Is It Worth Watching?

Is Keijo Worth Watching?

Is Keijo Worth Watching?
Taken from “Keijo!!!!!!!!!”


First of all lets understand what Keijo is and then we can talk about the story. Keijo is a sport where the contestants, all of whom are female, must knock their opponents off a floating island using only their breasts or arse (sorry I’m English). That’s the whole story and it doesn’t get much simpler than that. But is it worth your important and precious time? Keep reading this blog and I’ll be sure to give you my honest opinion on this series.

There is a main character (of course) and a lot of other characters who all have different techniques or skills which they can use in order to assist them in their battle. Most of them are all of jokes and I found it pretty difficult to find any that were actually original. One that really stuck with me was “The Vaccum But Cannon”, you’ll be hearing that alot by the way. Also the formal name of Keijo actually has about 9 excavation marks yes 9 or maybe even more I don’t know but I’m just going to call it Keijo for now.

Main Narrative

Is Keijo Worth Watching?
Taken from “Keijo!!!!!!!!!”

The story is already set pretty low with a story such as Keijo and it wont stand up to other more popular anime so easily. The story follows 18 year old Nozomi Kaminashi as she begins her journey to reach the elite class and get into professional Keijo playing. It’s obvious that little character depth was given to most of the characters in this series, so you should not be expecting anything special from Keijo, seen as what the main story is about. There is alot of Fan Service action in keijo and this doesn’t really play into the story.

The premise of the story is that Keijo has overtaken other sports such as dog racing and other gambling sports because of what it has to offer and this is why more and more young women such as Nozomi want to try out for Keijo. It just seems that she is very over enthusiastic about almost everything she does. Nozomi joins the east wing Keijo school and begins her journey. The east and west schools have fought each other for 10 years and for 10 years in a row the east wing has been beaten. However, will Nozomi be able to make a change?

Main Characters

Is Keijo Worth Watching?

First of all we have 18 year old Nozomi Kaminashi who is very intense about what she does. Nozomi like to express the way she is feeling with almost everything she comes into contact with. She is also very boring and unlikable, she is in my opinion a terrible main character.

I kind of resented Nozomi alot because she as so enthusiastic about everything and I honestly think that Miyata would have made a much better main character given her story but whatever. She is facisnated by the sport of Keijo and wants to pursue it professionally.

Is Keijo Worth Watching?

Next we have Sayaka Miyata who unlike Nozomi isn’t very talkative. She prefers to stick to herself and use the new technique she creates. She is ultimately a pivotal character in the end episodes with the East-West war.

She is quite an important character and makes up one of the 4 main characters at the start. I would say that she is a slightly more interesting character than Nozomi in that she gave up her life time opportunity of Judo, in order to pursue a professional Keijo career and this is something I found quite interesting and it made her character very likeable. She also had this thing with her dad because of this, he wanted her to do Judo and she wants to go into Keijo etc, theres some scene near in the ending where he is happy because of this.

Is Keijo Worth Watching?

I actually had to look up this characters name, that’s how forgettable she was. Turns out her name is Kazane Aoba and she’s pretty boring if you ask me. I think the voice actor for her is the woman that does Moaka from Rosario Vampire. This meant whenever she was talking all I could hear in my head was “Tskune, Tskune I love you Tskune”.

That wasn’t all that I could remember about her, oh no, you see Kazane possesses the ability to read her targets via her “scanning hand technique”, which is the only thing that makes her interesting in my opinion. This ability allows her to use the power of anyone she has touched, or groped, I should say.

Is Keijo Worth Watching?

And finally, we have the air head bimbo, unsurprisingly I forgot her name too. However, Non Toyoguchi or Non as I’ll be calling her fulfils the bimbo air head type anime character and her appearance, dialogue and overall presence was unbearable for me.

I never really played much attention to her throughout the series but I remember that her technique was that her arse (excuse me I’m English) was so squishy that it was able to absorb most attacks from other people. One character in the series describes it as being a “marsh mellow”, which really didn’t make alot of sense but none of the events in Keijo make much sense so lets just continue to the reasons, it’s why you’re here after all.

Reasons Keijo Is Worth Watching

Is Keijo Worth Watching?
Taken from “Keijo!!!!!!!!!”

Fan Service Content

Now I’m going to be very honest with you and say that Keijo is basically a fan service type anime. Now if you know what that means then you probably already know if you want to watch Kejio or not now. Keijo has a huge amount of fan service action in it and that may be the whole premise of the series.

Easy Narrative

The story of Keijo is extremely easy to follow as it’s basically set up in the first episode. It’s done via narration actually. The story has a clear start to finish type feel and nothing is really kept from us.

Wide Range Of Characters

Kejio does have a massive range of characters and I had a hard time remembering all of them all (not that they were memorable). They all have different characteristics which makes them special in some way and these are used in the form of earned or given “techniques” which the players can use against each other. The characters are all from different factions and backgrounds and this does make them all interesting in some aspects.

Full Of All Kinds Of Action

There is alot and I mean alot of action in Keijo and this is what made me carry on watching it, because it certainly wasn’t the story that was keeping me watching and not even the busty action, if you catch my drift. There are several memorable fight scenes that I liked throughout the series and this kept on going right on until the end.

Colourful & Engaging

The episodes and the way they are presented and drawn did catch my eye. Granted, the animation style is definitely not anything special, but it each episodes is drawn in a way that catches your attention so you can enjoy.

Easy To Enjoy

Keijo is pretty easy to watch and also enjoy. The jokes are just so bad they make you laugh anyway, it could even be slipping towards the room type comedy if you ask me. But I don’t think people watch Keijo for the jokes, it’s mainly for the fights and the girls really nothing more.

Reasons Keijo Isn’t Worth Watching

Is Keijo Worth Watching?
Taken from “Keijo!!!!!!!!!”

Original Story That Isn’t Good Anyway

The story aspect of Keijo is pretty terrible to say the least. But it’s the voices and the way each joke is set up is so fucking bad. I mean the idea of a bunch of women fighting in a water arena and only using their arse or breasts isn’t exactly “A Town Where You Live” levels of story telling but it was still an original idea. The story could have been better and the quality of the jokes upgraded.

Lots Of Sexual Content

You would probably be aware of this but there is an abundance of sexual scenes in Keijo and this mainly because of the settings of the series in general. If you don’t have a problem with sexual like scenes in anime or in general then you should not have a problem with Keijo. There are not too over the top but they can get pretty annoying at times. It’s not full blown nudity like Ikki Tousen but it’s definitely there, don’t you worry.

Poor Quality Characters

The characters in Keijo are very forgettable and just bad in general but the characters aren’t written very well. The only thing that is used to make them unique is there technique, bar maybe Miyata, as she had that Judo sub story which I thought was a step in the right direction. I liked the fact that her parents turned up in the end, it made the final scenes pretty intense and made her character story more important.

Terrible Dialogue

Don’t worry it’s not offensive, it’s just plain stupid at times. Most of the dialogue is just poorly written and I’m pretty sure they got some of the translations wrong as well which is pretty bad given that I was watching this on Funimation. The jokes are poorly executed and just not funny in the slighlest. I was cringing at almost all of the jokes because of the way they were executed. Most of the jokes had me laughing at how stupid they were, like the constant “ass” jokes. If you like bad jokes about the human body then you will have a blast watching Keijo but if you’re like me you’r just not gonna enjoy it, even if you have something assisting you with that.

Poor & Unoriginal Animation Style

The drawing style of Keijo was pretty unoriginal and boring and on first glance I disliked it. There was nothing original or enjoyable about the way it was drawn. This would not be a big problem but when compared to series like Bakemonogatari or the Fruits Of Grisaia. It just felt so dull and plain, still watchable and bearable but nothing special if you get what I mean.


Is Keijo Worth Watching?
Taken from “Keijo!!!!!!!!!”

I think it’s mainly the characters and the dialogue that let down Keijo and this clearly shows with how scenes are executed in most of the series. Most people who watch this anime will be hoping for this anyway so in that respect you either love Keijo or hate it. the story of Keijo is very simple not only to follow, but to understand. The jokes are terrible and so are the characters are dull and shallow not to mention any relationships they will have with each other as a result anyway.

If you’re into busty fan service action then Keijo is for you as that is as I said abundant in Keijo and this is where most of the attraction come from Keijo. Most of the people who watch Keijo see it as a sport where women wearing revealing swim suits have to push the other player off (who is also a woman) off the platform. And thats what it comes down to with Keijo, nothing special really. The only other series I could show that was similar to Keijo was Haruka Receive. Haruka Receive was pretty similar to Keijo but not as sexual in my opinion, it focused more on the sport and I know thats what Keijo does anyway.

I just feel as if you cannot take Keijo as seriously as you’re maybe supposed to and this can effect the way in which we watch episodes and scenes. Please review all the reasons to watch Keijo as I think it will inform you as much as it again. I hope that this blog was effective in informing you as it should be. Thank you for reading.

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