Is It Worth Watching?

Is Amagi Brilliant Park Worth Watching?

Overview – Is Amagi Brilliant Park Worth Watching?

Amagi Brilliant Park had a pretty engaging and interesting story in my opinion, and it mainly revolves around the restoration and salvation of a dying amusement park by our main protagonist Seiya Kanie. Im going to be referring to Amagi Brilliant Park as ABP, so be aware. I found the characters memorable, but most of them I truly hated. This was because they were extremely annoying and cringe, even for anime standards. However, lots of people seem to have a different opinion on ABP, and I noticed that it was liked by alot of people, although I could not find it recommend in many places and it was very hard for me to find it as well.

In terms of character development and characters relationships, they’re kind of aren’t any. We don’t see if any, much development at all between the characters, so don’t get your hopes up if you’re looking for some sexual tension type stuff between the characters, as it’s not present much. So is ABP worth watching? Thats what I’ll be getting into in this blog, so keep reading. Also this article is both an Amagi Brilliant Park Review and a list of Reasons Amagi Brilliant Park Is or Isn’t Worth Watching.

General Narrative – Is Amagi Brilliant Park Worth Watching?

The general narrative of ABP is pretty simple, and I actually liked how the story was set up. It wasn’t too hard for me to understand and it set a simple problem solution type story, with some pretty funny and entertaining sub stories along the way. The story starts with Seiya Kanie, a student at the highschool where Isuzu Sento is also a student at. The story is mainly impacts of wether or not Amagi Brilliant Park Is Worth Watching because you wont be hanging around for the characters or dialogue, that’s for sure.

Sento threatens Kanie with physically violence if he does not assist her in her objective of saving ABP as its visitors count has been under 500,000 for 4 years and if it still has under 500,000 visitors by the end of the month then the park is sold to a private company and everyone employed under the park will be made redundant. In the second episode we see that Sento wants Kanie to be the manager of the park and he agrees.

Kanie shows how competent he is in the later episodes and in the second episode when he gives a motivational speech regarding the parks curren state and everyone who is employed there. The park has to undergo several stunts over the month in order to attract more visitors. These included video taping “The Sisters” wearing very revealing swim suits and chanting stupid slogans while dancing, later posting the videos online via an advertisement service in order to attract more visitors. They created deals such as “Everything for ¥30”. The stunts normally work and the visitors they get daily rises significantly, it is obviously very close at the and this makes it kind of intense.

Along the way the main characters, mostly Sento and Kanie have to deal with the problem of dying Princess Latifa, who is a Princess of a magical kingdom known as “Mapel Land”. The characters in Maple Land are very strange and annoying. They take the form of common Japanese mascots such as Moffle. I need to mention that their voices are very annoying and I often found myself wondering why I was watching this series when the particular scenes of the Mascots were showing, so be aware. It’s revealed that Princess Latifa will die if the park does not succeed. It’s also revealed that she does not surpass the age 14, and continuously stays on this age, never growing up. I have no idea why, but I did not bother to rewatch it to find out, I just wasn’t that interested.

I’m not sure if it was just me but I thought that Sento was romantically invested in Kanie, but I couldn’t really pick up if she actually liked him, or if she just wanted what was best for the park. She kept trying to lead him on I thought, but nevertheless, that didn’t go anywhere, just like most of the character arcs in the series.

Main Characters – Is Amagi Brilliant Park Worth Watching?

Seiya Kanie

Seiya Kanie is a student at the popular highschool which Sento also attends. He displays a narcissistic personality due his work a child star when he was 5. He often speaks down to others and addresses them in an undermining manor. This makes him generally unbearable and doesn’t really give me anyone to sympathise with. He is conventionally attractive and sort of relatable.

He very confident and this is down to his appearance, although his personality is pretty annoying and unlikeable, he incorporates very good leadership and problem solving skills which make him slightly more admirable. He can handle money and statistics well and this makes him efficient at being a manager.

Although it seems that Sento and Kanie would be a good match, for some reason he never seems to see Sento in that way, and I think this very much upsets Sento as she often is humiliated by him as he is shown off to be a much better manager than she ever was.

Isuzu Sento

Isuzu Sento is also a student at the highschool that Kanie attends and in my opinion she is very boring. For some reason the writers thought it would be a smart idea to have Sento talk almost all the time in a monotone voice. This means all the notes that comes out of Sento’s mouth sound the same, theres no changing frequency in her voice. This makes her character very painful and creepy to watch.

Although she is attractive and is described as Kawaii she doesn’t emit any sense of individualism at all. Like I said, I don’t really get who I’m supposed to sympathise with, because it certainly isn’t Sento. Her ambitions and fears are identical to all the other employees at ABP, in fact, she’s probably in the best position, given her looks, she would easily be able to find another job which would be financially worth while, such as an actor for example.

She also possesses (somehow) a “Musket Rifle”, which is some kind of 18th Century firearm? She often threatens Kanie and the other characters with it and regularly discharges it. Not that it’s important but thats about the only interesting thing I could remember about her character throughout the whole 12 episodes, which isn’t a good thing.

Princess Latifa Fleuranza

Last we have Princess Latifa Fleuranza who I kind of liked but also found very annoying. Although she did hide having a serious illness which was life threatening. She also never really pushed her goals for the park onto Kanie that much, and from my point of view didn’t really deserve to be put in that position, given he biological age and probable innocence.

She normally speaks in a soft sweet voice which she normally never uses to much. She doesn’t really have anything that makes her character interesting apart from the fact that she had a terminal illness and was a current princess.

I think she was in love with Kanie? If she was, they didn’t bother to finish what happend between the two. They could have made some rejection arc with Sento as well which I thought was a good possible idea, but obviously nothing like that occurred so don’t get your hopes up.

Reasons Amagi Brilliant Park Is Worth Watching

The characters themselves are kind of unique and can be kind of funny at times, if you’re into all that of course. Although it kind of felt like I was watching a kids show. Maybe it’s just me but I’m not sure, the drawing design I liked alot from the series so I’ll give it credit there.

There were some pretty good scenes where I was looking up thinking that looks good. It does a have good dynamic story which is easy to go along with and know who you’re rooting for. But I know that there are lots of people out there who are not looking for this kid of thing. This sometimes prevents it from being boring, as you are wondering how the park is going to get out of this particular situation, and how Sento and Kanie will save them.

If you’re looking for a simple, happy and cheerful beginning and end type story then ABP is for you. I found the features of the Sisters pretty engaging, most of them were all bimbos though and none of them possessed any actual skills. But of course, we will have viewers who love all the busty action. Amagi Brilliant Park certainly has some of that don’t worry.

Reasons Amagi Brillaint Park Isn’t Worth Watching

Honestly, it is pretty hard to think of reasons to watch ABP. But I think it depends on what kind of person you are. Because for me, ABP wasn’t what I wanted. It was a clear start to finish without any other story arcs going in different directions or concluding differently than how I thought they should. We saw a clear solve to the problem and this was one of the biggest problems for me when watching ABP. But first let’s get my main problem out the way.

Most of the sub characters, in particular the mascots were extremely annoying and I hated all of them. In fact I didn’t even bother to watch the special (which was a dub) as I was so happy that it had ended and I did not have to hear their voices ever again. For that, I was grateful. But yeah, the voices of the mascots are a pain, not to mention Sento, who creeps me out more than annoys me. It just seems like this story could have been written so easily.

I know anime isn’t realistic anyway but ABP is not at all realistic in anyway, shape or form. Most of the episodes defy all aspects of even the slightest conventional logic. For viewers who are looking for conflict between characters and mystery plot twists then you are not going to want stick around. Amagi Brilliant Park doesn’t really offer that, it offers a simple story with a clear problem and solution.

There was just no cool ending or ploys in the story to set the stakes high. It was kind of fun to watch and I only ever got interested when the sisters were doing some stupid slutty dance to get more customers. The whole series was really forgettable and I never even bothered to watch the specials as I said before.


Amagi Brilliant Park does produce a particularly relaxing and funny aura, but the story just isn’t as funny or interesting as other anime I’ve seen. If you’re looking for a more complex and “high stakes” type of plot don’t bother with ABP, but if you’re looking for something to laugh at and just relax too, I’d give it a shot.

Although one thing I did like about ABP was the escapism of it. The fact that Kanie obviously isn’t that old and manages to pull this whole thing off with the assistance of Sento and the other sub characters is quite impressive. I think he’s supposed to be about 17 – 19 years old. This makes him quite an admirable character and it gives us hope and wonder when we invest in him as a character.

We do also see Sento’s skills in the earlier episodes when the facilities at the park start to overflow because it’s raining too much. I thought this gave her character some depth, and made her more interesting and attractive.

Shows to watch instead of Amagi Brilliant Park

There are lots of shows you could watch instead of ABP, here are some below which we would suggest. Although it does depend on who you are as a person, some people like ABP because of the way it is. We’re not sure which genre ABP falls under, but it could be slice of life and adventure. We would not consider romance, given the circumstances.

We have gathered some that aren’t similar and some that aren’t. We hope that you will enjoy them all.

  • Classroom Of The Elite
  • Clannad
  • Say I Love You
  • Kaguya Sama (Love Is War)
  • Black Lagoon
  • Scum’s Wish
  • Rosario + Vampire
  • How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?
  • Highschool Of The Dead

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Overall rating for this anime:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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