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Alex Bennedeto Character Profile

Being the final character of our main trio, Alex Bennedeto is very different to both Warrick and Nicholas. In the earlier episodes, Alex formally works as a prostitute for (her pimp) Barry, who is executed in the first episodes by Nicholas and Warrick. Her character fits quite well in with the general feel and aesthetic in the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) This is the Alex Bennedeto Character Profile.


She is taken under the protection of both Warrick and Nicholas. working for them and assisting them in some of their “jobs”.

She is kind and doesn’t really posses any malicious tendencies at all, this makes her character quite admirable, as her intention and ambitions aren’t clear as they would normally be. As well as this there are differences between both Warrick & Nicholas.

Appearance and Aura

Alex is tall and of average build. She has a particularly attractive physique and this ties in with her employment role as a prostitute. She has long brown hair which runs down past her shoulders.

As well as this Alex also sports a stunning pair of wide light blue eyes which make her appearance quite unique and engaging. She also has slightly tanned skin as well making her seem quite different in her initial appearance from both Warrick and Nicholas.

She has quite an attractive appearance overall and she’s certainly not lacking or insecure about her look in any way. She wears a one-piece dress most of the time which has a slight brown colour as well.

This dress matches with her look as well, since she has slightly tanned brown skin and brown hair. Her look therefore corresponds.


Alex has a pretty modest personality in the anime series and this makes her quite admirable overall. She isn’t very aggressive and is a very nice person in the anime. She is often very calm and doesn’t start or instigate any arguments.

This also sometimes goes for conversation but this is rare in most cases. Normally she will just do as she’s told and this ties in to her previous line of work sadly.

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Alex’s personality is undoubtedly influenced by her pimp, Barry. And this also does carry onto the other episodes as even though Barry is killed off in the first episode he still lingers on in her memory as she has in-universe encounters with him even though he’s dead.

These take place after the first episode and she has trouble with these flashbacks and appearances of Barry. Apart from this Alex acts in a pretty reasonable and rational way in most cases and she often helps out Nicholas and Warrick in the anime.


Alex isn’t really given as much background history as Warrick or Nicholas but is given enough so she is not lacking at all in the anime. She does have an interesting sub-narrative which progresses as the series goes on.

This narrative involves her brother and her actual past, including the reason she is in Ergastulum in the first place which is a very important part of the story in the anime and manga as well.

Over the course of the episodes throughout the first season, we get to see some flashbacks that Alex experiences and some of these include her younger brother who she had forgotten about until her memory was refreshed.

In fact Alex is very upset when she realizes about her brother as she is guilty about forgetting him in the first place, seen as he played a huge part in her life and the two were very close.

It’s obviously very hard to forget someone like that, especially a family member such as you own brother. It’s revealed that the reason she forgets him is because of 3 factors.

The first is her continued abuse by Barry (until his death) that she suffers as she works as a prostitute for him. This unfortunately causes long-lasting phycological effects on Alex which rarely leave her.

The second reason most likely is her continued drug use even after Barry’s death in the form of antidepressants, stimulants and even psychotic drugs used to treat flashbacks and psychosis.

This has an obvious effect on Alex’s mental and physical health, causing her great distress and pain during the anime series. The third reason is that it’s been a long time since Alex and her brother have seen each other.

Alex leaves Emilio in her teenage years and it has been some time (5+ years) since the two have been in contact.

When combining this with all her other problems it becomes easier to see why Alex forgot about Emilio. In this respect, Alex’s history is quite enticing and interesting and just like the other important characters such as Warrick and Nicholas the series did a great job at capturing this history between Alex and the other characters in a very good way.

Character arc

Just like Nicholas and Warrick there hasn’t been much of a chance for a character arc regarding Alex. However, what we do get is an interesting insight into where her character was in Episode 1 and where she was at Episode 12. We do see some change but her character doesn’t have much of an arc so to speak.

It’s still notable, but it’s nowhere near Rock Okajima levels of character arc that we’ve seen in other anime. Hopefully if GANGSTA gets another season (see our article on that here) we will get to see more of an arc develop with Alex but for now, that’s all we can say in the anime.

Character significance in GANGSTA.

Alex plays a major role in GANGSTA and she is there in nearly every episode. She is an important part of the anime series and is one of the 3 main characters.

She is Emilio’s sister in the anime and this later plays a vital role in the narrative involving Emilio and the other characters. As well as this Alex also helps the other main characters Nicholas and Warrick to great extent during the earlier episodes. Her character is significant§ in GANGSTA. is important to the Alex Bennedeto Character Profile.

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