to Sento.

Kanie acts in a egocentric kind of way in the series and like I said this made me dislike his character a lot. He can coordinate and manage things effectively and this is why he is so important in the series. You could go as far as to say that the reason that Amagi Brilliant Park gets saved in the first place is because Kanie saves it, regardless of Sento’s help.

Character significance in Amagi Brilliant Park – Character Profile Seiya Kanie

Kanie’s character is very important in Amagi Brilliant Park because he acts as the senior manager for Amagi Brilliant Park, basically overseeing and taking control of the park to better manage the park and to make sure the visitor count goes over 500,000 for that month. This is all we can say of the character significance in the series. Other than this he just acts as the main character through the whole series, he gets kind of boring at times as well.

He plays the role of the main character in Amagi Brilliant Park so in theory he is very important and significant. The main reason for this is that he is mainly the one who saves the park in Amagi Brilliant Park. Of course, Seiya uses the help of Sento and the other employees at the park but it’s mainly Seiya who coordinates and organizes everything. In the anime it’s not really clear wether or not Sento and Seiya are romantically involved with each other but it seems Sento is somewhat interested in Seiya in this way.

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