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Isuzu Sento Character Profile

Isuzu is the main side character of Seiya in the Anime Amagi Brilliant Park. She has a pretty boring and dull personality in the Anime and is always overshadowed by Kanie. In this article, we will go over her character profiler in the Anime and discuss all of her traits and aspects of her personality. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the Isuzu Sento character profile.

Overview | Character Profile – Isuzu Sento

Isuzu Sento is also a student at the highschool that Kanie attends and in my opinion she is very boring. For some reason the writers thought it would be a smart idea to have Sento talk almost all the time in a monotone voice. This means all the notes that comes out of Sento’s mouth sound the same, theres no changing frequency in her voice. This makes her character very painful and creepy to watch.

Appearance and Aura | Character Profile – Isuzu Sento

Isuzu Sento character profile
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Isuzu has a very recognizable and attractive Appearcene from the get-go. She has a busty physique and is tall with light coloured hair. She has brown light coloured eyes which appear as hazel-brown colour, other than that Sento has a pretty normal look apart from her outfit. She has an attractive physique and is of average height. She has light coloured hair and brown eyes. She wears her hair in a ponytail as well most of the time.

This is to seem more formal in front of the workers of the amusement park. In the anime, Sento wears a distinctive red jacket and a black skirt which give her a very interesting and unique look. She wears this jacket when she is on duty at the amusement park and this gives her a look of authority.

Her overall appearance is very eye catching and it certainly is to the other people who visit the park, the amusement park employees and Kanie.

Her look is somewhat relatable to an amusement park manger but it’s hard to pin-point her look to anything in particular. Another thing to mention is the fact she possesses and carries around a 18th century called a musket. There is no mention as to how she actually got it and it’s never explained why she actually has it.

Personality | Character Profile – Isuzu Sento

Sento has an extremely boring and unoriginal personality and this is made even worse by the voice actor. Her voice always sounds the same and never changes frequency, very creepy sometimes. She never expresses any sense or meaning, let alone any sort of individualism at all and this makes her character really jarring to watch.

Her voice is completely monotone most of the time and like I said this makes her incredibly hard to watch most of the time, which is annoying considering she’s supposed to be the second main character (sort of).

There really isn’t anything that makes her character interesting in any way and this sticks through the whole anime. She doesn’t really express herself a lot in the anime at all and this really has a great negative impact on her character, making her boring and hard to even watch.

She does show off her skill in the later episodes when they have to save the park from being closed by coordinating organizing the whole park after there is extensive flooding all over the amusement park, which she bravely and effetely prevents.

History | Character Profile – Isuzu Sento

Sento grows up in the magical kingdom known as Mapel Land from a presumably young age. She serves the princess and lives in the park. However, she also attends the same school as the main character and this is how they meet. After she persuades him to help her with the amusement park they become partners. She and Kanie then run the park together with the help of the other inhabitants.

If Amagi Brilliant Park ever gets a season 2, which as we have mentioned is very unlikely, then maybe we will get to see a bit more of a history development between this character, although it is unlikely. We would maybe also see a character arc involving Sento but this is also unlikely, until new content is written.

Characer Arc | Character Profile – Amagi Brilliant Park

Isuzu Sento character profile
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In terms of a character arc Sento is lacking in Amagi Brillait Park. Hopefully, if Amagi Brilliant Park gets another season, then we would see a character arc involving Sento’s progress and hopefully, it won’t be that boring either.

Sento is a very important part of Amagi Brilliant Park, the writer just needs to do a better job at showing us she is.

They could start by getting a different voice actor for Sento, then switching up some of the dialogue.

Realistically Sento does (as a character) have a lot of potentials.

This could be expanded upon more, the series and Sento just need to be given a second chance. If there ever is a new season then hopefully this is what will happen as I have not read the manga.

Character significance in Amagi Brilliant Park | Character Profile – Isuzu Sento

Isuzu and Latifa
Isuzu and Latifa

Sento is supposed to play a large role in Amagi Brilliant Park but can never seem to leave or avoid Kanie’s shadow.

This makes her character pretty forgettable. Kanie does all the work while she just sites there and looks good. In one of the later episodes the park comes under immense flooding due to heavy rain.

This posses a serious threat when it’s shown that the park’s flooding system is ill-equipped to deal with the amount of rain that is pouring down in this episode.

This is all until Sento steps up and take control, fulfilling her actual role of manager of the park. Sento organizes and coordinated the parks staff team so they can handle the flooding.

As well as this she also makes sure that she prevents as much flooding as possible by allocating and sacrificing some parts of the park in order to save the other more important parts.

Through this she proves herself to Kanie and the other park employees.

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