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GANGSTA. Season 2 – Will It Happen?

In this article, we’re going to be going over the possibility of a gangsta anime season 2 or GANGSTA. as it’s formally called. The popular anime Gangsta or Gangster anime (formally GANGSTA.) has seen some success and notability over the 5 years it’s been released. Set in a fictional city called “Ergastulum“, Gangsta follows the story of 3 main characters, Warrick, Nicholas and Alex. In this article, I will go over the likely GANGSTA season 2 release date.

Overview – Why is a season 2 is possible

Originally set in a fictional location, the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) has a narrative which centres around a small part of the population known as “Twighlights” or “T.A.G.’s” who posses special abilities that allow them to maximise their body’s capabilities in activities such as fighting, overall movement, vision and healing etc.

Twilights are seen as different and are usually the target of hate based attacks due to the “Twilight war” which occurred some time before the events of the current series.

Main narrative of anime – Why is a season 2 is possible

The story of gangsta anime (GANGSTA.) is very interesting and once I watched the first episode I was hooked. The whole way the story is set especially in the first couple of episodes makes it very intriguing and this is why I watched it all the way to the end.

The story of the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) centres mainly around this Twilights time line which influences most of the event of the first series. I already mentioned what T.A.G.’s are so lets get into why their important in the story and how the series moves forward with this narrative.

The narrative of the gangsta anime (GANGSTA.) starts of with our two main characters, Nicholas & Warrick, who are described as “Handy Men” / “Handy Man” but I would call them enforcers, as that’s basically what they are.

They make money through on and off jobs such as delivering contraband and enforcing / upholding their protection racket. Ergastulum where the GANGSTA. anime takes place is a crime ridden city and protection and services such as this are greatly needed.

GANGSTA Anime Season 2
© Manglobe (GANGSTA.)

Services like this are mainly how the Handy men make their money, more importantly, the reason they are so notable for their services’ is because of Nicholas, who is a Twilights and Warrick who mainly does all the talking, seen as Nicholas is deaf.

In the GANGSTA anime (GANGSTA.) timeline we see calculated deadly attacks are leaving Twighlights dead all over the city and this is what is sparking the main body of the story. The population of Ergastulum mainly fear T.A.G.s and as a result of this T.A.G.s are mostly discriminated against.

In the GANGSTA anime (GANGSTA.) they’re not seen as sub-human, kind of the opposite. I very much enjoyed the Twighlight dynamic and it was something different and fresh, which made the whole narrative of the GANGSTA anime (GANGSTA.) very attractive to me.

Main characters

The main characters of the gangsta anime (GANGSTA.) were particularly unique and interesting, especially Nicholas , who’s deaf trait made for a pretty cool character development and overall structure. Thankfully they were all given depth and all had their problems, emotions and elements that drove them.

The trio (Alex, Warrick and Nicholas ) worked very well together and it was a very interesting dynamic between the three. This was mainly to do with the fact that they were all so different from each other.

Nicholas Brown is one of our three main characters in the gangsta anime (GANGSTA.) and works mainly as an enforcer or “Handyman” if you like, alongside Warrick . A huge notable trait about Nicholas (or “Nick” as he is sometimes referred to in the series) is that he is deaf.

This obviously creates some problems and was a great way to make his character unique and interesting.

He uses a Japanese style Katana and coupled with his Twilight abilities this makes him a fierce and effective fighter against many enemies he and Warrick encounter in the series. If want to learn more about Nicholas. please click on the link on his name above to see his character profile.

Warrick Archengelo is the second character out of our three main characters in the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) and works more as a negotiator than a fighter when compared to Nicholas. Although he carries a handgun, he normally does all the talking, as opposed to Nicholas.

In the series has portrayed as a womanizer, both conventionally attractive and charming, he does all the talking and usually doesn’t get involved in altercations, unlike Nicholas.

I would say he’s a extrovert and this normally helps him establish relationships easily and also makes it easy for him to manipulate other characters. Oh, he’s a heavy smoker as well, in case you didn’t notice.

Being the final character of our main trio, Alex Bennedeto is very different to both Warrick and Nicholas. In the earlier episodes, Alex formally works as a prostitute for (her pimp) Barry, who is executed in the first episodes by Nicholas and Warrick.

Her character fits quite well in with the general feel and aesthetic in the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.).

After this happens, she is taken under the protection of both Warrick and Nicholas. working for them and assisting them in some of their “jobs”.

She is kind and doesn’t really possess any malicious tendencies at all, this makes her character quite admirable, as her intention and ambitions aren’t clear as they would normally be. As well as this there differences to both Warrick & Nicholas.

Ending of season 1 (spoilers) – Why is a season 2 is possible

The season 1 ending of the anime Gangsta (GANGSTA.) was inconclusive, to say the least. We saw the return of Alex’s brother, Nicholas separated from everyone, the death of several sub-characters and of course Warrick stabbed and left fighting for his body, quite a cliffhanger if you ask me.

Obviously, the story is continued in the manga but if you’re like me (not having initially read the manga) then you’ll be hoping for a season 2.

The ending of the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) was obviously very impactful to whether or not there will be a season 2 of Gangsta.

We also saw the addition of several new characters who I’m not going to go over in this article. (If you are interested in the characters in Gangsta then go to our character profiles page and locate the relevant character).

Will there be a Season 2 of Gangsta.

When understanding if a season 2 is possible we need to look at three main elements regarding the anime Gangsta (formally GANGSTA.) The first is of course if the content is there.

By this, we mean if the original content (which in this case was the manga) has been completed past the point we were left with in season 2. Coincidentally in this case the manga has been completely written/illustrated and therefore completed.

In regards to season 2 of the anime Gangsta this is very promising. The reason for this is that it means there is lots of original content (or what I call ground content) to be adapted into the anime.

Other anime such as Highschool Of The Dead (which is unlikely to get a season 2, read our article on that here) are very unlikely to get additional seasons because there is no content to adapt and therefore a new season is very hard to produce.

The anime Gangsta on the other hand has all of its original content available to buy online and therefore adapt. The second element would be if the need for the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) is high enough.

This, unfortunately, is where the anime Gangsta may struggle as it received mixed reviews down to its strange pacing.

This is not a criticism of the manga because as we all know an anime adaption is not necessarily what the original creator (the writer) had in mind and most of the time the adaption is far off from what the manga actually illustrates.

Is GANGSTA. Worth Watching?
© Manglobe (GANGSTA.)

There’s a reason they say ‘read the manga”, in my opinion, it’s always and will always be better than the adaption.

The third and final element to consider would be if it would be profitable enough for the production company which would be in charge of a new season of the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.).

Manglobe Animation Studios filed for bankruptcy a year ago and they were in charge of production, release and licensing, although Funimation and another studio I forgot the name of also have re-pro rights.

I very much enjoyed Gangsta because it brought me something new, something fresh I’d never encountered before and it’s nice when you watch something like this and it has this effect.

However, the main problem is that not as many people or viewers if you like feel the same way.

Online ratings will solidify my point here and I know there are lots of hard-core anime Gangsta (GANGSTA.) fans out there who are dying for a season 2, especially after that ending.

The problem is I’m not sure, especially in this climate, whether it’s going to be worth while for a production company to adapt a second season.

For anime such as Black Lagoon, which is obviously very popular, this isn’t the case, as it would be profitable, as there would thousands of fans waiting for a season 4.

For example one steaming service could make a lot of money if Black Lagoon season 4 was released only on that platform, as fans would have to pay separately to gain access to it, opposed to it being on a separate more mainstream platform like Funimation for example.

Although for the anime Gangsta however, it’s a different case.

When would season 2 of anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) air?

We would say given everything we have discussed above that the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) would air anywhere from 2023 onwards, certainly not 2022.

This is mainly coupled with everything we have talked about and the time it would take to get a new season produced (casting, voice acting, editing, initial production and then release etc).

We would have to say that given the current climate and the current production company situation (filing for chapt. 11 bankruptcy) that a season 2 of the anime Gangsta (GANGSTA.) is pretty unlikely, but again if the public need for a new season is there, I can see another studio taking up the role.

It has not been that long since the first season aired and we can say for certain now that all the original content has been released. So, therefore, there’s always a possibility of a new production company taking up the role.

Conclusion – Anime Gangsta Season 2 (GANGSTA.)

I enjoyed the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) very much and I would hope that a new season comes along. We can only go on the evidence for season 2 (which is partly circumstantial) about the anime gangsta and that’s all.

We try not to go for speculation with these articles and always try to tell you how it is, that’s really our main goal here.

The original content is there, so really there is technically nothing stopping a second adaption (season 2 of the anime Gangsta (GANGSTA.) taking place.

It’s up to the production company who wants to do it. For now, that’s all we can say, we hope this article has helped you as it’s supposed to do, and we wish you all the best.

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