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Peaky Blinders Spanish Dub – Heres How You Can Watch It

The hit Crime Drama known as Peaky Blinders has risen immensely in popularity since its release on 12 September 2013. The show centres around the real-life Birmingham Gang known as the “Peaky Blinders” – called so because they would blind their enemies using hidden razor blades in the peaks of their caps. The show has become very popular over the years, thanks to its amazing cast of characters, from Cillian Murphy to Paul Anderson, all the way to Tom Hardy & Stephen Graham. Without a doubt, if you’re into Crime Shows about gritty English Gangsters and Corrupt Police, 1900s politics and more, then Peaky Blinders is just for you. What’s more, is that the Peaky Blinders Spanish Dub is here, making the series available to European Spanish speakers. In this article, we’ll detail how you can watch it and where to find the series online.

Overview – the Shelby’s were a notorious & feared gang

The show Peaky Blinders follows closely the life of Thomas Shelby, or “Tommy” as he’s referred to in the series. During 1920s England, after WW1, in which Tommy and his brother Arthur served along with some other characters in the show, the Shelbys start a small Gang. They start off with simple criminal activities like fixing horse-race betting and extortion but soon move on to more substantial crime.

The series begins by following the Gang soon after their inception, showing the lives of Tommy, and his brother Arthur and other members of the family. During this time, they were was another Gang called The Birmingham Boys, led by the local Kingpin Billy Kimber. Billy was known for fixing the races and controlling large parts of the city through extortion and pickpocketing.

According to Historian Carl Chinn, the series is quite accurate, doing the history of the real-life gang a service to history and to the people of Birmingham. The series includes some fictional characters and does create scenes which did not happen during the time. However, it is very popular with international audiences, and as such, the introduction of a Peaky Blinders Spanish Dub for the show, will hopefully be well received.

How can I watch the Peaky Blinders Spanish dub?

Now that you’ve grasped the general understanding of the series and what it’s about, lets get into how you can watch the Peaky Blinders Spanish dub and where. Some streaming platforms that commission their own dubs of series like Peaky Blinders may already have them available. At the moment, however, we are recommending that you use the platform that Cradle View advises for this task. If you want to watch the Spanish Dub here’s what you can do.

First, go to Netflix, (you may need to use or change a VPN if you’re not from England as BBC iPlayer may not licence this series and therefore the Peaky Blinders Spanish dub in your country of the region) then select the Peaky Blinders Netflix Title from the homepage by finding it using the search bar. After you’ve done this, simply go to the audio and subtitles option in the menu when you’re on the Peaky Blinders Netflix Title. Then select European Spanish from the list of languages available. It should look something like this:

Peaky Blinders Spanish Dub
Watch the Peaky Blinders Spanish Dub – find out how at

Once you’ve selected this option, close the audio menu and press play, and the Peaky Blinders Spanish dub should play. If it does not, try refreshing the page and re-selecting the option from the audio menu.

After that, the TV Series Peaky Blinders Spanish dub should play correctly without any problems. If that is the case, we’re happy this guide worked for you. If it did not, you can turning your VPN on and off.

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